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– Interview with Simon G. Powell “Synchronicity and Self-Organization” (21 min)
– Bonus scene with Jill Purce “Voice as a Spiritual Medium” (13 min)
– Bonus scene with Rupert Sheldrake “Synchronicity & Telepathy” (23 min)
– Bonus scene with Nina Elshof “Power Places” (12 min)
– Extended scene with Graham Hancock (19 min)
– Also includes the original film soundtrack (

Time is Art True Seekers Deluxe Package on Blu-ray or DVD

You can also get the DVD + the True Seekers VOD Package which includes the film in HD + bonus scenes and interviews & the original film soundtrack.

Inspired by acclaimed & visionary author José Argüelles’ studies in ancient indigenous wisdom, this film explores the idea that modern humanity is immersed in an erroneous and artificial perception of time that deviates from the natural order of the universe. We have become disconnected from the natural rhythms of the earth by focusing only on money, consumerism and exploitation while deep down inside, we crave the return to a foundation of culture, community, and creation.

As Jennifer navigates the labyrinth of her own light and darkness, she opens herself to a new reality in which everyone and everything appear connected by a larger purpose. She is revealed to be part of a global movement of people challenging a linear and restrictive consciousness in exchange for one grounded in meaningful connection and action – a template for a new era where we are one with the earth and each other.

This feature-length documentary film is part of a transmedia project exploring synchronicity and new forms of consciousness. The filmmakers have already produced several episodes of the web series “SyncStories”, and are currently writing the screenplay for a fictional narrative film inspired by Jennifer’s journey. They hope to use these various art forms and media platforms as a way of sparking reflection and dialogue around how we perceive life, and how we choose to live it.

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