Everyday Precognitive Dramas

Art by Natisha Sands

Excerpt from SENSING THE FUTURE: How to Tap Into Your Intuition and Read Signs From the Universe to Predict What’s to Come by Trish and Rob MacGregor

Ben Goertzel, a scientist involved in artificial intelligence research, has an interest in parapsychology and wrote a lengthy analysis of a well-known precognition experiment by Daryl Bern that we touch on later in the chapter. In his article, he mentions that he doesn’t believe that he has any particularly strong psychic abilities himself, but in his daily life he has witnessed some rather striking examples of psi phenomena involving others.

“For instance, one day a few years ago, a friend and I were walking in the forest with her beloved dog, and the dog ran far away from us, exploring the woods and chasing animals. Then, all of the sudden, my friend said, ‘She [the dog] is looking at a turtle. I can see it right now as if it were in front of me.’

“I was understandably skeptical: ‘Yeah, right. How could you know?’ Turtles were not that commonly seen in those woods.”

Goertzel was about to call the dog, but his friend stopped him. Instead, they quietly looked for the dog, and found her about a hundred feet away in the woods, staring intently at a turtle resting by a stream. “Strange and striking — and like so many other real-life anecdotes of psi phenomena, damnably hard to replicate in a lab,” Goertzel concluded.

When Rob read the story, he was reminded of a precognition he’d experienced a couple of weeks earlier that also involved a turtle in a wooded area. He and two friends were mountain biking along a narrow trail in a county park in South Florida when Rob suddenly knew, without knowing why, that there would be a land turtle on the trail. About five minutes later, the lead rider suddenly stopped and nearly toppled over. On the trail in front of him was a land turtle. When Rob mentioned his precog, his friends weren’t impressed. One of them said there were undoubtedly lots of tortoises in the park. Maybe so. But there was only one on the trail where they were riding and it was only minutes ahead of Rob’s premonition.

Feeling the ‘Erotic’ Future

In 2011, one of those scientists, Daryl Bern, a professor at Cornell and formerly at Harvard, published a controversial study, ‘Feeling the Future’ in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. His experiments involved 1,000 Cornell students viewing erotic photos and found statistically significant results confirming that many people can glimpse the future.

Among the nine experiments he conducted was one that provided students with a computer monitor showing a pair of curtains, side by side. The students were directed to select the curtain that hid an erotic photo. The idea was that such stimuli normally produces certain human responses. The question was whether the response could be obtained before the stimulus occurred. In essence, the students were asked to ‘feel’ the future—the curtain hiding a photo of explicit sexual activity.

The answer was a resounding yes. Across all 100 sessions, participants correctly identified the future position of the erotic pictures more frequently than the 50% hit rate expected by chance. The results were 53.1%, considered statistically significant.

One reviewer of Bern’s experiment, writing in hplusmagazine.com, asked why, if precognition exists and we are all precogs to varying degrees, weren’t the results of the experiments higher? Why didn’t some subjects hit 95% or 100% accuracy? Ben Goertzel, a scientist mentioned earlier in the chapter, responded to his own query. “Of course, outside the lab, people have reported many apparent cases of extremely dramatic psi effects. But the long history of parapsychology lab research, going back far before Bern to Rhine’s ESP work in the 1930s, shows that when you bring psi into the lab, it tends to become more of a systematic statistical biasing factor than a source of individual mind-blowing ‘miracle’ events.”

Interestingly, when students were asked to find non-erotic photos, their accuracy dropped to about 50%, what would be expected by chance. Laboratory studies of paranormal phenomena have also shown that subjects are less successful when they are not told the on-going results of their efforts.
Skeptics often point out that parapsychology experiments in laboratory settings that get positive results are difficult to replicate. However, scientists and researchers like Dean Radin, in their books on the subject, cite a multitude of studies finding the same results. Those studies, though, often aren’t exact replications of other experiments, which scientists find so important.

Art by Natisha Sands

In the aftermath of the Bern study, other scientists attempted to replicate Bern’s ‘Feeling the Future’ experiments. If you Google the subject, you’ll find numerous articles exclaiming how those scientists were unsuccessful. In 2013, the skeptical group CSICOP reveled in the supposed lack of replication. In response, Dean Radin twittered that the “CSICOP article on Bern’s psi experiments is a fine example of how that org is more about propaganda than science.” He went on to point out that “80-some replications of the ‘Bern effect’ show a highly significant overall effect.” In 2014, the Daily Grail listed eight successful replications of Bern’s study.

Regarding scientists who consider positive results of precog experiments as mere anomalies, there’s an apt quote in the novel Mental Radio, by Upton Sinclair. “It is foolish to be convinced without evidence, but it is equally foolish to refuse to be convinced by real evidence.”

