Crop Circles, Star People and Transmissions Through Art

crop circle 2017

Recently, I’ve been inspired by the new crop circle formations in the UK (also shout out to Mr Gyro who provided the aerial shots of crop circles in our film, Time is Art). One interpretation of the purpose of the crop circles is to “trigger dynamic exploratory energy” which is a perfect description of what we all feel when we see the crop circle footage in the film (especially in regards to the editing process, we had to watch the 90 minute film over 20 times in order to finish it). We struggled to watch it again and again, yet when we got to the scene with the crop circles at about half way through, it seemed to help boost our energy so that we could continue the tedious process of making final tweaks.

One of the the latest glorious pieces of earth works is this Metatron’s Cube design.  The symbol is a Platonic Solid,  a shape from Sacred Geometry. They were first catalogued by the ancient philosopher, Plato (hence their name), although evidence of these most magical of shapes has been found around the world for in excess of 1,000 years prior to Plato’s documentation.  Also known as the Merkaba symbol  which used in many crop circles. What exactly does the symbol mean? The word Merkaba can be broken down thus: MER: rotating fields of light, KA: spirit, and BA: soul (this is taken from an 18th dynasty Egyptian translation, and in Hebrew it means ‘chariot’).  Therefore, Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit or energy body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, or spirals of energy (as with a strand of DNA), which transport spirit or consciousness from one dimension to another.

I have also been thinking about my own metaphysical and unexplained experiences.  Recently, I retold the story of discovering a clip of  UFO on our camera back when we first started shooting the film in San Francisco. I studied the mural again that I came across around the same time which always seems to spark my interest in the connection between Native Americans and Star People. I reread Richard Boylan’s article about  the 1996 ‘Star Knowledge Conference and Sun Dance, put on by Lakota (Sioux) spiritual leader Standing Elk (Laurance Zephier) in response to a vision he experienced. The vision showed that Native American spiritual knowledge about the Star Nations was to be shared with the larger non-Native world. This Conference also fulfilled ancient Hopi and Lakota prophecies.’  Beginning with this interpretation by an man of a particular crop circle. (I’m still digging up the correct image).

Excerpt by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Deer Man interpreted a recent Crop Circle design as containing a highly relevant message. This Crop Circle consisted of five concentric circles. The first four circles are like orbit paths around a central sun, with a planet-like “bead” imbedded in each orbit circle except the third one. The outermost ring is a chain of densely-packed “beads” of varying sizes. The entire Crop Circle is the Circle of Life. The four inner circles are the traditional Four Nations of humanity: white, yellow, red and black. The smallest circle near the nucleus is the White Race. Spirit gave the White Race responsibility for Fire. The White Man forgot his responsibility, and so aberrantly created the nuclear bomb. The White Race’s elliptical orbit indicates that it is out of balance. The second orbit is the Black Race, which has the responsibility for Water. They have forgotten their responsibility. As a result, the waters are contaminated, and this causes cancer. The third orbit is the Red Race, whose “planet-bead” is missing. The Red Race has responsibility for the Earth. Their “bead” is missing because the Red Nation still walks with the Tunkashilas (Grandfathers, spiritual guides). The fourth orbit is the Yellow Race, whose responsibility is the air. But Asian industrial factories pollute the air. Deer Man commented that “we have brought these imbalances on ourselves. The Red Race has responsibility for the land, but cannot do so because of herbicides, acid rain and underground nuclear testing.” Spirit told Deer Man that the other races were to follow the Red Way of Life too, but have lost it.

The outermost circle is the Star Nations. “The Star Nations are here to help us.” The Earth was out of balance, and is rebalancing its off-kilter. “We have to help the Earth come back into balance. Time as you know it is coming to an end, sooner than you think. There will not be cars or TVs.” He said that the Grandfathers taught him that we are coming to the end of the Fourth World. We are about to enter the Fifth World. [This concurs with similar Hopi prophecies.] “It will take Nine Worlds before we get to the Spirit World.”

Norbert Running, a Lakota Medicine Man, was one of the first to participate in the revived Sun Dance of modern times. He chastised latter-day Native American “neo-traditionalists” for being contaminated by Christian missionaries, believing in devils, and making up bureaucratic religion rules. Norbert Running said that most Indians on the reservations believe in the Natural Way of spirituality. He urged everyone to “cultivate Spirit Guides to help you in the life path.” He learned most of what he knows in the Yuwipi (Spirit Calling-In) Ceremony.
He told of legendary Sioux Elder Black Elk having a prophetic vision of racial unity, a rainbow lodge with the Four Nations together. He also spoke of the Hopi prophecy of Red and White brothers working together.

