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Alternatively, watch the film via Amazon (US & UK only). It’s free for Prime members. The film was also available on FMTV (and it was very popular, so special thanks to Grace at FMTV for promoting the film) which was bought by Gaia so it is now available on their platform here.

True Seekers Deluxe VOD – $19.99

This is a special deluxe package designed for the True Seekers!

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– Interview with Simon G. Powell “Synchronicity and Self-Organization” (21 min)
– Bonus scene with Jill Purce “Voice as a Spiritual Medium” (13 min)
– Bonus scene with Rupert Sheldrake “Synchronicity & Telepathy” (23 min)
– Bonus scene with Nina Elshof “Power Places” (12 min)
– Extended scene with Graham Hancock (19 min)
– Also includes the original film soundtrack (

Time is Art True Seekers Package on Blu-ray or DVD

You can also get the DVD + the True Seekers VOD Package which includes the film in HD + 6 BONUS SCENES and interviews & the original film soundtrack.

Film Synopsis

This inspiring documentary film follows an aspiring writer who is compelled to make sense of the mysterious and powerful energy she felt at her aunt’s deathbed. A series of strange coincidences leads her on an exploration of synchronicity – the concept that everything is interconnected, and that time is not so much a chronology as it is an infinite cycle. Considering herself something of a skeptic, she treads the fine line between nervous breakdown and ecstatic revelation as she seeks out guides in her search for answers. Together, they explore a reality where time is transformed from a unit that can be measured and commodified -“Time is money”- to an experience of oneness with the natural rhythms of nature and the universe. It is here that the writer discovers that time is, in fact, art.

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Time is Art: Synchronicity & the Collective Dream (2015), is ultimately the story of an artist’s search for inspiration in a money-driven society that shuns creativity, and of the human search for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. Presented as a cinematic meditation along the lines of Waking Life and Samsara, this film takes an experimental approach that allows us to experience reality as Jennifer begins to see it – one less concerned with linear storytelling, and more open to the cyclical patterns of nature, the hidden meanings of symbols, and the dreamlike overlapping of people, places, and moments.

Visually captivating images of urban and natural landscapes, excerpts of Jennifer’s writing, and compelling conversations with fellow seekers  Toko-Pa Turner, Richard Tarnas, Graham Hancock, Daniel Pinchbeck and biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, guide us through the underlying premise of the film: perhaps we can tap into a way of being that is not ruled by a finite sense of time, but rather by the ability to live in harmony with the true creative nature of our existence.

Inspired by acclaimed & visionary author José Argüelles’ studies in ancient indigenous wisdom, this film explores the idea that modern humanity is immersed in an erroneous and artificial perception of time that deviates from the natural order of the universe. We have become disconnected from the natural rhythms of the earth by focusing only on money, consumerism and exploitation while deep down inside, we crave the return to a foundation of culture, community, and creation.

As Jennifer navigates the labyrinth of her own light and darkness, she opens herself to a new reality in which everyone and everything appear connected by a larger purpose. She is revealed to be part of a global movement of people challenging a linear and restrictive consciousness in exchange for one grounded in meaningful connection and action – a template for a new era where we are one with the earth and each other.


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