Developing Jung’s “Imagination for Evil” is the Doorway to Our Light

What a crazy few years since we screened a rough cut of the new film in Florida! Ironically the second film in the series is called ‘The Frequency of Love’ and much of the world is living in a fear frequency. It’s been a difficult time for the truly awakened (especially those in Australia where we have a large fan base) as we all make the extremely bumpy transition to the New Earth. We lost our jobs due to the mandates and have been a bit like deer caught in headlights. For a long time we have been contemplating how to address this time of darkness into the new film as we thought it was complete but clearly Spirit has other plans for us. In the meantime, hopefully this will help to make sense of what is now over 400 days (21 moons) of global insanity.

The following words of Dr. Jose Arguelles have never been more timely:

“All the perturbations that we experience in the world today are the result of the adjustment that is occurring as we make the transition from unconscious instinct to super conscious telepathy. The forces of instinct seized by the love of power and wealth are loath to accept the change, and so many karmic effects are experienced … There is a battle in the planet mind between the conditioned historical forces and the Cosmic Freedom of the New: the Noosphere.”

Jung writes, “The gigantic catastrophes that threaten us today are not elemental happenings of a physical or biological order, but psychic events…. At any moment several millions of human beings may be smitten with a new madness, and then we shall have another world war or devastating revolution … modern man is battered by the elemental forces of his own psyche. This is the World Power that vastly exceeds all other powers on earth.”

Article by Paul Levy

We live in a time of the emergence of great darkness in our world. The great doctor of the soul C. G. Jung, who came up with the idea of the existence of the shadow within the human psyche, had deeply valuable insights into the nature of the psychological situation in the world today, particularly the role that the darkness of the shadow plays in our modern world. Jung felt that the catastrophic evil that is manifesting in our world today is an archetypical expression of the process of humanity’s transition from one epoch—and state of consciousness—to another. He was of the opinion that the fate of the world literally depended upon the recognition of the shadow elements within us and their assimilation into a more expanded sense of self that includes both our light and dark aspects.

What we don’t accept in ourselves, but rather, exclude from our self-image and push into the shadows of netherworld of the unconscious—thereby depriving it of light—becomes toxic. These repressed shadowy contents build up a charge in the unconscious, becoming contaminated with archaic archetypal energies from the collective unconscious. It is truly frightening how many of us are so out of touch with our own shadow that we can easily become unconscious instruments through which archetypal evil, which lies hidden within the dark side of the human psyche, can act itself out through us into the world.

We still go on thinking that we are “simplex and not duplex,” to use Jung’s words. We thus imagine ourselves to be “innocuous, reasonable and humane.” We don’t deny that terrible things are happening, but since we regard ourselves as harmless, Jung points out, “it is always ‘the others’ who do them.” When we are not in touch with the potential evil that dwells within us, we project it outside of ourselves in a futile attempt to disown it, thereby falling prey to and unknowingly acting out in the external world the very evil that we are turning away from within ourselves. Evil thrives on our turning a blind eye towards it.

To quote Jung, “Evil today has become a visible Great Power…. We stand face to face with the terrible question of evil and do not even know what is before us, let alone what to pit against it.” Most ordinary, psychologically and/or spiritually under-developed people have trouble even imagining the utter depravity of the evil that can potentially play itself out through individuals or groups (not to mention through themselves) who are taken over by the will-to-power of the shadow. In order to develop a sense of how to deal with evil, however, we first have to try and understand the nature of the beast with which we are dealing.

The first principle of psychological method is that any phenomenon to be understood must be sympathetically imagined. No syndrome can be truly dislodged from its cursed condition until we first move imagination into its heart. One of the most crucially important steps in dealing with evil is, according to Jung, to develop what he calls an “imagination for evil.” If we can’t imagine the evil that human beings are potentially capable of—and of which we ourselves, under the right circumstances, could also be capable of—in our naivety, we offer ourselves into evil’s hands. If evil escapes the reach of our imagination, it will dictate, enforce and establish dominion over us, both within our imagination and in our concrete lives. Because our imagination can help us get a handle on evil, evil tries to stifle and ultimately destroy the imagination, which is why mobilizing the creative imagination is crucial in dealing with the powers of darkness. 

If we don’t develop an imagination for evil, we can lose touch with our shadow and identify with what Jung calls a “fictive personality,” which is to say, in splitting off from our darkness, we conceive of ourselves as being someone who we’re not – a “lite” version of our selves. We all have a darker half, but to the extent we are overly identified with our lighter side at the expense of the darkness within us, we wind up being unable to imagine the depths of darkness of which we are capable. Jung pulls no punches in making this exact point when he writes, “we are always, thanks to our human nature, potential criminals. In reality we merely lacked a suitable opportunity to be drawn into the infernal melee.” We are all inseparably interconnected and partake of the shared collective (darker) unconscious of humanity—the shadow side of being a human being—which is why Jung wrote, “None of us stands outside humanity’s black collective shadow.” 

There are impersonal forces that animate and inform the collective shadow that lurks in our unconscious. In Jung’s words, “We are blissfully unconscious of these forces because they never, or almost never, appear in our personal relations or under ordinary circumstances. But if people crowd together and form a mob, then the dynamisms of the collective man are let loose—beasts or demons that lie dormant in every person [are let loose] …. The change of character brought about by the uprush of collective forces is amazing. A gentle and reasonable being can be transformed into a maniac or a savage beast.” The petri dish of the masses is a breeding ground for evil to flourish and propagate itself. We are dealing not just with merely personal forces that have to do with us as individuals, but with impersonal, transpersonal forces – the Bible’s “powers and principalities.” 

These collective, impersonal and archetypal forces can be so overwhelming that—when we come together in a larger group—they can take on a seeming life of their own, possessing our egoic identity, turning us into their accessories such that we become the unwitting puppets and marionettes of these forces. Collective possession can then easily turn into a psychic epidemic—a collective psychosis—something that is important for us to be alert to in times such as ours when mob violence is increasing in our world.  