The chief Spiritual Elder of all the Maori people of Aotearoa (New Zealand), Mac Wiremu Ruka, accepted Standing Elk’s invitation to share the ancient truths and prophecies of his people.

Since age three, Elder Ruka had been taught the Maori genealogies, secrets and incantations of the cosmic and Earth realms. A special star alignment in 1988 told the old Maori Grandmothers that the time had arrived to bring out publicly the Old Stories which had been kept hidden for centuries, and that Elder Ruka was the one designated to speak.

The Maori Elder related accounts of the star origin of his people. In a moving candle-lit ritual, he created a twelve-woman ceremonial circle at the Conference to speak for Spirit and set the proper vibration for creating such awareness.

Choctaw Medicine Man Panther (Preston Scott) told of how he was designated to follow the path of the heyoka (sacred trickster). One day as a boy he was being walked to school by his mother. A dark storming cloud came up from the west. His mother told him to run to his grandfather’s house. He made it as far as his grandfather’s yard when a lightning bolt struck so close to him that the heat and energy flipped him over. He landed on his feet still running and went up on his grandfather’s porch. Being struck by lightning is Spirit designation as heyoka.

As an adult, Panther was climbing a hill one day and received a vision of three Grandfathers. He was told that he was going to go north to the Lakota land, where they would give him a foundation of spiritual knowledge to take back to his people, because the Choctaw had lost their spiritual ways. Now he is seeing spirituality rising among the Choctaw.

There are underground conferences being held all over the world sharing this knowledge. If you know of any events in the near future please add them in the comments below!

Other Worldly & Interdimensional Realities

Art by WERC

by Dr. Jon Klimo, Ph.D.

From the leading edge of physics to a variety of non-ordinary experiences that many are having, our species is awakening to the possibility, even the likelihood, that or kind of physically-based life on Earth may comprise only one small part of a larger, more inclusive multidimensional reality inhabited on many levels by many kinds of beings.

Over a hundred years ago, philosopher and psychologist William James wrote, “Our waking consciousness is but one special state of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different,” adding that “no amount of the universe is in totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded.” We may now extend this thinking to include the possibility of “forms of worlds and realities entirely different” from ours, accessible by means of, and inhabited by, such other forms of consciousness.

I would like to speculate on the nature of this otherworldly realm that may lie beyond the physical and me be higher dimensional in nature. In doing so, I will entertain a variety of perspectives, ranging from what has been called perennial philosophy and the metaphysical, to the most advanced theories of present-day physics, extended into para-physics to push such thinking, and extending our psychology into parapsychology in the process.
One particularly exciting aspect of this cross-world or inter-dimensional field of study occurring today is called “electronic voice phenomena” (or EVP), more recently also being called “instrumental trans-communication” (ITC). This EVP/ITC-type research uses a variety of technologically assisted approaches in an attempt to make contact with and record communication thought to be from surviving human spirits. I am engaged in a five-year grant-supported research project devoted to this work, and I have expanded it to include trying to record extraterrestrial as well as human spirit presence. I will conclude this article with a brief description of this work.

Parapsychology and Ufology

The study of whether we survive the deaths of our bodies in some kind of non-physically based afterlife or astral plan comprises one of the three main branches of what was earlier called psychical research, and now is addressed by the more formal scientific discipline of parapsychology. The other two branches are extrasensory perception, including telepathy, and psychokinesis, or anomalous mind-matter interactions. Since its roots late in the late 19th century, it has been the job of this field of parapsychology to investigate claims of survival of death, including attempts to understand if and how living consciousness and personality can operate separate from the physical body and brain and within an experiential domain quite different from the one we know here on Earth.
In a parallel manner, beginning halfway through the 20th century, the field of ufology has been studying flying saucers or unidentified flying objects, “UFOs.” As part of this, the more-recent sub-field studying the beings, usually called aliens, extraterrestrials, or “ETs,” associated with such UFOs could be called extraterrestriology. Particularly, a growing percentage of reports of UFO/ET researchers, witnesses and experiencers, including contactees, abductees and channelers, describe anomalous vehicles and he hypothesized extraterrestrials associated with them in ways that point to an otherworldliness that implies they are not just physically-based beings from another physical world interacting with ours, and that their consciousness interacting with ours may be quite different, as well.
The ability of UFOs to appear to enter and leave our physical dimensionality, and of ETs to interact with our environments, bodies and minds in anomalous ways, makes us question the objective reality of our own world. Their feats point to the possibility that the native habitation of at least some extraterrestrials may be very different, perhaps operating at a higher dimensionality, density or frequency domain than our own, and reflect their ability to appear to u se capabilities parapsychologists would deem telepathy and psychokinesis to interact with our consciousness and our world.

