Quantum Physics: The Most Successful Theory of All Time

quantum physics  by Paul Levy

A unique development in human history, the discovery of the quantum nature of our universe is a seismic, tectonic shift in the very foundation of physics and the roots of our scientific worldview, a change so momentous that it can literally transform the course of human history. This great change is already underway and yet there remains a long way to go for the full transformational impact of the discoveries of quantum physics to be assimilated by humanity. What quantum physics is revealing to us is so radical, with implications so far reaching, that to call it merely revolutionary would not do it justice. The conceptual revolution of quantum theory has literally turned physics on its head; what it is revealing about our universe is turning right side up what had been inverted and upside down.

Quantum physics is introducing us to a radical new way of seeing and understanding which profoundly impacts human thinking, feeling, sensing, knowing and being. As if the universe itself is giving us a cosmic physics lesson, what quantum physics is revealing to us requires a completely new way of thinking about the universe, our place in it as well as ourselves. Quantum theory is teaching us that implicit in our very thinking are certain flaws and misperceptions that, unseen and taken for granted, unnecessarily limit our ability to apprehend the nature of nature, including our own. The founders of quantum physics, people such as Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrodinger famously argued that quantum physics is first and foremost a new way of thinking. Indeed, the most far-reaching impact of quantum physics will be within the human mind.

quantum physicsThe discoveries of quantum physics are truly a game-changer that requires a novel response in us which, when more fully understood and integrated, will irrevocably change us─both on the individual level and as a species─in the very core of our being. Regarding the implications of quantum physics, John Bell, one of the most important physicists of the latter half of the twentieth century, is of the opinion that “the new way of seeing things will involve an imaginative leap that will astonish us.” It is hard to imagine something truly astonishing that we wouldn’t tend to initially rule out as preposterous. This new way of seeing things, this imaginative leap is truly an evolutionary upleveling─a real quantum jump in consciousness─that quantum physics is inviting each of us to partake in.

Quantum physics is the most subversive of all the sciences, having created a “reality crisis” in the field of physics such that the very idea of “reality” itself has been undermined, relegated to being a questionable, ambiguous and twilight concept. The very “reality” that pre-quantum physics had been studying has been demonstrated by quantum physics to not even exist! The greatest experts of quantum physics, if it’s even possible to speak of “experts” in a field that, according to Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, “no one understands,” literally do not know “what” they are talking about.[2] Physicists who study their own theory have, in their attempts at grasping its implications, lost their grip on reality, finding nothing, absolutely nothing to hold onto. Quantum physics has pulled the rug out from under us only to reveal no floor below, no place on which to take a stand, as the notion of a seemingly solid, objectively existing world evaporates like dewdrops in the morning sunlight.

Quantum theory is not just one of many theories in physics; it is the one theory that has profoundly affected nearly every other branch of physics. There is hardly an aspect of contemporary society or of our own individual lives that has not already been fundamentally transformed by the ideas and applications of quantum physics. One third of our economy involves products based on quantum mechanics – things such as computers and the Internet, lasers, MRI’s, TV’s, DVD’s, CD’s, microwaves, electron microscopes, mobile phones, transistors, silicon chips, semiconductors, quartz and digital watches, superconductors and nuclear energy. And yet, even with the huge impact quantum physics has had on all of our lives, this effect is infinitesimally small compared with what it will be when more of us recognize and internalize the implications of what it is revealing to us about the nature of reality as well as of ourselves.

The discoveries of quantum physics, practically speaking, have given us the capacity to both increase the quality of our lives and/or to potentially ravage the environment on an unprecedented scale, even to obliterate our species altogether. To quote theoretical physicist Henry Stapp, “Yet along with this fatal power it [science] has provided a further offering which, though subtle in character and still hardly felt in the minds of men, may ultimately be its most valuable contribution to human civilization, and the key to human survival.”[3] Do we use the discoveries of quantum physics for the betterment of our species, or to destroy ourselves? Quantum theory reflects back to us that the choice is truly ours.

Quantum physics works like a charm. It is like a higher-dimensional talisman, a physics of possibilities. The precise accuracy of its mathematical formalism and methodology is beyond debate; none of its predictions have ever been shown to be wrong. It is literally the most successful scientific theory of all time. It is as if physics has discovered a wonderful magic wand that works every time, but the amazing thing is that no one knows why. I have never in all of my life come across a field where all of the supposed “experts” disagree with each other about the meaning of their own theory. This is the deep philosophical question that begs to be answered – what does quantum physics mean? When the alleged experts can’t agree, we can feel free to choose our preferred expert – or explore and speculate on our own.

A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Paul Levy is a wounded healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. He is the author of Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil (North Atlantic Books, 2013) and The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis. An artist, he is deeply steeped in the work of C. G. Jung, and has been a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for over thirty years. Please visit Paul’s website www.awakeninthedream.com. You can contact Paul at paul@awakeninthedream.com; he looks forward to your reflections. Though he reads every email, he regrets that he is not able to personally respond to all of them.

