The Course of a God

mandala. time is art

The course of a god is individually set. Each of us is on that course. The choice to incarnate as human is made freely. The opportunity for growth is sort of exponential here.

Some of us came with different agendas. All of us came to set in place a real opportunity to create. So what is creation?

We have evidence of it daily as children are born, cakes are made and movies are produced. Yet it is understood that another level of creation exists – a level that appears to be magical, powerful and beyond our ability.

Everything necessary for us to create worlds exists within us today. What becomes a crucial ingredient is the motivation and after that the intent.

It has been introduced into the dialogue that all gods are not equal; that there are some powerful creators here now, with an agenda and a great deal of skill; that they have “tricked” the majority of humanity into believing they are the creator of all things, the “One”. Not a small feat.

So the question comes, if this being created worlds, specifically this one, with all of its laws, rules and systems – is it not a god? What is a god anyway?

There is no hierarchy of gods; no lesser or greater god and none who serve any others. There are however, plenty of imagined hierarchies. They are based on a misconception around love and power.

The analogy of parent/child is a perfect way to talk about how it works. In a sense, parents are more powerful than their very young children. They’ve been around longer, have the keys to the car and have practice at manipulating the dream. To children, mom and dad are magical.

It is not necessary to worship or obey mom and dad and one day you will be an adult, fully capable of all that they have done and perhaps more. You’ll still call them mom or dad, but you will not perceive them with a child’s eyes. You’ll have the keys to your own car.

When you do, you’ll drive your own family around, enjoying the same magical reputation for a bit. The charade will end one day as your children become adults. You will not at that point demand that they worship you or obey you, withholding love if they do not. You can try, but any response you get will emerge out of fear and will not be sustainable.

True creation by the “One” creator has no agenda. It is art in its purest form. It happens. As something emerges there is only joy. What exists when it occurs does so because of intention and desire. There are no demands on pure creation. Once born/once created, it is complete unto itself. It is free.
If it requires sustenance to continue, the responsibility for supply rests on the creator. What has been created now gets to choose whether or not it will continue and in what manner. With each birth, freedom is assumed. There is no ownership possible as life cannot be contained.

For us here on earth, there has been a great deception. The “god behind the curtain” is not the “great and powerful” creator of all things, not the “One”. It is a being just like you – only it’s been around longer and holds the keys to this car.

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