Speaking as both a parapsychologist and a ufologist, I think it is curious and problematic that these two complex fields, that seem to have so much in common, have had virtually no interaction with each other. Reports from UFO/ET experiencers are rich in descriptions of the kinds of abilities, phenomena and processes long studied by parapsychology, including telepathy and other ESP, mind control, mind anomalously affecting matter (psychokinesis), transubstan-tiation, levitation, teleportation, out-of-body experiences, and materialization and de-materialization, to name just a few.

Both fields of study appear to be dealing with phenomena, processes and experiences that bring into question the long-held tenets of physical reductionism regarding the nature of objective reality and of the Cartesian dualistic distinction still being maintained between the two supposedly completely separate and distinctly different realms of mind and matter. I think these two fields should now join forces, especially with regard to trying to better understand our relation to a larger universe and its inhabitants. I believe there is some kind of Rosetta Stone at work here whereby ufology and parapsychology can better shed light on each other’s endeavors to help usher in the emerging, new, more inclusive scientific paradigm as well as help midwife the shift that seems to be occurring in our consensus reality.

Ufology as Cross-World Studies

It appears we are in a midst of a second Copernican revolution that has two aspects.

1) What ufology is studying, and what experiencers’ reports are reflecting, is leading us to the realization that we’re not the center of the universe, nor alone in it either. Rather, we are but a very small part of a vast, seemingly populated universe with myriad other physical and probably non-physical worlds and planes of existence.

2) At the same time, parapsychology and related consciousness studies are leading us toward a related understanding. The realm of the subjective-mind, consciousness, intention, and the inner realm in general, has long been seen as subservient to and less than, or downright unreal compared to, the domain of the physical, of external reality, with consciousness being seen as only an emergent epiphenomenon of brain. But we may be gradually discovering that the reverse is true: that it is local experienced physicality that revolves around and is dependent upon the inner causal realm of consciousness and spirit, with the cross-world components of subtle energies and higher frequencies and dimensions mediating between.

The old notion of inner and outer, subjective and objective, realities seem to be growing ever more confounded and intermixed. The outer is experienced as becoming more inner-like and the inner as more outer-like. Just read the descriptions in the growing reports from UFO/ET experiencers. Carl Jung coined the term “psychoid” o refer to whatever possesses the qualities of possessing both inner and outer reality, of being both subjectively and objectively real. I believe we are entering the experience of a true post-dualistic, or post Cartesian, reality. We will know it by its fruits in our ongoing personal and shared experience. With it, a new worldview and a scientific paradigm with new technology will emerge.

My conjecture is that those who we are calling extraterrestrials– at least those who are not inhabiting and embodies at the same physical-level density, frequency or dimensionality as we are– have evolved to a level of being able to engineer at will within and in terms of a true post-dualist unified field universe, within which crossworld and interdimensional operations can occur. They appear adept at telepathy and related manipulative expertise on what could be called the mental plane, and experiencers within their sphere of influence tend to experience a breakdown of the old inner-outer dualistic dichotomy as a result.

Extraterrestrials also seem able to use advanced forms of psychokinesis, what parapsychologists see as anomalous control of matter by mind. In some cases it appears that they control their vehicles with their minds alone; and there have been reports that their vehicles appear to be alive and at one with them.

Many can alter the way they manifest to us, showing experiencers on occasion that the basic nature of their kind of personal embodimenet, as that of their ships, is more like light or related immaterial energy that they are capable of manipulating like the subtlest of artist’s clay in the hands of their technology.

Like parapsychology, ufology continues to provide a challenge to what we have long thought was real and possible; we are being ushered into a truly post-dualistic unified field psychoid realm of experience, one in which our extraterrestrial visitors seem extremely versed and proficient. The real action may lie in their ability to engineer the relationship between what we might think of dualistically as inner or mental forces and higher dimensional, higher frequency, subtler energy domains which, in turn, influence and are responsible for what occurs on our physical level reality when they visit us.

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UFO Synchronicity


by Jennifer Palmer

Synchronicity is an experience that’s felt with the heart and body and not a concept to be understood with the mind.  As synchromystic pioneer Jake Kotze points out, it’s not WHAT syncs that’s important—it’s THAT it syncs.  By clinging to what we think a synchronicity means we put blinders on our awareness and risk missing out on a larger experience of the infinite irrationality of universal oneness.

Gary Bobroff writes:

“In synchronicity, the world reveals its nearness to us. It is active and responding to our inner life producing meaning to help us grow, but can we drop our ego’s need to make that meaning fit into a pretty little heart-shaped box for us?”

