Numbers are the Universal Language

On 11/11 in 2015, exactly 4 years ago, we premiered Time is Art: Synchronicity and the Collective Dream to a sold out theater in New York City. The documentary also screened in San Francisco and Austin and eventually all over the world. It was truly a miracle we were able to complete the film on time in order to premiere it in theaters by this self-imposed, yet magical, deadline. Looking back, although our anxiety was at times unbearable, I’ll never forget the standing ovation we received at the end of the premiere (and also the clapping after the first 15 minutes). The introduction and so many scenes of the film had been recut so many times, you have no idea! Thankfully we had the guidance and clarity of mind to manifest our dream to make a film for the Awakened Ones on the planet.

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Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth. – St. Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354 – 430)

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The Secret Meaning of Numbers

Numbers have a way of taking a man by the hand and leading him down the path of reason. – Pythagoras

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It was the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras who first popularized the idea that all numbers have different vibrational properties. Since then, modern science and mathematics have proven that the world conforms to precise geometric mathematical principles. These principles govern everything from gravity to the movements of animals and the habits of humanity.

11:11, time is art, 1111
Still from Time is Art: Synchronicity & the Collective Dream

It was from Pythagoras’ discoveries about the world that the ancient system of Numerology was developed. Some scholars even believe that Numerology pre-dates Pythagoras and derives from the ancient mystical Hebrew Kabbalah which is thousands of years old.

Numerology is a system of divination which assigns various numbers unique meanings based on mathematical principles. According to numerology, everything can be calculated such as birth dates, names, and places to uncover deeper hidden truths.

11 11 Meaning

According to numerology, the number 11 is a “master number” which signifies intuition, insight, and enlightenment. When paired together, 11 11 is a clear message from the universe to become conscious and aware. Many people suggest that seeing 11 11 signifies that your spirit guides are attempting to contact you. In my experience, 11 11 seems to be the number of spiritual awakening, signifying that you are on the right path and your actions are aligned with your Soul’s purpose. In other words, seeing 11 11 is a good sign! An energetic doorway is being opened in which you will experience spiritual growth.

11 11 meaning in summary: You are on the right path and you’re being assisted by your Soul, spirit guides, and the Universe to consciously grow and expand. Pay attention, be aware, and remember to stay grounded in the present moment. You are going through a spiritual awakening process and you’re being asked to tune into the love and synchronistic guidance that is always available to you. Many profound changes will begin to occur in your life. Remember to stay open!

mayan, 11:11

What Do I Do After Seeing 11 11?

As you consciously expand, you will find yourself seeing numbers such as 11 11 more and more. These instances are known as synchronicity, because you are in the divine flow of life. Personally, I would see 11 11 and other repetitive numbers sometimes four or five times a day as I began to experience a spiritual awakening. All of these numbers seemed to anchor me into the present moment and the truth I was experiencing. I would always feel more grounded and lovingly guided during these periods, knowing that there was “something happening” beyond the veil of physical reality.

In order to make the most of this energetic “doorway,” you might like to adopt a few practices:

1. 11 11 meaning and your life

Ask yourself, “What does 11 11 signify to me?” In other words, when you see this number, how do you feel or what thoughts arise in your head? Your 11 11 meaning will often vary each time you see it. For example, one moment it might mean “pay attention!” and on another day it might mean “you are on the right path, keep going.”

2. Stay open and receptive

Be alert to new opportunities for growth. 11 11 often signifies that a period of change is about to start within you. Remember that all people, feelings, and situations that you come across are chances to spiritually evolve.

3. Remain grounded and present

Our tendency to live through the mind creates immense stress and anxiety. During this awakening period, try to stay grounded in the present moment. You might like to practice mindfulnessdeep breathing or meditation to help you stay centered. The more present you can be, the more you will be available for growth.

4. Show gratitude

Life responds positively to gratitude. Even the simplest act of giving thanks for what you have and the guidance you’re receiving, uplifts your spirit immediately. Gratitude opens the heart, and when your heart is open, it is ready to expand. Some cultures like the Peruvian Q’ero people, even create gratitude offerings to the earth known as despachos. Why not create one yourself?

5. Ask for guidance when needed

All of us, no matter who we are or what period of life we’re in, need help. If you need advice or help, reach out to someone you trust. Speak with a close friend, family member, spiritual guide or best of all, your own Soul. One of the simplest but most effective ways to receive guidance, in my experience, is saying a prayer. Address your prayer to whomever or whatever you believe in, whether that be God, Goddess, Allah, Krishna, Life or Spirit. I prefer to address my prayers to my Soul.

Why We Should Never Ignore Synchronicity

By The Alchemist 

It’s really freaky sometimes but it’s also a glimpse of what lies beneath our senses. This World, well…our material World, isn’t perfect. Although, almost everything on Earth is made in a way to convince us, that material world is the only truth, there are some moments when we realize that there is so much more. This is the time of synchronicities, a time of Magical Awakening.

