Angels of the Earth and the Living Goddesses

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Excerpt from the book, Angels of the Earth and the Living Goddesses

by Jocelyn James

Angels walk alongside people in all shapes and forms. Many times they come as people to bring light to wisdom, empowerment, consciousness and cultural shifts. As mentioned earlier, many Angels, and specifically those known as Archangels, were documented and now several are known to man. For example, Uriel is known for aligning events, lighting the way for Moses and bringing him to Mount Sinai. Raphael guides all healers medically, holistically and otherwise. He guided those from the past like Sun SiMiao and Hippocrates, and presently guides healers today including many of you reading this page. Tzaphkiel the Archangel, works beside Raphael specifically with moms and babies. Mary, the Goddess, is also an Angel who works with us both ways. The Goddess aspect of her walks with those who endured similar circumstances as she did as a woman. The Angel aspect of her walks with all. Those are some and there are many more, i.e., Haniel, Chamuel, Sandalphon, Barachiel, Jophiel, Raziel, Zadkiel, Ramiel, Metatron, Azrael, Ariel and on and on.

Angels help humanity and change the way people shape their goals. Angels plan with people in ways that help, heal and unite humanity. In these times, women are supported specifically in relationship to the planetary needs of all. Women keep the planet healthy, loving and safe for all life. By no means are men excluded. In fact, men who protect women, especially, are loved and protected. As was established in the beginning, all life is sacred. The planet needs help protecting everything that keeps it healthy, loving and safe. Angels help humans without any need for sacrifice or reciprocity. Angels came down to the Earth to give religious consciousness to those who needed their hearts and physical practices to honor those who came before them. They still come to offer practices to those who have that need today and want to honor their call to shift the world for the better.

 Jocelyn James is appears in the documentary film, Time is Art and this webisode of ‘Sync Stories’. 

She has been given the gift of love through intuition and guidance. She is a member of the American Association of Psychics and the American Association of Healers. She is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher through the International Center of Reiki and a trained International Center of Traditional Birthing Doula and Assistant Midwife certified at The (legendary) Farm. Based in New York City, she is a Clairvoyant & Divine Channel/Reiki Intuitive Healer who uses these gifts to benefit and honor the lives of others. In her journey she’s had the opportunity to study with teachers around the world. She understands that all beings are loved and protected by the Universe and that love helps all things grow, heal and thrive. It’s with gratitude that she offers her services in this way.


The Quest for Gnosis

Gabriel D. Roberts is a theological scholar, researcher and public speaker that specializes in discussions about the nature of perception and belief. After 27 years of passionate searching and study, Gabriel stepped away from his long held Christian faith into a more expansive and fluid worldview. His latest book, The Quest For Gnosis explores the roots of belief, the power of the ecstatic state in one’s spiritual life and the means by which a deeply satisfying spiritual life may be achieved outside of the bonds of dogma. Within The Quest For Gnosis, Gabriel interviews 20 of the brightest minds in this field of study, including Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, Daniele Bolelli, Peter J. Carroll, Hamilton Morris, Dr. Aaron Cheak, David Metcalfe, Dr. Rick Strassman and many more. Gabriel writes for VICE Magazine, and and is the author of three books. He is continuing his research at the University of Washington in his hometown of Tacoma, WA.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Gabriel at the 2014 Synchronicity Symposium in Joshua Tree and getting to know more about him. His new book (which he was kind enough to hook us up with) is incredibly inspiring and a great read. Like Jennifer Palmer, the subject of our film, Gabriel did a complete 360, his spirituality took on a new dimension (literally), while his world view broadened considerably in a rather short time. This kind of transformation which usually takes entire lifetimes also takes a tremendous amount of courage. It’s rare to meet folks that have made such a complete change in their belief system. Telling an alternative story in such a way that makes it difficult for non-believers to turn away is no small feat. This is an ongoing challenge for the filmmakers. We hope our film, ‘Time is Art’ also does exactly what his books and talks do; legitimize a truly spiritual way of life.

