Being awake without being aware

via Sophia Love
Try to imagine what it would be like without rain; without snow; without thunderstorms, hurricanes and the like. The force of nature and the balance of “good” and “bad” are integral parts of this planet – part of what makes up the whole.

We expect “weather” to follow a pattern according to the seasons and places where we live. Each of these, weather and water, are unique to earth life in that they occur on a daily basis without any control from the beings living here; seemingly in random fashion.

Why is it that there are entire careers and lifetimes spent studying and predicting “weather”? To some of us, perhaps to many of us, this would be a boring thing to focus a lifetime on. There are overall patterns and processes that when looked at as a whole, craft a picture. It is as if there was a plan.

There is, but not one that can be discovered in a lifetime; one that began with the formation of the planet and is being carried out daily. Weather creates the circumstances for very specific life – everything in order.

We’d have to step back far enough to see this plan and have access to a record of the planet from the beginning. What is currently available, the archeological records, will serve to tell the story. Only we must understand the language.

Life is a system created with purpose and fed by many parts. The human that you are plays a vital part in all of life. Thus far you have done so without being aware of your role.

The net effect of slavery has been a numbing; a cutting off of awareness of who we are. Unaware, we’ve blundered through life and in some respects wreaked havoc and others, had little effect when effect was needed at the time we were present.

Being awake without being aware of the process is useless. We must access and utilize consciousness to participate in any potentially helpful way. We must know the plan.

This planet was and is a playground for diversity, evolution and adaptation. Today we are changing rapidly and irreversibly. Our very DNA is mutating. What this means for the human is important and what it means for the planet is significant as well.

As we morph into a new human, the surrounding planet does too. We affect the weather, the interior of the earth, the sky, the vegetation. There is nothing happening in isolation. As these changes are unprecedented, we have no way of “knowing” for certain their effect on the big picture, on all of existence.

What you can do is look at the effect on your individual life and environment and predict. If once you were unaware and now you walk consciously – will not your footsteps serve your intentions? What new intentions have come about as a result of the changes physically and chemically that have already taken place?

Our very desires alter the world around us. With awareness of an internal god force, we direct rather than react to – life. There is understanding of the weather and its seasons, for patterns and for the necessary climate required.

There is a force of life – that once understood will direct your every movement and moment. This force is unable to control or manipulate, to serve or protect, to inhibit or promote. It is merely and magnificently creation itself. Like an artist with the final work clear in her mind, life itself moves forward every “slowly” towards its own end. It perpetuates its own plan without sanction, permission or approval.

The actions of this tiny portion of existence we are calling the “cabal” have not taken place outside of that plan. However, the part of this show has arrived that see’s their act over. Destruction for the sake of gluttony does not benefit enough life to enable it to continue. Therefore it must be stopped. This is as much a part of the natural order of things as it is a willful act by a specific group or groups. It is and always has been inevitable.

Awareness of their effect on the quality and quantity of life for the rest of the population only accelerates their removal. This speeds up changes on every level and ultimately defines planetary movements.

The vision it takes to see this global and galaxy wide movement is one we can approximate with instruments but not attain without enlightenment. Enlightenment is where we are headed. It gives us perspective, awareness and conscious choice. Like that of a child, you are not today aware of the ultimate effect of every food eaten or “toy” played with. Yet you are becoming so, and with knowledge and understanding come compassion and clear intention.

As your world view grows you will understand that truly there can never be control – for control would inhibit life itself and life is creation and the whole point. You cannot stop it.

While manipulation is possible, corrections on a grander scale make adjustments that guarantee continuation. We are part of a very large scale process – the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

There will always be a “bigger picture” to comprehend than the one currently held. This never ending possibility of a broader perspective is the ultimate purpose of life. There is always more to know.

Your freedom and sovereignty was expected, planned and part of the purpose. The goal however is not to serve any one “god” but rather the perpetuation of life itself – all of life – as ONE.

The focus and direction of your actions will tell you just what you came to experience. We are not all here with the same purpose, and for that reason will appear to have conflicting goals.

When you step back far enough you can see that there is no conflict – balance rules all of life. You who are reading (or listening) this far are here to strike balance in what appears to be the self destructive path of humanity. It is not and you are guaranteeing that; despite every attempt at control placed on you. You woke up early and are now waking up everyone else.

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