Jung writes, “The gigantic catastrophes that threaten us today are not elemental happenings of a physical or biological order, but psychic events…. At any moment several millions of human beings may be smitten with a new madness, and then we shall have another world war or devastating revolution … modern man is battered by the elemental forces of his own psyche. This is the World Power that vastly exceeds all other powers on earth.” In other words, the great power—and seemingly darker force—that is threatening us today is to be found in the place where it originates, within our psyche. We should no longer underestimate, but rather, recognize the primary role that the psyche is playing in world affairs. 

The next step for us to take in dealing with evil—in Jung’s words, “what to pit against it”—is to recognize that the darkness in our world is revealing to us something within ourselves that it greatly behooves us to know. To look for the solution to the world-wide problem of evil outside of ourselves is to distance and distract ourselves from the source of the problem (as well as the potential solution), which as Jung points out again and again, is only to be found within the individual. Although the roots of evil can only be discovered within the individual, this doesn’t mean that the forces of evil that can be encountered within an individual psyche are merely a personal matter. In probing into our own depths, we can potentially come face to face with the vast and formidable forces of the archetypal, collective shadow within ourselves, as we are all, in the deepest recesses of our being, fundamentally connected to the transpersonal psyche, in both its light and dark aspects. 

A failure of imagination has been the cause of some of the major calamities in world history. Jung was of the opinion that if we have no imagination for evil, “evil has us in its grip.” Being out of touch with our own potential for evil ensures that we will unknowingly act it out. If we don’t develop a multi-faceted imagination for evil, there is no way for us to know what we are up against. Our lack of imagination for evil is the best way of making us, to use Jung’s words, “an instrument of evil.” Our lack of insight into the evil that any of us are capable of, to quote Jung, “deprives us of the capacity to deal with evil.” We need to be on intimate terms and know the darkness within ourselves if we want to have any hope of effectively dealing with the darkness in the world at large.


Synchronicity & Time Zone Art

Check out this video from the ‘Timeshift 2020: Activating Galactic Culture‘ Event where Omboy Rॐ explains synchronicity and the two ways of seeing the world. Synchronicity as coincidence (materialism/escapism) or Synchronicity as being in alignment with your true path.

Self-proclaimed Chrononaut, Omboy Rॐ, or Rome for short, is a Brooklyn born artist harnessing his creativity for a higher purpose. Dedicated to inspire, Rome believes music and other forms of art are the holonomic key to engendering the New Earth. Fully embodying his Galactic Signature as a Blue Cosmic Monkey, Omboy’s mission is simple: to transcend society’s constructs and further facilitate our transition from living in the confines of artificial time to living in sync with the most harmonic standard of natural time. Initially activated by his passion for holistic medicine, Rome has rare exuberance and patience when it comes to offering guidance on living a balanced, high vibrational lifestyle. Through his offerings of sacred sound, as a creator of Cosmic Hip Hop music, and with his study of Permaculture, Rome is a true steward of the Earth. Learn more about the documentary film featuring his story and music.

Also check out this new lyric video for his latest song with Dream Circle.

Day Out of Time 2020 – deep dive into natural time

day out of time 2020, doot

Please join us online for the “DAY OUT OF TIME: DEEP DIVE INTO NATURAL TIME”, a live 7-HOUR broadcast event, on Saturday, July 25th, 2020, from 9am-4pm PDT. This year marks the 28th annual observance of the Day Out of Time (DOOT), the last day of the 13 Moon/Month calendar year, when people all around the planet plant the seeds of “Peace through Culture” and “Time is ART”, before entering a NEW Galactic year! This is also the very first time that the DOOT will be broadcast live to the entire world!

With the support of UNIFY and THC2020, Planet Restoration and a number of incredible collaborators will synthesize & harmonize with an event to inspire, inform, and support us all to synchronize in “Natural Time”, as we co-create the Regenerative Future together.

Speakers include Sacha Stone, Nassim Haramein, Stephanie South, Eden Sky, Wanique Shabazz, Dr. Jewel Pookrum, Dream Rockwell, Milana Shamuri, Matthew Sanderson, Joel & Katy Mejia of Things Are Changing Productions and many others. The event will also feature music from Rising Appalachia, Mirabai Ceiba, The Suns, Beautiful Chorus, Cornflower, Michael Fitzpatrick, Darshania, Dream Circle, Omboy Rome and so many others.

July 25th, 2020  /  9am-4pm Pacific  /  STREAMING LIVE ON FB

Register now for a deep dive into natural time!

It’s No Time to Be Normal

not normal, no new normal, screw new normal, awakening

by Paul Levy

These times of the new normal are not normal times at all. Psychoanalyst Joyce McDougall coined the term normopathy to connote an excessive—and pathological—attachment and adaptation to conventional social norms. English psychoanalyst Christopher Bollas has coined a term with a similar meaning – normotic, which seems to be a variation of and play on the word neurotic. Not having developed a sense of self, people who are normopathic or normotic have a neurotic obsession to appear normal, to fit in – they are abnormally normal. At the bottom of this malady is an insecurity of being judged and rejected. Normotics are overly concerned with how others view them, rendering them afraid to creatively express their unique individuality, which results in being afraid of participating in the call of their own individuation. As C. G. Jung counsels, we should be afraid of being too healthy-minded, as, ironically, this can easily become unhealthy.