Those numbers are indelibly imprinted on human consciousness. It’s the day the world changed. Not surprisingly, planetary empaths experienced a spectrum of symptoms hours and even days before the first tower was hit.

From Barbara Martin: “About a week prior to 9/11 I felt a shift in the atmosphere around me, followed by several days of restlessness and a knowing that something important and horrible was about to happen. Slightly after 2:00 p.m. GMT (UK) on September 11th I thought I heard cries coming from a great distance. It wasn’t until several hours later that I learned about the events at the World Trade Center. After correlating the time difference between London, England and New York, I realized that the time I heard the cries occurred when the first plane hit the tower. Now I really pay attention to anything I experience that seems out of the ordinary.”

Connie Cannon’s symptoms began three days before the disaster, on September 8, while she was at a wedding. “Suddenly, I felt as if a blow-torch was aimed directly into my throat, and all the life-force energy flowed down and out of my body through the soles of my feet. I had to grab my friend to keep from falling.”

Her throat was burning so horribly she could barely breathe or speak, and could hardly keep from falling. Another friend went to get her husband. Even though she was supposed to drive the bride and groom to the reception, she wasn’t able to do it. Her husband had to drive her home. She didn’t have a fever or physical symptoms of any kind, just that blow-torch burning in her throat and absolutely no energy.

She crawled into my bed and remained there until Tuesday morning. She had no idea what was wrong with her. She felt as if she were “dead but breathing.” She couldn’t get up or function. “On Tuesday morning, the TV was on, and as soon as the first plane hit the first tower, I was perfectly normal again….fully alert, fully restored, no blow-torch in my throat.”

In the book, SENSING THE FUTURE, Trish and Rob unravel the mystery around precognition to help readers develop their psychic abilities. Precognition is one of the least understood but most commonly occurring psychic experiences. At one time or another, most people have had minor experiences with synchronicity or having a feeling about a future event that came true, but few understand how it happened or how to do it again. With SENSING THE FUTURE, readers learn to enhance this innate power to benefit their lives.

9/11 15th Anniversary – a Catalyst for Change?

tumblr_ma9dju242q1qcgioaAccording to ABC News, “Fifteen years after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, friends and families still grieve. Children still search for understanding. Survivors still suffer. The nation, and the world, still remembers.”

All the while millions of people around the world are waking up to what has become more and more obvious with even the most basic level of research – it all points to a rather sloppy conspiracy.

Every year around the time of 9/11 I seem to be covered in a cloud of funk. My insides feel like they are going to explode, I have trouble controlling the negativity and outrage I harbor for the mainstream media, the US government and every person and corporation that benefited from the building blocks of the police state. The media and popular “left” celebs like Bill Maher continue to insult my intelligence by laughing off the conspiracy. I watch videos of 911 whistleblowers who died mysteriously and wonder if in my lifetime, karma will catch up with those that orchestrated this madness.

911 conspiracy

In the first Time is Art documentary film we attempted (it was also synchronicity at work)  to artfully tackle the metaphysical and numerological significance of 911.  The artist, Alex Grey, appeared in the scene, in which he pointed out that a lot of artwork including his 1987 painting “Gaia”, depicted scenes of the destruction of the Towers well before it happened,  (which in his opinion clearly involved the US government). Although that scene did not make the final cut, we still plan to address these kind of government orchestrated injustices in the next film. US imperialism has gone mostly unchecked for decades. Did you know that from 1964 to 1973, as part of the Secret War operation conducted during the Vietnam War, the US military dropped 260 million cluster bombs – about 2.5 million tons of munitions – on Laos over the course of 580,000 bombing missions? Sadly, probably not. Indigenous people are constantly under attack from corporations and oil pipelines that threaten to destroy their lands and water supply.

911 conspiracyJustice in our life time?

According to ActivistPost.com, “Several years back, when pressed by an activist about the need for true justice and accountability for the events of September 11, 2001 9/11 commissioner Bob Kerry stated that 9/11 is a “30-year-old conspiracy…If Kerry was correct in this “30-year” time span then that means we are only halfway in this time-table…blaming the US government for 9/11 is considered almost blasphemous today. The masses have been conditioned to not question who actually did 9/11. And now, after fifteen years I believe it’s time to confront who did 9/11 by pointing out some of the very tricks they (those who did 9/11) have used to mislead us all these years. I call this the art of blaming others. An art that the perpetrators have become very good at. ”

So I guess we are half way there. Like me, you probably feel powerless and at times even hopeless when it comes to how other people (those I like to say that are “living under a rock”) honestly believe the government’s “official story”.