Pyramid Art, Synchronicity & Timelessness

Mark Dolamore
Mark Dolamore

By Mark Dolamore

The Pyramid will open your mind to the force of timelessness. It’s the most startling of three images, which is part of a triptych piece of systems art. The visually expressed calculation is a mathematical system employing a simple formula and this Jewel Mandala, designed to reconfigure binary coded data. These codes are expressed in identical form, but one is ancient and the other recent. So far so good… but, something very strange happens in the process. A level of meaning that shouldn’t exist is revealed. In other words, the art uncovers evidence for a timeless intelligence, irrevocably ensconced in our unconscious mindscape. The art came into being by developing my synergy with this force.

The Pyramid is different from any other art because it emerged from the Jungian observational phenomenon implicating feedback with a holistic force of change. You see, at a point in my late 20’s, my consciousness transformed over night to include synchronicity. The Pyramid emerged by assiduously pursuing it as a guide. If you want to make a start down that road yourself, check out my user interface: Papolona.guru.

Pyramid Art has all the characteristics of a language, but it’s not designed for idle chat. My psychological transformation allowed me to view all events holistically, as the expression of nature’s self organised intelligence, seen clearly through intuitive and freaky things, like déjà vu, synchronicity and such like. Albert Einstein said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we’ve created a society honouring the servant that forgets the gift”. In my view, the collective amnesia is the result of a generalised conceit that prevents our individual genius from developing. It means in normal circumstances, we act like we’re in the thrall of a parasite, related to the force of mind I spoke of earlier. So, since Pyramid Art represents mathematical evidence we can align ourselves consciously by following synchronicity, to acquire synergy with that force of mind… I suggest it’s the paradigm shift humanity needs to pursue now, for civilisation to survive itself.

Great Art captures something unseen, if only as an impression. Pyramid Art goes one step further because it’s generated by a mathematical system and reveals something of potential use. It also supports the notion of a sublime state, within and beyond this world, an immortal force of mind we can tap into in real time, through what Carl Jung referred to as the Collective Unconscious. Pyramid art was produced by combining information that must have been placed by this force, in an obscure pair of binary code sequences. Conventional logic “knows” the Pyramid should be meaningless, yet it’s consistently meaningful at every level, and because it’s the result of guiding synchronicity and is also systematic and mathematical, it can only originate from the absolute source of beauty beyond our perception, the force of nature we think of as divine… Is God willing to teach us the art of alliance?

The centre of the Pyramid offers the clue. The arrow pointing east, with letter ‘N’, suggests a spiritual compass. The instrument points to an image representing a natural kind of feedback, known as the Butterfly Effect. The image is “drawn” as a signature, in one line, changing direction just four times and describing the beast in flight, with its four wings, body, head and antennae. Furthermore, when the arrow is turned to point north, the Pyramid now points west, symbolising modernity and innovation, while the central image transforms to the messianic symbol of the first and last letters of the alphabet.

The central component of the triptych, this Jewel Mandala or JM, is the crucial part of the formula. A mandala is a schematic arrangement of psychic archetypes, like the alchemists’ elements. Here they’re borrowed from an oriental philosophy. The JM was designed strictly following synchronicity. It’s also the window where the source codes are converted to symbols. These codes come from the I Ching, also known as “The Book of Changes”. The lower code strip of binary coded data contributes to the mathematical system as the most familiar hexagram sequence, named after King Wen. In contrast, the upper code sequence, by Richard Wilhelm, the index arrangement from his twentieth century translation, is unknown in its pictured form. Roughly three thousand years separates them and neither author could have deliberately hidden the Pyramid in his work… by which we can conclude, whether we like it or not, nature’s force of timelessness used or inspired their creative minds and manipulates every one of us, 24/7… so we are not and never can be free. But what if a creative alliance could be acquired? Try using Papolona.guru to tune-in and kick start yours.

Western civilisation, back in Roman times, celebrated feedback with nature in its conception of genius. Yet the modern scientific mindset has failed to formulate a theory connecting us to nature. It has no theory to explain how the mind works. That doesn’t prevent us from being intuitively inspired, though it must, inevitably limit us. In the effort to turn things around in this time of need, I expose my Pyramid as proof of my own alliance with nature’s timeless dimension. My art contains that unexplained kind of “genius”, which emerges via feedback in a way that can be traced back to its source.

The individuals who came up with the source codes for my Pyramid Art must have been influenced by the sublime beauty I speak of. If we trust life is the product of a benign universe, its purpose must be evolution through psychic re-connection, and with that, the prospect of spiritual immortality. However, one or two things are in our way. No matter how we may consider beauty to be a good thing, manipulation by an entity unseen, challenges our notion of justice, freedom and self awareness. It’s where the confusion about God, free will, the devil and our innate fear of the supernatural comes from.

