True Seekers Deluxe Video on Demand Package – $19.99

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– Interview with Simon G. Powell “Synchronicity and Self-Organization” (21 min)
– Bonus scene with Jill Purce “Voice as a Spiritual Medium” (13 min)
– Bonus scene with Rupert Sheldrake “Synchronicity & Telepathy” (23 min)
– Bonus scene with Nina Elshof “Power Places” (12 min)
– Extended scene with Graham Hancock (19 min)
– Also includes the original film soundtrack (

TRUE SEEKERS Deluxe Package on Blu-ray & DVD

TIME IS ART, blu-ray, dvd Blu-ray / $25 (Plus shipping)

High Definition movie + bonus scenes and interviews with Simon G. Powell, Jill Purce, Nina Elshof, Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake.

DVD + True Seekers ‘On Demand’ Package / $25
Standard Definition Movie, Bonus Scenes + Soundtrack + gift to 2 friends – (see

DVD / $15
Standard Definition Movie
Does not include bonus scenes

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Original Film Soundtrack – $12

time is art, soundtrack, music, music from the film

1. Something Fiction – Lucid Dream Machine (Spud Crowley’s Glass Realm Remix)
2. East Forest – Chopping The Woods
3. Dream Circle – Dark Star
4. Bachan Kaur – Luz del Bosque
5. Diana Zinni – Kill the Hope
6. It’s Not Night It’s Space – The Gathering
7. WāKEN – Shamanista (Feat. Betty Kay)
8. Dream Circle – The Medicine Man
9. East Forest – Pendulum
10. Diana Zinni – The Moon
11. Dream Circle – So Many Things
12. East Forest – Carry Water

COMING SOON! ‘Time is Art’ the Book

Time is Art BookThe film has inspired the book of the same name and includes in depth conversations with people featured in the film + additional scholars such as Stephanie South as well as writings and poetry by Jennifer Palmer. Also includes artwork from artists featured in the film.

THANK YOU for supporting this conscious raising film!