Dreamtime: how to interpret your dreams

In the first Time is Art film, we explore dream interpretation, with Dream worker, Toka-Pa Turner in which she works with Jennifer’s recurring dream about people drowning in the ocean. For the second film, The Frequence of Love, we are currently recreating a profound dream Omboy Rome has with Jose Arguelles, the teacher and philosopher who inspired this movie series and wrote about the idea that time is art. 

Dreams are mysterious and fascinating. It takes years to understand how to work with and decode your dreams. They have a powerful effect on your state of mind and if one learns to dream consciously, dreams can be as crucial to your mental and spiritual well being as meditation. 

Interpreting your Dreams By Amelia Bert 

When you sleep, your unconscious mind takes over. Whatever thoughts, memories, and ideas you have stored within your subconscious, it reveals itself through your dreams.

Do you remember waking up to confusing, yet interesting, dreams that included various people and events? It didn’t make much sense, didn’t it?

Those thoughts and ideas do not bring any message to you, but they leave your subconscious in order to be released from your memory, which means they must first pass through your attention to release their energy and any impact they may have on you as they leave your energy. 

Because of this, it is not ideal to try and make sense of it because of its randomness. Some of these thoughts aren’t even important. There are those dreams, however, that do bring you a message and this is what I bring to focus on today. 

Dreams can bring spirit messages

Every person is different. They have various experiences, memories, and interactions, therefore; the way they interpret any event is different based on their perceptions and memories.

For this reason, dreams are often explained differently from one to the other. This is why you cannot rely solely on dream interpretation books to understand your own dreams. We all have our own symbols and meanings. 

The truth is that any dream that tries to convey a message comes through in such a way that can be understood by you. The same message, for instance, to another person will come through in a completely different manner.

Dreams come to you in such a way because you have your own way of interpreting them based on your experiences, perceptions, and memories. But let’s discuss the main question you might be thinking right now.

Who is it that brings the dream messages?

As you rest, your ego is finally silenced, and you become open to Divine communication.

The truth is, you can gain Divine communication whenever you quiet your mind, however, when you sleep, you let go of fears, concerns, and doubts. This way, any loving spirit can easily pass on their messages to you.

Usually, the dreams that bring a message are derived from your spiritual team. Your spiritual team is a set of lighted beings like spirit guides and guardian Angels helping you from the Ether.

This team tries to help you reach your desires and your life’s path. They bring you guidance, assistance, inspiration and ease.

Didn’t you ever get a great idea, while you were sleeping? Or have you finally remembered what you were trying to recall a few hours ago?

Perhaps you finally understood a question that someone asked or discovered a solution to a problem.

These may occur later because your team helped you out. They knew you were thinking about it or trying to remember something in particular.

They knew you needed help with a new project, idea, or a solution, so they reveal it to you when you pay attention the most, when you are about to drift to sleep, or when you are with your subconscious dreams.

But how do you interpret those dreams? Here’s an easy guide for you to follow. If at first, you are unsure, don’t worry. With practice, you will get better at knowing what is right.

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Unsplash

8 Steps To Interpret Your Dreams

Step #1

Upon waking up, your subconscious is still active which is why it’s best to write down your dream straight away. This way you won’t forget any vital detail. When your conscious mind becomes fully awake, you may block these dreams.

Step #2

Before your next dream set your intention first:

“I intend to fully capture the message of this dream as it was given to me in my sleep. I ask my spiritual team to help me understand it. Thank you, and so it is.”

Step #3

Did the dream somewhat make sense to you? Was it vivid? Meaningful? Did you have a strong emotion whilst you were experiencing it? If not, this may be one of those random and unimportant dreams.

When this happens, relax. Remember that whatever happens in the dream does not always need an interpretation. Sometimes, it is just a releasing dream. 

Step #4

Are you the protagonist in the dream or are you observing someone else? If you were not the subject of your dreams, then perhaps you were meant to help that person or pass on the message.

Step #5

Make a list of the people in your dream and what they mean to you. For instance, did you see your mother? What emotions did this person bring to you? Write them down.

If you didn’t recognize the people or you don’t remember who they were, try to remember how they made you feel then associate them with a person that makes you feel that way. The message is usually connected to them.

Step #6

Do you have a sense or a knowing of what this message might be? Try to give it a thought. Connect the people and events in the dream and try to find what it means to you. Do not associate them with any universal dream interpretations.

For instance, if you saw a dog, try to find out what that animal means to you. A companion, a friend? Perhaps it means time to play or have fun. It may even show you someone that is genuinely happy to be around.

Step #7

What was the event or situation that occurred? For instance, if you were dreaming of a dog, consider if the dog was sad or ill.

Having a character that is sad or ill might mean that you are missing some time to relax and play, or you feel the need to connect with someone that understands and is happy to see you.

Your spiritual team can help you to understand this through a dream.

Step #8

Make a list of all possible dream interpretations, then follow your intuition.

Which one do you feel is the right interpretation of your dream? You can never be wrong since you already know the answer. Your spiritual team shapes the dreams through your own experiences, memories, knowledge and emotions.

You are the only one who is able to figure out the interpretation of your own dreams.

Dreams also include many settings from our other past lives.

As your subconscious travels through time, you recognize settings within the dreams, but you don’t often remember or grasp its entirety once you awake. Such dreams may be your ability to fly.

If, for example, you dreamt that you were flying and you are aware of how you’re doing it, this might be a skill that you can possibly acquire in another life.

Sometimes, your lost loved ones can also send you dreams in order to soothe you. 

Nightmares may also arise as a result of a bad experience you went through in another life.

For instance, when my fiancé was still a child, he kept having the same recurring dream of being sucked in by a tornado. He was inside the eye of the tornado and was swirling around with many objects. He was completely terrified.This might possibly be a past life experience that was imprinted in his subconscious wanting to be released. Nightmares are not intended to be scary. Those dreams that bring messages might have gotten out of hand and got confused by your egoistic self that may have misinterpreted the messages and brought you frightening thoughts. An example of this is from my own experience. As a child, I kept having the same dream that my father was still alive and living in the house with us. The dream came every year and I seem to have recognized it every time, however, I did not remember dreaming about it when I woke up.

In the dream, there was a woman wearing black or gray clothes and stood near him wherever he went. Neither of them talked nor looked at us. In the dream, I was confused and I was asking my mother what was my father doing in the house with us.

As the dream was guided by spirit, they chose the one person I was most comfortable with to explain. “It is normal, your dad misses us and he asked Mother Mary to bring him every year so he can see us.”

As a teenager, I was terrified of spirits and ghosts. As soon as I realized what was happening, my ego began to send fear to me and I woke up scared in the middle of the night.

I was frightened because I felt like I wasn’t alone. Such a beautiful soothing dream, yet the ego holds our fears, so as I began to awake, the ego kicked in and fear took over.

As I crafted my spirit communication abilities, I connected with my father and he said: “It wasn’t my intention to scare you.” Of course not, I did that, not him. Needless to say, I didn’t have that dream again.

These are simple steps that you can follow to interpret your dreams. You might not feel comfortable in practicing these steps on your first few tries, however, in time, you will feel that you get to understand how to interpret your dreams with confidence.

Interpreting your own dreams is just one of a number of things that you can do to nourish, strengthen and control your inner power.

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