Synchronicity brought me a coherent path of guidance, once I learned to follow it. The process began with difficulty. I was motivated to continue by trusting the timeless dimension as a holistic, creative agency that I felt I needed to align myself with. Since prehistoric times, until a few hundred years ago, when mankind, in his quest for truth and beauty, changed tack through the scientific method, a spiritual relationship to nature and the Gods, or the “Great Spirit” out there and within, was keenly sought by the brightest among us. That’s no longer the case, but maybe we should tack back some, reinvest ourselves spiritually, in light of my Pyramid discovery. After all, the motto inscribed at the spiritual source of Western civilisation, the temple of Apollo at Delphi, was the crux of the quest we must all subscribe to… “know thyself”. The Pyramid clarifies the labyrinthine confusion by knotting together threads of the puzzle; Eastern and Western, ancient and modern.

Nature’s creative force, its self organised intelligence, even in the modern context, can offer direction only when recognised and pursued. Science turns our heads away from such a course. Yet, logically, it’s imperative for the future of mankind we find synergy with nature. How do we intend to become receptive by using our currently undeveloped senses? Clearly, a perceptual upgrade is needed. Any of the Pyramid symbols suggests meaning, firstly through the cartoon-like image produced by the mathematical system, then as a combination of I Ching hexagrams. I have considered these things exhaustively, but feedback was responsible for revealing it all in the first place. Only your own experience of feedback with nature through synchronicity will allow you to appreciate and subscribe to this project. We all possess an unconscious link to timelessness, it’s a question of learning to exploit it.

In the 1980’s, science discovered a timeless force in the Quantum Field (QF), which unconsciously acts on the mind. More than 99% of the volume of our physical reality is QF nothingness within the atom. Our bodies contain zillions. In brain studies, there’s PET scan evidence to confirm something influences us before we even become aware of our own ideas. If the universe is the holistic quantum phenomenon science proclaims, then the mind must work as a function of it, connecting us unconsciously, to something eternal. If we are all aspects of nature’s self organised beauty, then we are not free at all… and what we think of as freedom is a delusion, a mirage constructed by our own excessively favourable opinion of our ability and importance, our conceit. The only true freedom we could attain, ironically, is a partnership with timelessness. I’ve shown, through my discovery of the Pyramid, the creative force of nature holds us in his thrall and awaits our conscious collaboration. That kind of synergy requires one decisive effort: relinquishing our mistaken concept of freedom.

Einstein, the archetypal genius and author of quantum theory said: “Intuition is the only real valuable thing.” He made best use of it to formulate his theories and transform our notion of reality. With first hand experience of synchronicity and a little fine tuning you too can transform yourself through the quantum dimension.

Changing our vision is far from easy, but note how the meaning of the central imagery of the Pyramid also changes when turned 90 degrees to point west. The compass image points north now and resembles the first and last letters of the modern, Roman alphabet, recalling the Alpha & Omega, first and last letters of the ancient Greek alphabet, badge of the Biblical Messiah. The butterfly soars above, having changed direction 180 degrees to fly west… so where did the 90 degrees extra gyration come from? Symbolically it represents transformed perception, acquired by allowing oneself to be lead synergistically.

The prospect of discovering nature’s hidden beauty moved me to embark on my quest. It culminated in the Jewel Mandala (JM), the middle image of the {{triptych}, so called because it looks like a gem. Each of the 28 lines represents two hexagrams. In addition, there are eight circles, representing hexagrams with identical upper and lower trigrams. The JM is the central component for unlocking the binary coded data. The importance of the JM was confirmed by apocalyptic synchronicity around the world, at the beginning and end of my creative time frame, over a long weekend. The first confirming event was the Michael Fish storm, which ravaged my homeland. This was followed, three days later, when the symbolism emerged, by Black Monday.

My artistic process pursued synchronicity to produce the Pyramid. From the beginning I had only faith some method to the madness would carry me through. Oscar Wilde said: “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Sir Kenneth Clarke in his 1969 TV series Civilisation said: “All art is in one way or another about the search for God”. Albert Einstein said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we’ve created a society honouring the servant that forgets the gift”. I think the Pyramid represents the cure for our collective amnesia.

You’ll be vaguely aware of the effects of timelessness in your dreams, déjà vu, Freudian slips, synchronicity, intuition and more. If channelling these things to a magical goal can work as it did in my case, then considering such effects seriously, as a form of guidance from nature, isn’t the madness it sounds, while the failure to do so is the real reason humanity’s in such a pickle.

I’m sure I’m not the first to experience the mind power of nature. I am however the first to bring forth mathematical evidence for my synergy. I’ve also devised a fun, fascinating and collaborative art work I invite you to join. It will help you tune-in to timelessness. It uses a form of synchronicity on demand, by harnessing fluctuations in the quantum field, via remote physics laboratory. It’s my contention, practising this art will develop your unconscious connection to nature, to surface in ways you currently cannot imagine. Feel free to join in at Papolona.guru. You can come back here any time and re-explore all the explanatory text links on the Pyramid Art button in the top menu.

Mark Dolamore now lives in France. In the mid 80’s, while living in London’s East end art ghetto, he underwent a “road to Damascus experience” that sent him to live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on to Canada for a time and then back to Brazil before returning to Europe.