Synchronicities and Carl Jung

Synchronicity is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Roderick Main, in ‘Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal‘ stated very clearly that : “The culmination of Jung’s lifelong engagement with the paranormal is his theory of synchronicity, the view that the structure of reality includes a principle of acausal connection which manifests itself most conspicuously in the form of meaningful coincidences. Difficult, flawed, prone to misrepresentation, this theory none the less remains one of the most suggestive attempts yet made to bring the paranormal within the bounds of intelligibility. It has been found relevant by psychotherapists, parapsychologists, researchers of spiritual experience and a growing number of non-specialists. Indeed, Jung’s writings in this area form an excellent general introduction to the whole field of the paranormal.”

3 Reasons Why We Should NEVER Ignore Synchronicities

  1. Synchronicities are the moments when our Higher Self attempts to establish a magical connection. It’s the moment we actually get a taste of our divine nature. When this happens, our cells and our astral bodies are synchronized with the universe and therefore we channel very important messages for us and our lives the ones we love. Messages we cannot receive in another way.
  2. It’s a window of opportunity. When synchronicities happen, we probably get this very intense feeling when time bends. It bends so we can have the time to act and connect more.
  3. They don’t happen often if we neglect them. We should focus on this signal to magnify its effect.

So let’s get to the chase. Which are the most common and powerful synchronicities?

11:11, time is art, 1111

1. Seeing Repeating Numbers all the time! 

Numbers are the patterns this world is made of. Universe frequently loves to talk to us via numbers and numerology. Do you often see the same number all over you? Is your clock always showing the same number? If you feel hunted by a repeating number you may experience an extremely powerful synchronicity.  Here’s a guide. 

  • What to do if numbers haunt you: If that’s true then you should probably memorize this number and look for the answer that’s probably implied within the digits.

2. Seeing the Same Animals Over and Over Again!

Animals are agents of our Mother Earth. Every species vibrate on a special frequency. When time is right, animals are attracted by cosmic signals, attracting them to special places only to deliver a message. Some animals are harbingers of doom or divine intervention. Here’s a guide of Animal presence. 

Moreover, animals may perform mannerisms or moving patterns, which may form a special kind of symbols or runes.

  • What to do if animals follow you: If certain animals seem to be attracted by your presence you may want to contact the Totem Animal of this species and ask why is this happening.
  • What to do if animals form certain patterns: If this happens memorize the talisman and look for its meaning!

3. Experiencing Déjà-Vu

Déjà-Vu is this feeling when you somehow have lived this exact moment again! This may be a loophole to contact your Higher Self and your Guardian Angel. It’s NO coincidence. On the Contrary, you are Just getting Synchronized with your Magical Powers, experiencing an amazing moment of truth!

  • What to do if you have a Déjà-Vu: Meditate right Now! If possible, stop what you are doing and go to a meditative state. Ask Yourself (your Higher Self) why are you feeling this? If you pay attention to this feeling, Déjà-Vu will come back again! I’ve actually experience a 30minutes Déjà-Vu, knowing EXACTLY what is going to happen, before actually happening! You can do it!

4. Thinking of Someone and then seeing him/her or receiving a phone call 

This is an amazing synchronicity. It’s been a while since you last talked to Mary. By against all odds, you are somehow thinking of her! Then, right after a while, you  actually greet her in the streets or you receive a call or text from her! Coincidence? No of course not. Do you know what are chances for this to happen? Believe me, it’s more possible to win the lottery.

But why is this happening? Probably because you developed a strong telepathic link which actually led to this amazing communication, attracting each other.

  • What to do if this happens: You should probably start trying to develop your telepathic abilities. Moreover, you should try to figure out, why did this happen with this person. What does this person symbolizes for you? Could this be an omen?

5. Thinking of an Old Song and then immediately listening to it 

What an odd situation. Again, this is extremely ‘lucky’ because the chances to win the lottery are of course higher. It is no coincidence.

But why does this happen? Maybe because you start to develop prophetic abilities, receiving glances of the future. You are probably extremely intuitive and this power is expressed this way, so you can take it seriously, without any doubt!

  • What to do: If this happens, HAVE FUN WITH THE SONG! Show the universe how much you appreciate it! Send a grateful message. When the song is gone, go to a meditative state and ask your Higher Self what did this mean. Is the song an omen trying to prepare you for something that’s coming? Maybe it’s an advice? Keep of asking for signs! Here’s a guide!

6. Hearing the Answer to a Question that bothers you from a Random Stranger 

You are bothered by something yet you don’t know what’s the right answer. And then, someone is saying something on the phone, which you accidentally happen to hear! Could what he just said be the answer to your Question?

