Angels of the Earth and the Living Goddesses

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Excerpt from the book, Angels of the Earth and the Living Goddesses

by Jocelyn James

Angels walk alongside people in all shapes and forms. Many times they come as people to bring light to wisdom, empowerment, consciousness and cultural shifts. As mentioned earlier, many Angels, and specifically those known as Archangels, were documented and now several are known to man. For example, Uriel is known for aligning events, lighting the way for Moses and bringing him to Mount Sinai. Raphael guides all healers medically, holistically and otherwise. He guided those from the past like Sun SiMiao and Hippocrates, and presently guides healers today including many of you reading this page. Tzaphkiel the Archangel, works beside Raphael specifically with moms and babies. Mary, the Goddess, is also an Angel who works with us both ways. The Goddess aspect of her walks with those who endured similar circumstances as she did as a woman. The Angel aspect of her walks with all. Those are some and there are many more, i.e., Haniel, Chamuel, Sandalphon, Barachiel, Jophiel, Raziel, Zadkiel, Ramiel, Metatron, Azrael, Ariel and on and on.

Angels help humanity and change the way people shape their goals. Angels plan with people in ways that help, heal and unite humanity. In these times, women are supported specifically in relationship to the planetary needs of all. Women keep the planet healthy, loving and safe for all life. By no means are men excluded. In fact, men who protect women, especially, are loved and protected. As was established in the beginning, all life is sacred. The planet needs help protecting everything that keeps it healthy, loving and safe. Angels help humans without any need for sacrifice or reciprocity. Angels came down to the Earth to give religious consciousness to those who needed their hearts and physical practices to honor those who came before them. They still come to offer practices to those who have that need today and want to honor their call to shift the world for the better.

 Jocelyn James is appears in the documentary film, Time is Art and this webisode of ‘Sync Stories’. 

She has been given the gift of love through intuition and guidance. She is a member of the American Association of Psychics and the American Association of Healers. She is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher through the International Center of Reiki and a trained International Center of Traditional Birthing Doula and Assistant Midwife certified at The (legendary) Farm. Based in New York City, she is a Clairvoyant & Divine Channel/Reiki Intuitive Healer who uses these gifts to benefit and honor the lives of others. In her journey she’s had the opportunity to study with teachers around the world. She understands that all beings are loved and protected by the Universe and that love helps all things grow, heal and thrive. It’s with gratitude that she offers her services in this way.


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