Many families, groups or societies are afflicted with normopathy (according to whatever the group’s rules are regarding what is considered “normal”), such that it is considered normal to be normotic. The strange thing is if that if almost everyone in the group is normotic, the pathology is seen as normal and healthy, which makes the person in the group who isn’t subscribing to being normotic appear to be ab-normal, the one with the pathology. Insanely, in a case of projecting their own craziness, the ones with the pathology then pathologize the one who doesn’t have it. Something of this nature is going on in the world today.

new normal

One of the greatest dangers about unconsciousness is proneness to suggestion, where we take on other peoples’ perspective of the world—and of who we are—thereby easily falling prey to the prevailing collective groupthink of the herd. The proclivity towards hive-mindedness strongly correlates with being susceptible to having our minds hijacked, manipulated and controlled by forces outside of ourselves.

Whatever term we use—normopathic or normotic—there are many people—as well as aspects of ourselves—that depend upon and derive our self-worth through external validation by others. Being social creatures, we have an unconscious undertow to want to belong to a group, which opens us up to the possibility of disconnecting from our own intrinsic urge to uniquely individuate. Instead of seeing the world through our own eyes, we then see the world—and ourselves, i.e., our own self-image—not through how others see us, but how we imagine others see us. The source of this process lies in our own creative imagination, which we have out-sourced to others. To connect with our own sovereignty, we have to find the source within ourselves from which our true creative power derives.

In the challenging times that we are living through, it is crucially important for us to not “fit in,” but rather, express the creative spirit that more than anything wants to come through us and find its place in the world. Instead of blindly and passively subscribing to the new normal, let us create “the new abnormal,” in which we do the radical act of being our naturally creative selves. Whereas repressed and unexpressed creativity is the greatest poison there is to the human psyche, creativity given free license to express itself is the greatest medicine imaginable.

A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Paul Levy is a wounded healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. He is the founder of the Awakening in the Dream Community in Portland, Oregon. Paul is the author of The Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality (SelectBooks, May, 2018), Awakened by Darkness: When Evil Becomes Your FatherDispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil and The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis. An artist, he is deeply steeped in the work of C. G. Jung, and has been a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for over thirty years.

Please visit Paul’s website You can contact Paul at; he looks forward to your reflections. © Copyright 2020. 

Please watch, share and support the Time is Art documentary series. “Simple Things” is a new song by Dream Circle Feat. Omboy Rome with scenes from the forthcoming film, Time is Art: The Frequency of Love.

The Simple Things

omboy rome, music video, time is art

Three years ago we were all sitting in our stuffy Brooklyn apartment located in a highly industrial area. I had been living in for over 10 years. When I first moved in, I didn’t give much thought to the black soot lining the windows and idling cruise ships. The quality of the air, the stench of trash, the questionable activities of the industrial business across the street and the truck that arrived at odd hours in the morning to dispose of their “trash” didn’t necessarily raise red flags at the time. I thought having a cheap apartment in Brooklyn with a parking spot and roof access was a miracle (and it was in a way) and nothing else mattered. As the anxiety builds in our lives, the disconnection from nature becomes more and more obvious. One day I finally realized these were all indeed red flags.

That day, a few months before we finally moved out of Brooklyn, in a moment of clarity, suddenly the words, “Gotta get out, gotta get… outside”, popped in my head to which Omboy responded “if we wish to receive what we’re meant to find”. At the time I was reading a book by a Native American Elder, Dhyani Ywahoo and the some more lyrics came to me:

Freedom is in the forest
In the foxes, in the flowers
In the mushrooms, in the soil
In the sun, in the soft sand
Between my toes
In the metaphysical
the magical, the Unknown

Ah the simple things….

As musicians and artists we are channels from the Divine. Every song I’ve ever written has been inspired by nature or by other divinely inspired music. Back in 2015 at the premiere of our first film, we connected with the cosmic rapper, Omboy, who has been an incredible blessing and has touched our lives in so many ways by sharing his story and mind blowing lyrics. With the completion of a Dream Circle album and the forthcoming documentary The Frequency of Love, thousands of people will also share in this transmission.

During this time of quarantine people are lining up at food banks by the thousands. We are unsure more than ever before what civil rights will be taken away from us due to unprecedented panic and fear. We recall the 9/11 tragedy as a time of Great Awakening, followed by the “Patriot Act”. Those that are blessed with a daily spiritual practice are holding the light for unprepared friends and families who missed out on the opportunity to awaken. When this seems too much to bear, remember the simple things.

Getting outside and soaking up the sunshine (grounding or earthing), going on a hikes, walking barefoot in our community garden, and bike rides through the park is the easiest and fastest way to elevate my mood and control my anxiety. Gardening is mediation and fresh air helps release all those EMFs and move stagnant energy.

So please enjoy the song and music video, we hope it inspires you to get outside and be blessed by Mother Nature’s loving electricity in whatever small way you can.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for the work in progress screening on Youtube. We cannot wait until the day this community can get together again and see this film in an actual movie theater. Thanks to all the comments and positive feedback!

“YO, this film is positively enchanting and medicinal. A fragrant healing bath of pure resonance that weaves hip-hop culture, timeless universal truths, and our connection to All. An elevating transmission of reiki-filled, divine frequency infused, rainbow crystal cosmic earth vibes . . . crafted with care, peacefulness and purpose. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and appreciate this magnificent offering.”


Music for Chaotic Times

We are imagining you are doing much of what we are doing. Periodically checking non-mainstream media outlets like Collective Evolution but still fully aware of the negative effects electronic devices have on your mind and body. So we take long breaks in between the Twilight Zone updates, we chant or meditate, stretch, do some yoga with groups of friends online, etc. In our house, we have started our latest project, growing microgreens in the dining room area. The last group of our tribe to get together before this latest “social experiment” helped out by mixing compost, soil and minerals for our backyard garden. Taking our shoes off and digging our feet and fingers in the soil reversed several hours of 5G radiation.

If you are an artist, especially our touring musician friends, engineers and fellow filmmakers, you are in our prayers. Our first big push to fundraise for our second film in Florida was cancelled, our dreams of shooting on the beach for our new music video for “Simple Things”, postponed indefinitely. The Twilight Zone is the new reality. But we tread lightly onward, with the hopes that the film will still be released in 2020.

