The Time Feels Right

timeisart-gary-bobroffFor those paying attention, we are living in extraordinary times. People have always made extraordinary art and overcome extraordinary challenges so why is now any different from the past?  Self-awareness empowers the shift towards a more sustainable way of life where we are more connected to nature and to ourselves. Where traditional media has failed to inform us, independent voices have risen to educate the people about what is really going on. Technology puts content and the ability to make content within reach for anyone that has curiosity, creativity and discipline. The documentary film, Time is Art, was born from that combination of necessity and opportunity, seized by passionate creatives looking for a hungry audience with the hope that such important ideas are considered more and more legitimate in the mainstream. While it’s true that many of the claims we make are esoteric and mysterious in nature, if you check into any one of the artists, scholars, activists and scientists featured in the the film ‘Time is Art’, you’ll see they have an undeniable legitimacy. Their books, such as Rupert Sheldrake’s “The Science Delusion”, have a backing in science’s rigorous methods. We are making this film because it is imperative that these ideas get out into the mainstream if we are to continue to create a more balanced world that cares for the well being of the planet and it’s people.

graham hancock, time is art
Time is Art Crew after Graham Hancock Shoot

It’s rare when a project of this magnitude lines up for first time indie filmmakers. It is also rare for an artist to be able to pinpoint the exact source of their ideas or even how they ultimately end up executing ideas that were once completely abstract. There is obviously vision and talent involved, but sometimes there is something more to it – what many artists call a “divine spark” of inspiration – that which is mysterious and oftentimes, unexplainable. Graham Hancock talks about this special moment in time in the film.

It is important to note that ‘Time is Art’ (the documentary, web series and book) has been a co-creation between a group of talented artists, each contributing an important skill throughout the production process and trusting the very phenomenon we were documenting; synchronicity. This mysterious phenomenon is a template, a guide, to our creative process that allows things to just happen, to breathe and flow as opposed to forcing the outcome. The exploration of the nature of time has truly become the driving force behind many of our artistic choices.

Visionary art, that which is ahead of its time, is often misunderstood and overlooked. Yet over time it eventually reveals its secrets to the world. Although we are at a very peculiar moment in human history, the time feels right for telling a story of this kind. Millions of people buy books, read articles, and watch documentaries about spirituality and supernatural experiences because they’ve had something unexplainable happen to them and want to explore it further. We have come to realize over time that we all share this connection and we call it the “collective dream”. The spiritual path we follow can be better understood through art, community, and conversation. Thus, the transmedia project becomes a tool we can use at conferences and retreats for individuals who want to explore these topics more in depth. We plan to develop and facilitate workshops around the world, screening the film and assisting groups of people in co-creating transformative projects together. This type of direct action is happening all over the world. People are starting schools, retreat centers, community centers, wildlife sanctuaries, permaculture farms, building earthships and ecovillages. The time feels right and we are confident our film can reach an international audience itching for this kind of experience.

The time doesn’t feel right every second of the day but in general, it’s feeling more like we are co-creating a new timeline. Life is a rollercoaster ride and the moment you receive the truth and think you’ve reached the end of the ride, someone tells another big lie, creating more karma and suddenly the ride is going in reverse.  Maybe that’s why its helpful, even on just a psychological level, to be more open to the cyclical patterns of nature, the hidden meanings of symbols, and the dreamlike overlapping of people, places, and moments. This is a major theme in the film.

There are many prophecies about the coming age. This fascinating article, Earth Changes and Hopi World-Ages By Gary A. David via Graham Hancock’s website helps one gain a larger understanding of the cycles of time.

“We are currently living at the end of the Hopi Fourth World, where chaos and a life out of balance with the ways of the Creator are the norm. Hopi elders believe, however, we are soon to enter the next world-age (Fifth World), where peace, prosperity, and spirituality shall reign. Some Hopi prophets forecast that fire will again be the purifying agent that ultimately brings us into this new era. In biblical terms it will be “a new heaven and a new earth.” Grandfather David Monongye, Fire Clan member from the village of Hotevilla, Arizona, stated the following during the 1970s when he was over 90 years old.”

