Civilized Society

You are convinced that the severity of your actions is an indication of how barbaric or civilized you are. What is civilization really? Is it the degree of conveniences available to the common man? Is it, or rather, isn’t it instead supposed to be, the hallmark of advancement? We label superiority of civilization very specifically. It has to do with how much is physically available to plug in or turn on.

Civilized “superiority” in its true sense, is a much different attribute. There are small groups of “uncivilized” humans in isolated pockets who are made up of enlightened people. We may not understand their individual practices or way of living, yet it springs essentially from respect and honor for life – all life.

They do not subscribe to waste; all parts of the vegetation, animal and human are sacred and equally utilized. If there are no libraries filled with literature that just means the art of verbal communication is utilized instead.

The notion that whole groups of humans must be aware of the actions of every other group of humans stems from ego. It is born out of self importance. What someone has to say about nuclear physics has no effect on the talent of the master fisherman. Each adds value to life as a whole. The relative intelligence of one does not depend on its awareness or knowledge about the mechanics of both.

Apprenticeships, journeymen, internships; these are fertile grounds for excellence and unique development. This “know everything” model of man came about for purposes of conformity, superiority, competition and a dulling of the senses. The impact of a constant stream of novel and unrelated information on the brain disables the ability to focus and concentrate. How can you invent free energy alternatives when you are required to spit out parts of speech in multiple languages along with lists of wars and dead dictators?

Knowledge is not a bad thing. The requirement placed on young children for memorization and uniform ability however, is criminal. At a time when the brain is most malleable and open to rapid development; it is held tightly in a box of facts that hold little if any interest. This is mutilation every bit as destructive as the physical mutilation done to young girls as they reach sexual maturity in some cultures. Its purpose is to inhibit pleasure and halt any possibility of free and unique expression – to define the purpose and output of the human; to create slaves.

This program of enslavement touches every aspect of culture, regardless of its level of “civilized” advancement. It is a misunderstanding to label any part of man “superior” to any other part. The implications of that label reinforce separatism, elitism and polarity.

Man as a whole has been manipulated and the expression of that is diverse. Freedom is evident in self confidence without comparison – in acceptance of individual brilliance that reaches the heights of possibility, unencumbered by rules, expectations, or what has been done before. Freedom is self defined.

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