Synchronicity, Owls & the UFO Rabbit Hole

still from video that appeared on our cameras in San Francisco

While filming in San Francisco for our documentary film on June 21st, 2013 in the Mission District a four second clip of a UFO was captured on our DSLR camera. When something mysterious happens, my initial reaction is to try to understand why and what exactly it could mean (since everything happens for a reason). Was this confirmation that other beings outside our reality exist?  I for one, don’t believe for one second that Earth is the center of the universe.  It’s a bizarre thing to capture a UFO in the middle of the day, and at the very least, we have something that may help others get the conversation going about the fact that we are not alone. It was kind of like when people receive their own private crop circles in their backyards.

Most people assume it just isn’t what it appears to be (including ourselves initially). People shut down because we have no frame of reference, we can’t explain the speed or the tilt, or more importantly, how was it even filmed when no one actually saw it. That can be explained if you understand holographic cloaking technology, however, its still the question of, how was it filmed, and what are the chances that the camera would be pointed in the right direction, stabilized on a tripod?

Since no one from our small film crew saw the UFO, some people have suggested perhaps it was moving too fast for the naked eye, or that it was in a time warp which is not entirely a three dimensional time/space. There’s also holographic cloaking technology as mentioned before, which again might explain why no one saw it, too.  Whether this is in fact a real spacecraft or just a government probe using technology they don’t admit to having, at the very least it has lead to some fascinating discoveries.  According to a conference I recently attended, there are anti-gravity crafts being tested around the Bay area.  But that would mean other people would have seen the UFO which at this point doesn’t seem to be the case.

Throughout the filming of our project, Time is Art, and the experimentation process, the crew experienced many synchronicities, which are also themes in the film.  We were focusing on primarily owls, but also labyrinths, butterflies and honeycombs. It just seemed like fun at first but over time the energy became more and more emotional and intense between the group, especially the more I researched the government mind control program, MK Ultra.   After several days of seeing these images in San Francisco, (on book covers, t-shirts, earrings) the day we filmed in the Mission District near 160 Lilac alley, a neighborhood famous for its wall to wall graffiti murals, something very strange happened.

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We accidentally filmed a UFO

The mural I saw a few blocks from where the UFO was captured on camera.

On the afternoon of  June 21st, 2013 at 4:15pm we captured a UFO while filming in the Mission District of San Francisco. We did not see this craft or purposefully film this at the time it was shot. This clip essentially showed up on our camera. If that is not bizarre, we don’t know what the hell is! There was also a Hopi Indian mural in the same area which featured an owl in a tree, an alien/human hybrid next to a Gray alien surrounded by space ships and orbs. Owls were all over the walls at Lilac Alley as well as other murals with “Day of the Dead” & Maya/Aztec themes. See some of the photos we shot that day here.

The silver disc is moving very slowly as if its hovering and it’s also tilted sideways. Perhaps its something else, (a government military craft?). Apparently we’ve had advanced alien technology for decades.  It’s also actually extremely rare to capture a craft in the day time. Also Its odd that the camera is holding steady, when we didn’t even know we were filming. Now that’s skill! A scientist suggested said it was probably moving too fast for the naked eye or that it was inter-dimensional and only a camera could have picked it up.

Here’s a longer explanation of what happened afterwards and the potential meaning of the UFO.