As you traverse the day’s new social experiment, there is one mind blowing podcast we’d like to point you to during this time. As you know, besides daily immune system boosting shots, it’s important to be prepared mentally and spiritually for what’s to come and the key here is to do whatever you need to do to stay balanced. Especially after coming back from the store where all the meat, pasta sauce, toilet paper and canned good are completely gone everyday. Where are all these New Yorkers with no space, storing their latest hoard? For most of us whose diet is 100% plant based, this doesn’t really matter but it still bothers you symbolically.

Read Paul Levy’s thoughts on how this virus “contains it’s own medicine“.

I know they say we should stay inside, but nature is where the true healing occurs. I am sure you are very aware of the contradiction here. Don’t leave your house, just stare at your phone or computer and soak up all that 5G radiation… hmmm something isn’t quite right here.

Ras Ben is a brother I’ve been following forever and we still have not given up hope on having him appear in the new film, especially since he lives on the East Coast. Subscribe to the HigherSide Chat’s podcast here:
The great natural mystic, crystal earthkeeper, celestial counselor, wellness provider, sacred timekeeper, and all around good time, Ras Ben rejoins THC for a 3rd time to talk about his latest work, 5G Wellness 101: Thriving In A 5G Environment With Crystals & Sacred Stones in the wake of the Coronavirus chaos.

Now more than ever, we need sound that heals and calming music! Here are some playlists and artists to check out; calming piano playlist, meditation and mantra music with Beautiful Chorus, chakra balancing with healing tones.

The Gayatri Mantra – chant 108 times!

The meaning of Gayatri Mantra in simpler terms: the poem of the Divine. It is a belief that chanting Gayatri Mantra firmly establishes the mind and if people carry on his-her life and do the work that is destined, our life will be full of joy and happiness. In brief, the mantra means:

“O Divine mother, our hearts are filled with darkness. Please make this darkness distant from us and promote illumination within us.”

Here is a massive youtube playlist of guided mediations, healing music and affirmations.

I also created an epic music playlist – with some of my favorite inspiring songs by Srikala (who appears in the new film), Ibeyi, Matisyahu, Yaima, Wildlight and Dream Circle. This playlist has kept me focused on what this virus is all about. Lastly, I’ll leave you with the lyrics from the classic Nakho (he has finally come clean on his behavior), and Medicine for the People’s 2016 song as it’s very appropriate to our times.

Enjoy, and as always, Be the Light.

Nahko and Medicine for the People – Great Spirit

Great spirit, I have had it
Bring me back to the nomadic
Way of weaving through the damage
Mindful, stay mindful

So which wolf will you feed
One makes you strong, one makes you weak
And those who know and those who seek
Amidst the chaos, find your peace (yeah)
I know which wolf I’ll feed
I know which wolf I’ll feed

[Verse 1]
Great spirit, I’ve had it
Bring me back to the nomadic
Way of weaving through the damage
Mindful, stay mindful
Great spirit, for my sisters
Let me be a flowing river
Flood the banks, the rocks that bind her
Carry, I’ll carry

Great, Great Spirit
Oh oo oh
Great, Great Spirit
Oh oo oh

[Verse 2]
Great spirit, for my brothers
Let me be a mountain under
Which he climbs to discover
His process, now that’s progress
Great Spirit, all that hinders
Tie reminders to my fingers
I must speak to you more often

Great, Great Spirit
Oh oo oh
Great, Great Spirit
Oh oo oh

[Verse 3]
Great Spirit, for my relations
Give them strength to face racism
In every single situation
Easy now, go on, speak loud
Great Spirit, take me instead
Guide me down the road of red
Tunkashila, I am saying, praying
Oh Tunkashila, yeah
Tunkashila, yeah
Tunkashila, yeah
Tunkashila, oh yeah

[Verse 4]
Great Spirit, system collapse
Nothing but the Earth will last
And I will be singing sweetly until the darkness
And how life is
Great Spirit, on my tongue
Be still, be still, the time will come
When everyone will sing “All Life is Sacred”
Well, I’m waiting
Great Spirit, my fist is up bringing the power to the people
You’re a reflection of us
Some of your people can’t hear it
The cries of the Earth
Some of your people can’t feel it
The way that it hurts
And it hurts, Great Spirit
Oh, and it moves, Great Spirit
Interconnected in the wreckage of a paradigm on
Its way out, its way out
Speaking of spiritual lyrical testimonies
A spirited lyricist weaving around false prophecies
A spirit directed and selected with the message I bring
While the ship slowly sinks, I’ve been directed to sing
I’m like a wrecking ball breaking down the walls of the past
A minimalist, living off bliss with the last of my cash
You’re gonna be justified with how you treated the land
You’re gonna be by my side, when I stand and demand a change

They know not what they do
They know not what they do
Can we forgive them for their due?
That’s up to you

Great spirit, I have had it
Bring me back to the nomadic
Way of weaving through the damage
Mindful, stay mindful

Great spirit for my sisters
Let me be a flowing river
Flood the banks the rocks that bind her
Carry, i’ll carry

Great, great spirit (uh-oh-oh)
Great, great spirit

Great spirit, for my brothers
Let me be a mountain under
Which he climbs to discover, his process
Now thats progress

Great spirit, all that hinders
Tie reminders to my fingers
I must speak to you more often

Great, great spirit (uh-oh-oh)
Great, great spirit

Great spirit, for my relations
Give them strength to face racism
In every single situation, easy now
Go on speak loud

Great spirit, take me instead
Guide me down the rode of red
Tunkashila, I am saying

Great, great spirit (uh-oh-oh)
Great, great spirit

Tunkashila (Grandfather)

Great spirit, just don’t collapse
Nothing but the earth will last
And i’ll be singing sweetly into the darkness
Now hark this

