We are the Ones (Part 7)

via Sophia Love
Until recently, we didn’t know we were enslaved. How then, will we know when we are unchained? It will be felt, and the knowing will be undeniable. In truth, we are feeling it already, without recognizing it’s calling card.

We are vibration; all of life has a frequency. The falsehoods of our history say to believe what is said, read and preached. Yet we know now that what is true just “feels right”. It resonates.

Like good slaves, we are waiting. Waiting to witness a “finale”, an “event”, something to set things straight. Yet in the same breath we understand that we are creating it all. How can both be happening at the same moment?

We all reside here on Gaia, one being with 7 billion+ forms of expression. We, as part of life, are vibrating. Our frequencies are ramping up.

There is a vibration to “yes”. There is a vibration to “no”. As well, there are divisive and unifying, positive and negative, growth producing and destructive vibrations. If you’d like to help speed up the “event”, then choose the vibration of “yes” – unifying, forgiving, compassionate, growth producing and positive.

Here’s why, and it’s demonstrated on the video below. As energetic components of One, we are all in the process of alignment. It is something that happens to metronomes when they are placed on a moving surface. They must work together as one. They will then accomplish synchronization without thought or plan, within minutes.

Have you been noticing synchronicities? “Random” alignments in times, numbers and events? The increased “frequency” (number or amount) of these occurrences signify our progress. We are approaching a life that is aligned and the signs are everywhere.

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Culture of Slavery

time is art

via Sophia Love
It is widely accepted that life is hard. My sister was not the only one whose favorite saying was “Life sucks and then you die.” (The rapper Nas also said “Life’s a bitch than you die“.) The whole notion of a joyful existence comes off as a frivolous idea – cool if you are lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth or if you are one of those perpetually optimistic people; but not realistic.

To write here that joy is or ought to be your focus sounds nice but a bit naive. Rather, it would seem more efficient and helpful to focus on abundance, health or even free energy. Joy may result if those things are in place, but it is not the priority.

You cannot isolate emotion from action. How you approach what it is you are doing will affect the outcome for you. You desire sustainable happiness. How does that occur? Why is it, that once children reach puberty, they begin to “get serious” about life and lose the “innocent” enthusiasm that comes at birth? What can we do to get that back?

The “harsh reality” of life does not have to be taught – it is something that was given to us here, to hold us back, restrict our movements, limit our expansion and minimize our power. The “work ethic” was invented by the beings who started the experiment here. Once it was bred into you that you were only as valuable as the work you produced, their goal was easily achieved.

We’ve spoken of this before, and yet the culture of slavery runs so deeply into our society, it sits there as a constant source of angst. To do, every day, for most of your life, something for just one purpose – to “earn a living” (as if that was even possible), is an idea that dulls the senses and inhibits the imagination. It is not truth. All beings everywhere do not live like this. Humans do.

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The upside down idea

time is artvia Sophia Love

Within each action is held intent, even without announcement. Unconscious intent is what has been manipulated by those controlling the planet. This has been accomplished in ways that by now are very public – advertising, news media, education and religion all serve their very specific agenda; to limit your life.

This intent has been fulfilled and no longer is it necessary to aggressively place it within society – humanity carries out the remainder of the dialogue and programming with little encouragement.

The products we buy are in fact those which have been put in front of us most often, those backed by wealth. It is the same with the news we hear, the movies we watch, the games we play and the schools and churches we attend.

Very early in the experiment value was replaced with money and that has driven everything. It is money that puts politicians in power and keeps specific programs in place. Without money, things fail.

This upside down idea has created within us a feeling of confusion, discomfort and loss. Mistrust emerges as our internal sense of value seems irrelevant. We are supposed to want the most costly product or highest paying position. We are expected to admire what has been labeled success and power. These ideas override any internal system of knowing and push it aside. When you cannot reconcile the dilemma, you either dropout of polite society entirely, rebel, or lead a life of quiet desperation.

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Civilized Society

You are convinced that the severity of your actions is an indication of how barbaric or civilized you are. What is civilization really? Is it the degree of conveniences available to the common man? Is it, or rather, isn’t it instead supposed to be, the hallmark of advancement? We label superiority of civilization very specifically. It has to do with how much is physically available to plug in or turn on.

Civilized “superiority” in its true sense, is a much different attribute. There are small groups of “uncivilized” humans in isolated pockets who are made up of enlightened people. We may not understand their individual practices or way of living, yet it springs essentially from respect and honor for life – all life.

They do not subscribe to waste; all parts of the vegetation, animal and human are sacred and equally utilized. If there are no libraries filled with literature that just means the art of verbal communication is utilized instead.

The notion that whole groups of humans must be aware of the actions of every other group of humans stems from ego. It is born out of self importance. What someone has to say about nuclear physics has no effect on the talent of the master fisherman. Each adds value to life as a whole. The relative intelligence of one does not depend on its awareness or knowledge about the mechanics of both.

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Being awake without being aware

via Sophia Love
Try to imagine what it would be like without rain; without snow; without thunderstorms, hurricanes and the like. The force of nature and the balance of “good” and “bad” are integral parts of this planet – part of what makes up the whole.

We expect “weather” to follow a pattern according to the seasons and places where we live. Each of these, weather and water, are unique to earth life in that they occur on a daily basis without any control from the beings living here; seemingly in random fashion.

Why is it that there are entire careers and lifetimes spent studying and predicting “weather”? To some of us, perhaps to many of us, this would be a boring thing to focus a lifetime on. There are overall patterns and processes that when looked at as a whole, craft a picture. It is as if there was a plan.

There is, but not one that can be discovered in a lifetime; one that began with the formation of the planet and is being carried out daily. Weather creates the circumstances for very specific life – everything in order.

We’d have to step back far enough to see this plan and have access to a record of the planet from the beginning. What is currently available, the archeological records, will serve to tell the story. Only we must understand the language.

Life is a system created with purpose and fed by many parts. The human that you are plays a vital part in all of life. Thus far you have done so without being aware of your role.

The net effect of slavery has been a numbing; a cutting off of awareness of who we are. Unaware, we’ve blundered through life and in some respects wreaked havoc and others, had little effect when effect was needed at the time we were present.

Being awake without being aware of the process is useless. We must access and utilize consciousness to participate in any potentially helpful way. We must know the plan.

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Sea of Chains

via Sophia Love
You are swimming in a sea of chains. There are so many and they are so thick, you cannot tell what yours are attached to – but yes, you are shackled. It is not as if your very life depends on what’s at the end of that shackle – it is that you believe that it does. It is that belief that keeps you bound. Keeps you moving to wherever it drags you. Keeps you asking to be released.

It is your belief that holds you, your mind that binds you.

The effort to control you focuses on a constant stream of programming as well as entertainment and food, to keep you fat and happy, mesmerized and asleep. You know this and yet you continue to search beyond yourself for the keys to your release.

There is only one person who can release the hold slavery has on your life. There is only one way it can occur.

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