Another Hopi teaching and for me, one of the most powerful prophecies from the Hopi which also resonates with the creators of the film, who are mostly women, refers to the rise of the divine feminine.

“The wave that we ride is the emergence of the “grandmother archetype” that is remembered in the ancient stories… a powerful metaphor, a truly sacred symbol that arises now from the depths of the psyche of the individual and of society. It is being activated and embodied by circles of elder women on many fronts, in many locales, and it holds the seeds of an entirely new consciousness that stands in stark contrast to the prevailing paradigms of our current situation as a human family. I like to call this the Age of the Grandmothers.” –

(Not) coincidentally, this relates to one of the next TAC Productions documentary film projects that are in the works.  The idea came while making Time is Art, and even though we’ve received many requests for a sequel to Time is Art, I think its time to shed some direct light on the rise of the divine feminine. The psychotic people who have  control of the planet could use some new ideas!



Time is Art Final Cut

Joel chilling on the lake trying to learn guitar
Joel chilling on the lake trying to learn guitar

Thanks to our good friends John Hazard (check out one of his talks he gave at one of our events) and his lovely wife, we have been relaxing as much as possible near Ellenville, NY in the Catskills region while we finish the final cut of the film. Nature as always has been our greatest inspiration.  The little cottage we are staying in is on a picturesque, clear lake filled with lotus flyers.  In between marathon sessions Joel has been learning guitar to relax. Mother Nature has always provided everything we needed. Fruit from the nearby organic farms and well water (no fluoride) was just what the inner doctor ordered.

Besides cutting the film down to 90 minutes, we’ve been adding additional music cues, beautiful aerial shots by Dan Baker who has mastered flying the go-pro drone camera as well as his video art. The editing alone has been 9 months in the making, its literally as if we have birthed our first child!

We also swam in magical Lake Minnewaska near New Paltz, which had an immediate effect on our well being. Finishing a project of this magnitude has definitely taken its toll. We’ve pulled numerous 16 hour Final Cut Pro editing sessions not without major technical difficulties and setbacks . But we are thrilled to finally hand off the picture locked files to Eric Alvarado our colorist (who just finished the Daily Show replacement on Comedy Central) who is excited to work on such an “important film” (his words). Timewheel AV is also thrilled to be adding the finishing touches to the film, providing additional music, mixing and mastering. During our Indiegogo campaign they were a HUGE help in terms of sharing the film, and were also generous enough to master our 2015 Teaser/Extended trailer. It’s going to sound incredible once they add their magic touch.

The next step is planning the 11/11/15 worldwide premieres, finding the right PR company at a rate we can afford and hiring someone to make an amazing trailer. If you want to bring the film to your city, complete this form, and if you know of any amazing trailer editors, send them our way! Don’t forget you can pre-order the film or DVD Package. We still need to raise a good amount of money for marketing.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. – John Muir #mothernature #pachamama

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THANK YOU again to all our Indiegogo supporters, especially our associate producer, Robert J, Barnhart, from my old stomping grounds in Austin, TX. We are looking forward to his new film “A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin“. We would not be making this film if was not for your generous support! We feel it deep in our hearts this film is going to be EPIC and open so many more hearts to this new (yet ancient) way of being, a renewed relationship with ourselves and the earth.

The Myth of Accumulation

via Sophia Love
What you see as your daily life becomes burdensome as its purpose moves further up the food chain than you. Fulfillment is part of your every day when you have chosen a work, occupation, pastime or activity that on some level satisfies a desire or allows an expression or expansion of who you are.

Most of your time is currently spent consumed in activity that serves the purpose of maintaining your physical life. You have to eat and desire a place to sleep. Perhaps there are others you feel responsible for as well. These facts alone create in you a “need” to work at something that pays you money. This work you do, in fact and in more cases than not, serves only one goal. That would be to fatten the pockets of someone you have never met, as well as to keep them continually supplied with this thing called “value”.