Great spirit, on my tongue
Be still, be still
The time will come
When everyone will sing all life is sacred
While i’m waiting

Great spirit, my fist is up
Bringing the power to the people
Your reflection of us
Some of your people can’t hear it
The cries of the earth
Some of your people can’t feel it
The way that it hurts
And it hurts, great spirit
And it moves, great spirit
Interconnected in the wreckage
Of a paradigm on its way out
Its way out

Speaking of spiritual lyrical testimonies
The spirit that did resist
Weaving around false prophecies
Spirit directed and selected
With the message i bring
While the ship slowly sinks
I’ve been directed to sing

I’m like a wrecking ball
Breaking down the walls of the past
A minimalist
Livin’ on bliss
With the last of my cash
You’re gonna be justified
With how you treated the land
You’re gonna be by my side
When i stand and demand
A change

Tunkashila (Grandfather)

Also if you made it to the end of this post then you probably know who the Galactic Federation is. Here is a message from them!

Dreamtime: how to interpret your dreams

In the first Time is Art film, we explore dream interpretation, with Dream worker, Toka-Pa Turner in which she works with Jennifer’s recurring dream about people drowning in the ocean. For the second film, The Frequence of Love, we are currently recreating a profound dream Omboy Rome has with Jose Arguelles, the teacher and philosopher who inspired this movie series and wrote about the idea that time is art. 

Dreams are mysterious and fascinating. It takes years to understand how to work with and decode your dreams. They have a powerful effect on your state of mind and if one learns to dream consciously, dreams can be as crucial to your mental and spiritual well being as meditation. 

Interpreting your Dreams By Amelia Bert 

When you sleep, your unconscious mind takes over. Whatever thoughts, memories, and ideas you have stored within your subconscious, it reveals itself through your dreams.

Do you remember waking up to confusing, yet interesting, dreams that included various people and events? It didn’t make much sense, didn’t it?

Those thoughts and ideas do not bring any message to you, but they leave your subconscious in order to be released from your memory, which means they must first pass through your attention to release their energy and any impact they may have on you as they leave your energy. 

Because of this, it is not ideal to try and make sense of it because of its randomness. Some of these thoughts aren’t even important. There are those dreams, however, that do bring you a message and this is what I bring to focus on today. 

Dreams can bring spirit messages

Every person is different. They have various experiences, memories, and interactions, therefore; the way they interpret any event is different based on their perceptions and memories.

For this reason, dreams are often explained differently from one to the other. This is why you cannot rely solely on dream interpretation books to understand your own dreams. We all have our own symbols and meanings. 

The truth is that any dream that tries to convey a message comes through in such a way that can be understood by you. The same message, for instance, to another person will come through in a completely different manner.

Dreams come to you in such a way because you have your own way of interpreting them based on your experiences, perceptions, and memories. But let’s discuss the main question you might be thinking right now.

Who is it that brings the dream messages?

As you rest, your ego is finally silenced, and you become open to Divine communication.

The truth is, you can gain Divine communication whenever you quiet your mind, however, when you sleep, you let go of fears, concerns, and doubts. This way, any loving spirit can easily pass on their messages to you.

Usually, the dreams that bring a message are derived from your spiritual team. Your spiritual team is a set of lighted beings like spirit guides and guardian Angels helping you from the Ether.

This team tries to help you reach your desires and your life’s path. They bring you guidance, assistance, inspiration and ease.

Didn’t you ever get a great idea, while you were sleeping? Or have you finally remembered what you were trying to recall a few hours ago?

Perhaps you finally understood a question that someone asked or discovered a solution to a problem.

These may occur later because your team helped you out. They knew you were thinking about it or trying to remember something in particular.

They knew you needed help with a new project, idea, or a solution, so they reveal it to you when you pay attention the most, when you are about to drift to sleep, or when you are with your subconscious dreams.

But how do you interpret those dreams? Here’s an easy guide for you to follow. If at first, you are unsure, don’t worry. With practice, you will get better at knowing what is right.

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Unsplash

8 Steps To Interpret Your Dreams

Step #1

Upon waking up, your subconscious is still active which is why it’s best to write down your dream straight away. This way you won’t forget any vital detail. When your conscious mind becomes fully awake, you may block these dreams.

Step #2

Before your next dream set your intention first:

“I intend to fully capture the message of this dream as it was given to me in my sleep. I ask my spiritual team to help me understand it. Thank you, and so it is.”

Step #3

Did the dream somewhat make sense to you? Was it vivid? Meaningful? Did you have a strong emotion whilst you were experiencing it? If not, this may be one of those random and unimportant dreams.

When this happens, relax. Remember that whatever happens in the dream does not always need an interpretation. Sometimes, it is just a releasing dream. 

Step #4

Are you the protagonist in the dream or are you observing someone else? If you were not the subject of your dreams, then perhaps you were meant to help that person or pass on the message.

Step #5

Make a list of the people in your dream and what they mean to you. For instance, did you see your mother? What emotions did this person bring to you? Write them down.

If you didn’t recognize the people or you don’t remember who they were, try to remember how they made you feel then associate them with a person that makes you feel that way. The message is usually connected to them.

Step #6

Do you have a sense or a knowing of what this message might be? Try to give it a thought. Connect the people and events in the dream and try to find what it means to you. Do not associate them with any universal dream interpretations.

For instance, if you saw a dog, try to find out what that animal means to you. A companion, a friend? Perhaps it means time to play or have fun. It may even show you someone that is genuinely happy to be around.

Step #7

What was the event or situation that occurred? For instance, if you were dreaming of a dog, consider if the dog was sad or ill.

Having a character that is sad or ill might mean that you are missing some time to relax and play, or you feel the need to connect with someone that understands and is happy to see you.

Your spiritual team can help you to understand this through a dream.