The philosopher Jose Arguelles believed that an increase in reports of synchronicity was a sign that humanity had entered its next stage of evolution:  the activation of the noosphere and a truly planetary consciousness.  In addition to synchronicity, this stage would also see an increase in psychic phenomenon and channeling:

“…in the Noosphere, as long as all beings attain to cosmic consciousness, all beings are artists, and therefore all beings are cosmic channels.  This is not so different from the pre-noospheric era of the mobile phone, which functions as every person’s channel.  But the mobile phone channel is a closed system limited to the extent of the power and scope of one’s ego.  The artist/beings who attain cosmic consciousness transcend egoic limitations and commune directly with different orders of galactic being and intelligence, informing their modes and forms of expression with a universal appeal.” (Jose Arguelles, Manifesto for the Noosphere, 161)

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Shaking Reality Podcast

Time is Art co-creator, Katy Walker,interviews authors Trish & Rob McGregor about their new book, Aliens in the Backyard. They also run a fascinating website called Synchro Secrets. We also discuss the film crew’s bizarre synchronicities, the recording of a UFO looking craft in San Francisco in July and other paranormal phenomenon. The podcast also explores the changing world view and emerging new paradigm.

“Some synchronicities are not the delivery of objects but of insights: something in the outer world crystallizes or confirms an inner process. Those synchronicities can “feel” much like intuition: it’s sudden information perceived by the psyche and experienced as true.” – Jeanne Lloyd

Synchronicity, Owls & the UFO Rabbit Hole

still from video that appeared on our cameras in San Francisco

While filming in San Francisco for our documentary film on June 21st, 2013 in the Mission District a four second clip of a UFO was captured on our DSLR camera. When something mysterious happens, my initial reaction is to try to understand why and what exactly it could mean (since everything happens for a reason). Was this confirmation that other beings outside our reality exist?  I for one, don’t believe for one second that Earth is the center of the universe.  It’s a bizarre thing to capture a UFO in the middle of the day, and at the very least, we have something that may help others get the conversation going about the fact that we are not alone. It was kind of like when people receive their own private crop circles in their backyards.

Most people assume it just isn’t what it appears to be (including ourselves initially). People shut down because we have no frame of reference, we can’t explain the speed or the tilt, or more importantly, how was it even filmed when no one actually saw it. That can be explained if you understand holographic cloaking technology, however, its still the question of, how was it filmed, and what are the chances that the camera would be pointed in the right direction, stabilized on a tripod?

Since no one from our small film crew saw the UFO, some people have suggested perhaps it was moving too fast for the naked eye, or that it was in a time warp which is not entirely a three dimensional time/space. There’s also holographic cloaking technology as mentioned before, which again might explain why no one saw it, too.  Whether this is in fact a real spacecraft or just a government probe using technology they don’t admit to having, at the very least it has lead to some fascinating discoveries.  According to a conference I recently attended, there are anti-gravity crafts being tested around the Bay area.  But that would mean other people would have seen the UFO which at this point doesn’t seem to be the case.

Throughout the filming of our project, Time is Art, and the experimentation process, the crew experienced many synchronicities, which are also themes in the film.  We were focusing on primarily owls, but also labyrinths, butterflies and honeycombs. It just seemed like fun at first but over time the energy became more and more emotional and intense between the group, especially the more I researched the government mind control program, MK Ultra.   After several days of seeing these images in San Francisco, (on book covers, t-shirts, earrings) the day we filmed in the Mission District near 160 Lilac alley, a neighborhood famous for its wall to wall graffiti murals, something very strange happened.

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We accidentally filmed a UFO

The mural I saw a few blocks from where the UFO was captured on camera.

On the afternoon of  June 21st, 2013 at 4:15pm we captured a UFO while filming in the Mission District of San Francisco. We did not see this craft or purposefully film this at the time it was shot. This clip essentially showed up on our camera. If that is not bizarre, we don’t know what the hell is! There was also a Hopi Indian mural in the same area which featured an owl in a tree, an alien/human hybrid next to a Gray alien surrounded by space ships and orbs. Owls were all over the walls at Lilac Alley as well as other murals with “Day of the Dead” & Maya/Aztec themes. See some of the photos we shot that day here.

The silver disc is moving very slowly as if its hovering and it’s also tilted sideways. Perhaps its something else, (a government military craft?). Apparently we’ve had advanced alien technology for decades.  It’s also actually extremely rare to capture a craft in the day time. Also Its odd that the camera is holding steady, when we didn’t even know we were filming. Now that’s skill! A scientist suggested said it was probably moving too fast for the naked eye or that it was inter-dimensional and only a camera could have picked it up.

Here’s a longer explanation of what happened afterwards and the potential meaning of the UFO.