We are the Ones (Part 7)

via Sophia Love
Until recently, we didn’t know we were enslaved. How then, will we know when we are unchained? It will be felt, and the knowing will be undeniable. In truth, we are feeling it already, without recognizing it’s calling card.

We are vibration; all of life has a frequency. The falsehoods of our history say to believe what is said, read and preached. Yet we know now that what is true just “feels right”. It resonates.

Like good slaves, we are waiting. Waiting to witness a “finale”, an “event”, something to set things straight. Yet in the same breath we understand that we are creating it all. How can both be happening at the same moment?

We all reside here on Gaia, one being with 7 billion+ forms of expression. We, as part of life, are vibrating. Our frequencies are ramping up.

There is a vibration to “yes”. There is a vibration to “no”. As well, there are divisive and unifying, positive and negative, growth producing and destructive vibrations. If you’d like to help speed up the “event”, then choose the vibration of “yes” – unifying, forgiving, compassionate, growth producing and positive.

Here’s why, and it’s demonstrated on the video below. As energetic components of One, we are all in the process of alignment. It is something that happens to metronomes when they are placed on a moving surface. They must work together as one. They will then accomplish synchronization without thought or plan, within minutes.

Have you been noticing synchronicities? “Random” alignments in times, numbers and events? The increased “frequency” (number or amount) of these occurrences signify our progress. We are approaching a life that is aligned and the signs are everywhere.

We can see the alignment (such as 11:11, 2.22) and feel the resonance; physical evidence of our “syncing up”, signs of our matching frequencies. Pay attention. You are ascending, moving up, and increasing your frequency – together.

7 billion+ of us shifting frequencies with Gaia do not all have to agree, but we have to work together. Large numbers of us in tune with her higher frequency will help exponentially. We have to sync up. This is how we will help her shift harmoniously, seamlessly and beautifully.

The vibration of “yes” will change everything. Go with it. This “event” is not even possible until enough of us are synced. (Think of the metronomes in the first few minutes. Does the board move in any ONE direction?) It will happen internally at the precise moment we move as One. Once critical mass is reached, it’s instantaneous. Watch the video. You’ll know. The world will know.

Many of us are doing “energetic work” for the shift yet there is not one of us responsible; all of us are. Sadness and blame and fault finding are addictive. They have no place on a unified planet. Resist the urge. Refuse to hate them. Release and absorb them (as they are a part of you, not to be rejected). Understand that this moment now is about unity. We will move as One, and the timing of this “event” is up to our synchronicity.

We are Masters, here to provide the guiding resonance for ascension. You know what that feels like, for it is our song. It is time now for us to sing in harmony. It is you that you’ve been waiting for. Let’s do this.

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