Step #8

Make a list of all possible dream interpretations, then follow your intuition.

Which one do you feel is the right interpretation of your dream? You can never be wrong since you already know the answer. Your spiritual team shapes the dreams through your own experiences, memories, knowledge and emotions.

You are the only one who is able to figure out the interpretation of your own dreams.

Dreams also include many settings from our other past lives.

As your subconscious travels through time, you recognize settings within the dreams, but you don’t often remember or grasp its entirety once you awake. Such dreams may be your ability to fly.

If, for example, you dreamt that you were flying and you are aware of how you’re doing it, this might be a skill that you can possibly acquire in another life.

Sometimes, your lost loved ones can also send you dreams in order to soothe you. 

Nightmares may also arise as a result of a bad experience you went through in another life.

For instance, when my fiancé was still a child, he kept having the same recurring dream of being sucked in by a tornado. He was inside the eye of the tornado and was swirling around with many objects. He was completely terrified.This might possibly be a past life experience that was imprinted in his subconscious wanting to be released. Nightmares are not intended to be scary. Those dreams that bring messages might have gotten out of hand and got confused by your egoistic self that may have misinterpreted the messages and brought you frightening thoughts. An example of this is from my own experience. As a child, I kept having the same dream that my father was still alive and living in the house with us. The dream came every year and I seem to have recognized it every time, however, I did not remember dreaming about it when I woke up.

In the dream, there was a woman wearing black or gray clothes and stood near him wherever he went. Neither of them talked nor looked at us. In the dream, I was confused and I was asking my mother what was my father doing in the house with us.

As the dream was guided by spirit, they chose the one person I was most comfortable with to explain. “It is normal, your dad misses us and he asked Mother Mary to bring him every year so he can see us.”

As a teenager, I was terrified of spirits and ghosts. As soon as I realized what was happening, my ego began to send fear to me and I woke up scared in the middle of the night.

I was frightened because I felt like I wasn’t alone. Such a beautiful soothing dream, yet the ego holds our fears, so as I began to awake, the ego kicked in and fear took over.

As I crafted my spirit communication abilities, I connected with my father and he said: “It wasn’t my intention to scare you.” Of course not, I did that, not him. Needless to say, I didn’t have that dream again.

These are simple steps that you can follow to interpret your dreams. You might not feel comfortable in practicing these steps on your first few tries, however, in time, you will feel that you get to understand how to interpret your dreams with confidence.

Interpreting your own dreams is just one of a number of things that you can do to nourish, strengthen and control your inner power.

Numbers are the Universal Language

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Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth. – St. Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354 – 430)

Coming 2020
Time is Art: The Frequency of Love, a new documentary film

The Secret Meaning of Numbers

Numbers have a way of taking a man by the hand and leading him down the path of reason. – Pythagoras

via Loner Wolf
It was the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras who first popularized the idea that all numbers have different vibrational properties. Since then, modern science and mathematics have proven that the world conforms to precise geometric mathematical principles. These principles govern everything from gravity to the movements of animals and the habits of humanity.

11:11, time is art, 1111
Still from Time is Art: Synchronicity & the Collective Dream

It was from Pythagoras’ discoveries about the world that the ancient system of Numerology was developed. Some scholars even believe that Numerology pre-dates Pythagoras and derives from the ancient mystical Hebrew Kabbalah which is thousands of years old.

Numerology is a system of divination which assigns various numbers unique meanings based on mathematical principles. According to numerology, everything can be calculated such as birth dates, names, and places to uncover deeper hidden truths.

11 11 Meaning

According to numerology, the number 11 is a “master number” which signifies intuition, insight, and enlightenment. When paired together, 11 11 is a clear message from the universe to become conscious and aware. Many people suggest that seeing 11 11 signifies that your spirit guides are attempting to contact you. In my experience, 11 11 seems to be the number of spiritual awakening, signifying that you are on the right path and your actions are aligned with your Soul’s purpose. In other words, seeing 11 11 is a good sign! An energetic doorway is being opened in which you will experience spiritual growth.

11 11 meaning in summary: You are on the right path and you’re being assisted by your Soul, spirit guides, and the Universe to consciously grow and expand. Pay attention, be aware, and remember to stay grounded in the present moment. You are going through a spiritual awakening process and you’re being asked to tune into the love and synchronistic guidance that is always available to you. Many profound changes will begin to occur in your life. Remember to stay open!

mayan, 11:11

What Do I Do After Seeing 11 11?

As you consciously expand, you will find yourself seeing numbers such as 11 11 more and more. These instances are known as synchronicity, because you are in the divine flow of life. Personally, I would see 11 11 and other repetitive numbers sometimes four or five times a day as I began to experience a spiritual awakening. All of these numbers seemed to anchor me into the present moment and the truth I was experiencing. I would always feel more grounded and lovingly guided during these periods, knowing that there was “something happening” beyond the veil of physical reality.

In order to make the most of this energetic “doorway,” you might like to adopt a few practices:

1. 11 11 meaning and your life

Ask yourself, “What does 11 11 signify to me?” In other words, when you see this number, how do you feel or what thoughts arise in your head? Your 11 11 meaning will often vary each time you see it. For example, one moment it might mean “pay attention!” and on another day it might mean “you are on the right path, keep going.”

2. Stay open and receptive

Be alert to new opportunities for growth. 11 11 often signifies that a period of change is about to start within you. Remember that all people, feelings, and situations that you come across are chances to spiritually evolve.

3. Remain grounded and present

Our tendency to live through the mind creates immense stress and anxiety. During this awakening period, try to stay grounded in the present moment. You might like to practice mindfulnessdeep breathing or meditation to help you stay centered. The more present you can be, the more you will be available for growth.