If there is one thing to do that would propel your sovereign state it would be to engage instead in work you deem purposeful and can clearly see the end result of. This work will benefit and nourish you rather than deplete you.

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Earth Day – A Change is Gonna Come

time is artAs I was riding the subway into Manhattan this morning, the classic 50 year old song “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke came up on my iPhone. This song was one of the most important songs of the civil rights era and continues to provide a gentle reminder that one day a change will come.  Just like the change in the way white southern people thought about sharing a restaurant with a black person, thanks to the Freedom Riders, a group of  civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated southern United States, change is possible even if it’s a bit too slow for my taste.

So who are today’s Freedom Riders?  Greepeace activists are regularly arrested for their work and some university students recently got arrested in DC protesting the monstrosity that is the Keystone Pipeline. The NSA undoubtedly tracks what they call “eco-terrorists” and whistle-blowers under the auspice of tracking Muslims.  What’s ironic is that 90% percent of terrorist attacks in America are conducted by non-Muslims.  One of my all time favorite protests that resulted in an arrest was when farmers planted hemp on the DEA Headquarters’s lawn. According to the Hemp  Industries Association, “Hemp seed is nutritious and contains more essential fatty acids than any other source, is second only to soybeans in complete protein (but is more digestible by humans), is high in B-vitamins, and is a good source of dietary fiber. Hemp seed is not psychoactive and cannot be used as a drug. Eco-friendly hemp can replace most toxic petrochemical products” yet it is still illegal to grow in most countries in the world thanks to financial tycoons.

Unfortunately every year on Earth Day I am saddened by the continued destruction of the biosphere.  Lately it’s more about the way people live their lives day to day with little or no connection to their environment. As I exited the subway this morning, I saw several people flick their cigarettes on the ground while I thought to myself, (to be honest my first thought was why in the hell do people still smoke cigarettes?) this person just by a very simple act clearly does not care for her own body or her immediate environment, much less the planet. Or maybe she does, but just doesn’t see the connection? Fortunately artists like Sam Cooke are always there to remind us that we can change the way people think, feel and connect to the planet, but this kind of transformation is truly “a long time coming”.

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you. #pachamama #motherearth #nature

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Another author and artist that continues to provide much needed inspiration is José Argüelles,  a leader in the movement that helped contribute to the first earth day protest in 1970 with a festival called Whole Earth Day. He is also a major influence in our film, Time is Art. Via Wikipedia:

In Time and the Technosphere (2002), Argüelles devises and promotes a notion that he calls the “Law of Time”, in part framed by his interpretations of how Maya calendrical mathematics functioned. In this notional framework Argüelles claims to have identified a “fundamental law” involving two timing frequencies: one he calls “mechanised time” with a “12:60 frequency”, and the other “natural [time] codified by the Maya [that is] understood to be the frequency 13:20”.[10] To Argüelles, “the irregular 12-month [Gregorian] calendar and artificial, mechanised 60-minute hour” is a construct that artificially regulates human affairs, and is out-of-step with the natural “synchronic order”. He proposes the universal abandonment of the Gregorian calendar and its replacement with a thirteen moon, 28 day calendar, in order to “get the human race back on course” by the adoption of this calendar of perfect harmony so the human race could straighten its mind out again.

Perhaps we are not in touch with the natural environment simply because of the way we understand time, especially in connection to the 9-5 work week and the fact that our only purpose seems to be to work in an office or produce material goods so we can buy more crap we don’t need. The person that threw her cigarette on the ground was probably rushing, stressed out and late to a job she more than likely hates.  In many ways, our film, Time is Art, is a tribute to Argüelles’s ideas. He was clearly way ahead of his time. The important thing is to keep pushing humanity forward, little by little we can be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

After 8 feet of water surged into out neighborhood in Red Hook Brooklyn during Hurricane Sandy, we were inspired to create a video that commemorates the storm and helps to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and living sustainably. Mother Nature will fight back when she’s pushed too far.

Earth Day is everyday. Happy Day!