Time is Art Co-creator: Jocelyn

Jocelyn James giving a reading

Jocelyn James is a clairvoyant, empath and channeling medium who uses these gifts to benefit and honor the lives of others. She is also featured in the upcoming film, Time is Art, in which she gives Jennifer a reading that helps connect her with her guides that are supportive of her courage to face alcohol addiction and continue the healing process. She also shares her story in the 8th webisode of the ongoing web series, “SyncStories”.

“As a baby grows to be an adult, that innocent will always remain sacred. The love of Spirit can come through any spiritual consciousness, even if others don’t agree. For example, if someone, anyone, has a difficult experience and needs support, they should call on that which can aid in support. I might call on my grandparents who have left this Earth and watch over me. They love to help. It’s not strange and it certainly isn’t fear-based. Angels, Ancestors, Gods/Goddesses and Spirit Guides & Helpers have all evolved to help humankind exist within their own spiritual consciousness absent of fear. As the sacred texts have explained, all of these manifestations of Spirit help all beings. Guess what? They are all here with you and I in this place we call Earth right now and all of the time. They love us as they always have and they are not weird, too cool for you, or too holy to help. They love us all.” – Excerpt from the ebook: Angels of the Earth and the Living Goddesses by Jocelyn James

Has a dream you had ever come true?

So many come true. That’s the beauty of clairvoyance.

What’s a song that has special meaning for you?

Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) by Jay Electronica, it’s beautiful and I can see the saints of Yoruba when I hear it.

What’s your most memorable synchronicity?

To date, when I see the bees buzzing around me I know it’s time to move out of a specific environment. Late fall, I realized it was time to move from my apartment because the bumblebees wouldn’t leave me alone. Shortly after, I realized that my landlord was not responsible. Thanks to those bees I started looking for a new place and then got one quickly before any harm could come my way. Animal spirit medicine = synchronicity.

In the 8th webisode of SyncStories, a web series in which people share stories about synchronicity, Jocelyn shares a story about the guidance she received from spiritual teachers who helped her understand her clairvoyant gifts which were at first, confusing and difficult to accept.

Do you believe in the afterlife?

I believe that existence changes with the shedding of our physical form.

If you could time travel, who would you like to meet?

I journey all the time and that’s a form of time travel. I love that I know my ancestors from 8 generations back and up.

If you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do first?

I would roll back over and sleep in.

If you could change one aspect of your society what would it be?

Stop the hate! Embrace love for all!

If you could spend ten minutes with your ‘hero’ alive or dead what would you ask them?

I’d rather just listen to what they have to say.

What is one influential film that you feel has affected the collective unconscious, positively or negatively?

Pretty Woman, the leading man was cold and cruel to his lover, but he was very gallant in the end. And, yet, it is a modern fairy tale. He was alright by himself, but he was much more powerful with that woman. If the end was the beginning of the movie and he was consistently kind and loving to his beloved and vice versa, then that’s a good one.

If you had to move to another country tomorrow, where would you go?

Koh Phangan, Thailand. What a beautiful island.

What is the difference between living and existing?

It’s minimal. I think it’s the attitude of the one projecting their judgement. The truth is we all exist as we live and vice versa.

If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

Metaphysics, though I already teach Reiki. I’ll probably start doing some workshops on psychic discernment soon.

If you could choose one book as a mandatory read for all high school students, which book would you choose?

I would never want to make that choice for them. When I was in high school, I just waited for the teacher to recap the reading assignments in class and kept up with the mandatory books that way. I read most of them later, when I chose to.

What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

I listen with my spirit.

What is the most desirable trait human beings can possess?


Can you describe your life in a six word sentence?

Santo Antonio please help me find… (I just moved and am still unpacking.)

What is the difference between innocence and ignorance?

Public opinion.

What do you love most about yourself?

My ability to make myself laugh and sometimes others.

Would you like to know about all your previous lifetimes so you can learn from your mistakes?

No, it would just preoccupy me.

How would you describe ‘freedom’ in your own words?

I think most people relate the word to an awareness of being without restraint but, in my mind freedom is each decision we make.

If you could ask one person, alive or dead, only one question, who would you ask and what would you ask?