4. Show gratitude

Life responds positively to gratitude. Even the simplest act of giving thanks for what you have and the guidance you’re receiving, uplifts your spirit immediately. Gratitude opens the heart, and when your heart is open, it is ready to expand. Some cultures like the Peruvian Q’ero people, even create gratitude offerings to the earth known as despachos. Why not create one yourself?

5. Ask for guidance when needed

All of us, no matter who we are or what period of life we’re in, need help. If you need advice or help, reach out to someone you trust. Speak with a close friend, family member, spiritual guide or best of all, your own Soul. One of the simplest but most effective ways to receive guidance, in my experience, is saying a prayer. Address your prayer to whomever or whatever you believe in, whether that be God, Goddess, Allah, Krishna, Life or Spirit. I prefer to address my prayers to my Soul.

The Power of Sound

Everything in the universe is energy. Material objects are made of microscopic particles vibrating at such fast rates that they appear solid. Every object has its own unique vibration. Even human organs have a natural healthy vibratory rate referred to as “resonance”. If a part of the body begins to vibrate out of resonance or harmony, it creates dis-ease. Dis-ease is caused by negative thoughts and emotions which creates out of resonance vibration in your energy field.

The field of vibrational medicine has found that disharmony shows up in the energy field before it becomes a problem in the physical body. If imbalances can be corrected while still in the energy field, theoretically 
dis-ease can be avoided altogether. 

Vibrational healing seems to have few, if any, negative side effects. And it definitely creates more smiles, more energy, more relaxation, and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Most vibrational medicine techniques are complementary to one another and to traditional medicine.

Omboy Rome leading a sound bath

You have energetic emissions, and you can assist yourself, your loved ones and the earth and all her creatures simply by controlling your emotions and only giving out positive energy from positive emotions. 

Emotions are waveforms that influence us, and all life around us, because everything consist of energy. Scientists have shown that all animate and inanimate objects are made of vibrating waves of electromagnetic energy.

When we feel an emotion, we literally send off waves, as if we were a pebble thrown into a pond. Others feel this vibration and are affected by our vibrations. When two energies meet, one stays the same and the other will entrain to it, or both will change and meet somewhere in between. 

If you can maintain an energy of love, you will create a space of love for everyone around you. And when you cannot, forgiveness can assist you in moving back to that place of love.

The earth has a natural, healthy vibration that is created by the energy of the soil, plants and animals. Animals play many roles when it comes to energy of the planet. Their energy fields are far more expansive than ours – a dog’s field is approximately ten times that of a human’s. A horse’s  will encompass a large arena, and a cat’s will fill an entire property. The energy of wildlife is especially important to the survival of the planet. As are the energies of plants and flowers. They create frequencies that maintain stability and promote healing.

Simply stated, if we can keep the body frequency high enough, and the tissue well oxygenated, we will be free of disease. Utilize the vibration of nature, of music, and of love to keep your frequency high and create complete health.

Nature and natural surroundings are good for us. The sounds of nature as well as the energy of nature are healing. And we transmit energy to nature as well. We receive from the earth, and the earth receives from us. When we feel scattered and chaotic, we transmit those frequencies to all the people and animals around us, and to the earth. By being joyful and at peace with ourselves and those around us, we can help heal the earth as we heal ourselves.

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Carl Jung: The Mystic Who Discovered Our Inner Tarot Deck

Pick up any book about Tarot cards and randomly thumb through it. You are almost certainly to find in the majority of them several references to Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology. It is his work that framed the concepts of the collective unconscious and the theories of archetypal imagery and synchronicity that serve as the vital underpinnings of Tarot readings and practice. In fact, Jung’s breakthrough precepts actually legitimizes the study of Tarot and its ability to connect with our inner-selves.

On the other hand, you would be surprisingly hard pressed to find any references to Tarot cards whatsoever anywhere in the voluminous writings of Jung. How can this make sense in light of the great influence and association the learned Jung has with Tarot cards? Is it a mere coincidence? Or does the answer to that question reside in Jung’s explanation of synchronicity “as a meaningful coincidence?”

And amazingly one he did not recognize? Let’s step back and begin to put this puzzle together.

Carl Jung was a member of the seminal triumvirate of the founding fathers of the science of modern psychology. They were Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich. Freud is the most well known of the three, followed by Jung and then Reich.*

The supernatural and parapsychology was no stranger to Jung. He personally underwent a near-death experience, had clairvoyant dreams, incidents of precognition, encountered various hauntings with actual manifestations and poltergeist activity. He conducted experiments in telepathy and had a spirit guide known as Philemon, who flew out of the sky one day and landed at Jung’s side. Jung gave him the nickname of the “Old Wise Man” and they often conversed as they walked together in Jung’s garden. Jung claimed he had a second soul, one that allowed him to access the occult realm. Many of his beliefs were derived from The Tibetan Book of the Dead which he consulted though out his professional life. He used the I-Ching to help diagnose patient’s maladies and suggest treatment methods. He investigated the arcane arts of Alchemy and Astrology as well.

Jung’s grandmother was a “ghost seer” and his mother when a child protected her father, who was a curate from ghosts while he wrote his sermons. The subject of Jung’s dissertation was a 15 year old medium with exceptional abilities. The medium was his cousin. Probably one of the more startling claims Jung made was that he talked and preached to the dead. This claim is supported by his privately published Septem Sermones ad Mortuos (Seven Sermons to the Dead) which was produced via automatic writing. Some reviewers consider this text to be an example of Jung’s best written pieces. His final book was about Flying Saucers. He originally thought that this sighting were projections from our inner psyches. However upon awaking from a particular vivid dream that involved UFOs, he recounted his guess and instead stated “that we were actually projections from the Flying Saucers.”

As you can gather from the above, Carl Jung had profound inner and outer visions that both guided him to, and tormented him with the truth of all things. Yet it all reveals an incredibly open-minded individual that marched to some very different drummers.