The Numerological Significance of 911

Via the Awakened State:
911, tarot, the tower“911 is associated with endings. You have the number 9 which is the  symbol of completion, the triple triad 333, the card of endings before the final number 10, the end of a cycle. Then you have 11 which is the vision, illumination, intuition, and it could also be the double helix. In some numerology 911 is seen as  9=Endings. 11=DNA. 911=ending code of our DNA program in this reality. 911 is also a very iconic number now that the symbolism goes back to September 911 where we saw the towers fall. This is the same card in tarot as the Tower. The energy behind the numbers of 911 are pretty symbolic even on the grand scale. 911 marks a very significant day of change within the collective. It is about destruction and breaking up the old ways to build the new.”

9/11 also marked a signifiant change in Jennifer’s journey in the film. It broke open the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Sure, the matrix media makes it really easy to forget that the 9/11 tragedy functioned essentially as a spiritual catalyst. This is also why we are continuing to produce the Time is Art series of films. Although its a process that often seems unbearably slow, it’s crucial that we continue to shift the energy.

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The film is an excellent gift for those friends or family members who might be near their awakening point. Many of us are also reverting back to our negative ways. I have personally had so many “awakenings” yet its been very difficult to maintain a high vibration and to walk the spiritual path when I am surrounded by mind numbing media and people that can’t stomach the truth. (It’s hard to live with the fact that the government takes money out of my paycheck and funds drone warfare.)

time is art, special offer

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9/11 Precognition and Synchronicity

911, precognition

“Intuition is the tingle of recognition through your scalp. Precognition is realizing this is a defining moment. Synchronicity is knowing that both moments matter.” -Carmel Bell, author and medical intuitive

timeisart-carl-jungPrecognition and synchronicity often go hand in hand. For me personally, I see 9:11 just as often as 11:11 (both are angel numbers). On 11/11/14 we filmed a fascinating scene with Alex Grey talking about his painting Gaia (the scene unfortunately didn’t make the final cut).  The massive work of art Alex painted in 1989 (also the Beastie Boy’s cover art for “Sabotage” ironically) featured two “good ol boys” that look like Dick Cheney and George Bush with the twin towers in the back and two airplanes. He told the story on the Joe Rogan show and although he had no idea what it meant at the time, eventually it became obvious to him  (not to mention that it was a total “inside job”).

Alex  is equally fascinated with the many other artists and musicians that had precognition of the 9/11 tragedy. It’s clear that the collective unconscious has been obsessed with the twin towers for decades. 911/Twin Towers related cover art, ads and video games from the 70s, 80s, and 90’s were common and even an entire WWF wrestling skit was broadcasted in 1989 about the destruction of the Twin Towers. But the question is, is this conditioning by the “powers that be” to subconsciously prepare us for the 9/11 tragedy and artists simply picked up on it? Perhaps it’s a little bit of both.

The Atlantic recently did a piece on conspiracy theories and linked to Syncromystic’s “Back to the Future Predicted 9/11” video that has now gone viral with millions of plays. Nevermind that there is overwhelming evidence to prove it’s so much more than a conspiracy. The writer’s piece would have never made it to press if he dared mentioned any facts. If this is news to you, a great place to start is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Many people had nightmares visions and even day dreams about the coming catastrophe.

“Most of my premonitions/precognitions come in the form of dreams. My 9/11 one was an exception. It came while I was watching TV with roommates one night, about 3 days before 9/11 happened. Also most of my premonitions occur about 3 days before the actual event; don’t know why. By the way, I think we had finished watching a documentary about Pearl Harbor a little while before I had the premonition. I don’t recall what we were watching at the time of the premonition. I was suddenly “seized” by numerous disturbing emotions (hate, anger, rage, fear, etc) and then had a mental vision of a large commercial passenger jet crashing into a very tall building — the building/location were not clear, though. I kind of got the ‘willies’ from this, and tried to ‘shake off’ the feelings, wondering “where the heck did that come from”…as I had to assume at the time that it came from within my own psyche. Now I don’t think so.”

“On the morning of Friday, Sept. 7, (at approx. 5 am Ukraine time) I had a dream (while asleep) that I was on a passenger on a large plane that started to veer suddenly off course, then began a steep and frightening descent. In my dream I screamed to God for help. The plane crashed, but strangely, no one was hurt. I looked back, and saw that the plane had been ripped apart in the mid section, and that the passengers, including me, were calmly disembarking from the torn hull. Strangely, we were in midtown Manhattan, on the sidewalks of New York (where I grew up). I looked up at the tall skyscrapers all around us and wondered how in the world we had landed unharmed, and had not crashed into any buildings.”

Read more of their precognitive visions and dreams.

Another great resource of videos with good production value and solid journalism is the Corbett Report’s series of 9/11 Videos.  I often wonder how we can continue to live in this country knowing the majority of terrorist attacks (if not all) are orchestrated by the United States (and Mossad) using our tax dollars. I’m thankful that whistleblowers continue to risk their lives in order to gain some assemblance of justice and peace of mind.

“When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.”
― Stephen Richards