I do it all the time as a medium. I used to ask, “What happened?” but many times the answer was heartaching so now I ask, “How are you?”

What makes a person beautiful?


If you were forced to eliminate every physical possession from your life with the exception of what could fit into a single backpack, what would you put in it?

Peanut Butter, the puppy, not the food. She’s not a possession but she’d fit in my backpack.

When does silence convey more meaning than words? The truth of silence is more powerful than words.

Anything more than yes or no can be better answered with silence. If you ask a question and the other person is silent, you will feel the answer, truthfully.

What do you think about when you lie awake in bed?


What music do you listen to to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down?

It depends on why I’m down. I love Kanye West when I’m frustrated but I love Cree Summer & Subject to Change when I’ve got the blues.

What is one of your favorite quotes?

The grass is green.

What is your favorite fictional story? (novel, movie, fairytale, etc.)

The Tough Bretts episode from Flight of the Conchords. 🙂

What artistic medium do you use to express yourself?


Who or what is the greatest enemy of mankind?

Fear, everything else can be reconciled.

What does God mean to you?

Hopefully, the same thing as Spirit, Universe, Creator, Allah… that which is beyond the intellect.

How do you know when it’s time to let go of something or someone?

Sometimes the bees come. Usually I can see it fading away before it does but sometimes you don’t know until it’s gone.

What have you witnessed that has strengthened/weakened your faith in humanity?

Watching babies coming into the world. Strengthened.

What is your favorite adaptation of a book to a movie?

Horton Hears a Who. I love how one who sees through the reality (Horton), steps up to the plate and saves Who-manity. Plus, I love the voices– Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell, Carol Burnett… They changed the story for the film but I still like it.

What are some of your favorite books?

Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger, The Dhammapada, Sayings of the Buddha, Lafcadio the Lion Who Shot Back by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Wolf, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, Psychology and Religion by C.G. Jung, Wounded in the House of a Friend by Sonia Sanchez, Starring Sally J. Freeman by Judy Blume, The Women and the Men by Nikki Giovanni, Blood Song by Eric Drooker and Angels of the Earth and the Living Goddesses by Jocelyn
James 🙂

Do you think people can control their own destiny?

Yes, sort of. 🙂 We all are bound by karma and all the variables that exist within the reality of interdependence. So yes, but only to the extent that one person can shift life. If my destiny were to live only 25 years as Jocelyn I wouldn’t be able to change that. However, my use of those years within whatever circumstances I come into might have potential to shift my life’s outcomes and the lives of others. Yet, my time will be finite. I can’t change that time. People grieve a lot about being limited in relationship to the world and their own experiences in life. And, yet, we also rejoice when we see our individual impact or when we work together to influence life. There are Akashic records, there are agreements that are made by souls before they take physical form and then there are the decisions we make while we are here. These all affect what we call destiny.

What do you think we could do to best improve the education system?

Dismantle everything and then we’ll see.

Who is one of your favorite philosophers, spiritual leaders or adepts?

There are so many but I love Hafiz. He’s so honest.

Have you ever had contact with beings other than human beings?

All the time! It’s what I do. 🙂

Do you think the majority of human beings will ever live in true harmony with nature in this lifetime?

Yes and no. True harmony seems like a loaded term. Balance is relative, especially, in New York.

The Myth of Accumulation

via Sophia Love
What you see as your daily life becomes burdensome as its purpose moves further up the food chain than you. Fulfillment is part of your every day when you have chosen a work, occupation, pastime or activity that on some level satisfies a desire or allows an expression or expansion of who you are.

Most of your time is currently spent consumed in activity that serves the purpose of maintaining your physical life. You have to eat and desire a place to sleep. Perhaps there are others you feel responsible for as well. These facts alone create in you a “need” to work at something that pays you money. This work you do, in fact and in more cases than not, serves only one goal. That would be to fatten the pockets of someone you have never met, as well as to keep them continually supplied with this thing called “value”.

If there is one thing to do that would propel your sovereign state it would be to engage instead in work you deem purposeful and can clearly see the end result of. This work will benefit and nourish you rather than deplete you.

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