Michael Fassbender as Carl Jung and Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud in David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method


Returning to Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious will help us understand his association with the cards. He thought of the collective unconscious as the “soul of the world” and it is in that “soul” that our shared symbolism of the archetypes dwell.

He also postulated that an event in a person’s life can trigger an internal mechanism that allows access to the collective unconscious. Once this process begins an archetypical configuration takes place. He called this “being” that formed during this configuration a “psychoid.” It was part real in the sense that it was manifesting itself and taking on a form and it was also part psychic due to it’s origin in the depths of the unconscious mind. Which Jung described as “the deposit of all human experiences back to the beginning of time. It is the source of the instincts, since archetypes are merely the forms that our instincts have assumed.” At this point the conscious mind can now recognize this primordial archetype, and understand the message it is trying to convey through its symbolic form. After this triggering episode has subsided, the “psychoid” melts back into the regions of the netherworld.

These “psychoids” are somewhat like the Tulpas that are reportedly created by Tibetan monks** through shear will power. These are also temporary beings that are brought to actual physical life for a short time, perform the tasks that they are created to complete and afterward return to nothingness. It is easy to see the wide influence that The Tibetan Book of the Dead had on Jung.


Perhaps the only way we can answer that is if we look at Jung’s definition of archetypical characters. Jung felt they were a “universal disposition of the human mind with which the mind organizes its content.

Below are Jung’s archetypes and what Tarot cards I feel best reflect the character of each archetype as described by Jung. I will only use the Major Arcana*** for this exercise.

A. The Animus and Anima – together they form a syzygy which is Greek for “a divine pair”.
The anima is the female in man and the animus is the male in the woman.

Open Culture

TAROT CARD: VI – The Lovers

Card meaning: Two people coming together, a partnership, union, reunion, two elements uniting or events coinciding.

B. Old Wise Man – Ancestors, conservative teachings, a spiritual guide. Jung called Philemon the “Old Wide Man.”

TAROT CARDS: IV – The Emperor, V – the Hierophant, IX – The Hermit

Card meanings: All three of these cards jhave the same thematic to various degrees. They are authorities, they adhering to a conservative doctrines, they have great knowledge gained over time and freely shared or set down by decree.

C. The Self – Not the ego, but “a totality of a heavenly kind, a glorified man, an Adam.”


Card meaning: The totally free spirit, the universal optimist, the trickster, what we all are at certain times in our lives, the promise of all good things to come. The Tarot deck is also called the Fool’s journey because the Fool travels through the deck either leading the way or bringing up the rear. It is one of the most potent cards to appear in a spread.

D. Self-Expression – Creativity, gestures, ritual

TAROT CARD: I – The Magician

Card meaning: Making things happen, conjuring, taking charge of everything in your life, creating something out of nothing, being the center of attention, an Alchemist.

E. The Persona – The face we turn towards the world, meaning, transformation and order

TAROT CARDS: II – The High Priestess, VII – The Chariot, VII – Strength

Card meanings: For the Priestess, one of serenity and introspection, calmness and inner control.

intuitively knowing the outcome of all matters. To be the Charioteer is to be in complete control of everything, change forward, getting places, overcoming obstacles to get where you need to be.

F. Orientation – The four directions of the compass, crossroads, appointments

TAROT CARDS: X – The Wheel of Fortune, XI – The Hanged Man, XXI – The World

Card meanings: We are all always traveling up and down on the Wheel of Fortune. As for the Hanged Man, we often find ourselves in a place where everything is upside down and we don’t know what to do and what direction to take so we remain suspended and inactive. While all this is going on, the World keeps on turning regardless of what we do or not do.

G. Change and Evolution

TAROT CARDS: XI – Justice, XIII – Death, XIV – Temperance, XX – Judgment

Card meanings: Justice reconciles all things in life. Death is change, either and end or a new beginning is signified here. Temperance calls for a new way of living in moderation and measure behavior. Judgement. final decisions must be made and from those decisions a new way of doing things will emerge.

H. Success – accomplishment, good fortune

TAROT CARDS: III – The Empress,

Card meaning: The card of birth and fertility, indication that a situation will turn out successfully,

good fortune ahead.

I. Love and Immortality

TAROT CARDS: XVII – The Star, XVIII – The Moon, XIX – The Sun

Card meanings: What love song doesn’t include the Sun the Moon and the Stars in it? If you “listen” to these three cards you can “hear” the song of the celestial spheres. In the Star card hope always springs eternal. The Moon our nearest neighbor in space and one that constantly meddles with our ocean tides. And then the Sun, which is the source of life and the constant promise of a new day everyday. 

J. The Shadow – the dark aspect of the personality, an evil that needs to be cast out or assimilated

TAROT CARDS: XV – The Devil, XVI – The Tower

Card meanings: The Devil, the dark angel, obsession, trouble, temptation, your choice to choose either good or evil. The Tower is the card of liberation. Perhaps you have pent up behaviors or beliefs that are doing you harm? A destructive lighting bolt hurled from the heavens suddenly casts you from your high tower to the ground below to start again.


As stated earlier, Carl Jung did not specifically write about Tarot cards. Yet uncanningly the symbolism of the archetype and the theory of the collective unconscious which he created, mirror the symbolism and practice of Tarot cards exactly, although on different but parallel tracks.

If we accept the notion that these “psychoid” archetypes reside in all of our minds, then each one can be identified by applying Tarot card symbolism to them. In essence we are indeed carrying around a Tarot card set in each one of us. The value of this proposition is that by using Tarot cards regularly and committing the cards to memory you will quite possibly be able to unlock the wealth of your unconscious mind in a controlled manner, thereby leading to a greater understanding of the workings of your inner-self and a way of cultivating your intuitive powers.

This recognition of both your outer-reality and inner-thoughts serves to unite both important aspects of being. Overcoming such fragmentation can go a long way in the healing process to become an individual.

Written by Bernie O’Connor