It’s very common to receive a solution from a random stranger who is accidentally speaking to his friend or saying something on the phone. They say that God(s) works in mysterious ways. This might be a divine intervention, this might be the ‘voice of God’ speaking to you directly.

  • What to do: If this happens, try to remember the conversation. Observe what is happening around this stranger. What is s/he wearing? Memorize the message and the colors which may actually serve as messengers. Here’s a guide for Color Messages. 

time is art, film, movie, documentary

7. Something Reminds you of Dream you had Last Night

Throughout human history, it’s extremely common to receive divine messages via Dream World. Many prophets or Saints had the ability to foresee the future through important dreams.

Witches know that Dreams are a Realm, equally real to our Material One. Moreover, s/he who has mastered to willingly travel to the Real of Dreams is called Dreamworker or ‘Dreamwalker.

  • What to do if this happens: To access the Realm of Dreams requires patience and practice. However, if something like this happens you need to write it down and begin a Dreamjournal. This will help you monitor your experiences in the Dream World which may actually be much more meaningful that you might think. See here how to do so. 

11:11 Is it Happening to You?

1111By MARIE JONES & LARRY FLAXMAN via New Dawn Magazine

Imagine waking up at exactly the same moment night after night for years and seeing the same time appear on the alarm clock beside your bed. For those who experience this strange occurrence, their first thoughts might be that it was random chance, or simply the product of an overactive imagination. But is it? Is there perhaps a hidden message that is encoded within these mysterious events?

It is most assuredly not their imagination causing them to awaken at exactly 11:11pm each night, or to see “11:11” appear on digital readouts, watch faces, billboards, signs, and even calculators. The time prompt phenomenon is real and it is happening to people all over the world.

Some believe the time prompts, which do not always have to occur at 11:11, may be a type of “wake up call” from a source of higher intelligence. Perhaps these entities are eager to alert our attention to both personal and collective changes we are soon to deal with. Others report experiencing paranormal or spiritual events during these time prompts. Some have even claimed to see their guardian angels, or encounter aliens and ghosts! Others still report nothing but an annoyance that a particular series of numbers seems to haunt and taunt them as they go about their daily lives.

“I wake up every night at the same time, sometimes 11:11pm, sometimes 1:11am, 2:22am, 3:33am,” a geophysicist told us. When asked if anything unusual occurred, he said no, but that the very circumstances intrigued him. Was the brain triggering this nightly occurrence, or was there an outside, external source causing the influence?

Others report the exact same circumstances, even down to looking at clocks throughout the day and noticing the time to be 11:11a.m., 1:11p.m., and on and on. Each time they looked, they became “aware” of the synchronistic pattern, but did not really understand what was behind it. Is it sheer coincidence? Is the brain itself acting as an inner alarm clock, or prompt?

One woman told us: “I have this problem and it really IS becoming a problem… I don’t even wear a watch anymore, I’m always looking at the clock at 11:11am/pm and 1:11am/pm. I’ll even wake up just to look at the clock at 1:11am… It’s getting worse, too. Last night I woke up at 1:11am, 2:22am, and 3:33am!”

Another individual named Cinde, had much to say about these prompts.

First of all, I try very hard NOT to follow man’s time.  To me, clocks and the structure of time were created by man to control man, and I simply do not want to be controlled by anyone.  I do have to follow it for work, however.  The rest of the time, I try to simply go by natural time.  No clock required.

I work 2nd shift.  So I’m up pretty late.  And because of this stupid phenomenon, I don’t sleep well at night.  I tend to wake up at 11:11pm (on my night’s off), followed by 1:11am.  Sometimes, but not always, it will continue with 2:22, 3:33, etc.  But that is rare.

As a result of not sleeping well, I tend to snooze in the mornings, relaxing, cat napping, and watching TV until I FEEL it’s time to get up.  When do I get this “feeling”?  11:11am.  I’ll get up, do what I have to do, and hang around until it’s time to get ready for work.  I have an alarm set for 1:30, since I have to leave by 2.  But it never fails, I will look at the clock early, and it’s usually 1:11.

On one online message board, one person reported: “Everyday of my life it seems I see, 1:11, 2:11, 3:11, 4:11, 5:11, 6:11, 7:11, 8:11, 9:11, 10:11, 11:11, 12:11, I was born on 4/11/89, I’ve been seeing 11:11 for quite sum time now and I know there is no way it can be a coincidence (sic), I have so many unusual 11:11 stories…”

One of the more intriguing reports: “One of my sightings that really stands out is walking past 2 boys wearing bright red football shirts as I turned round to look back at them (don’t know why I did) they both had number 11 on their backs!”

11  11

Over at, readers post their stories of encounters with invisible angels at such times as 11:11, 2:22, and on.

“Last night as I pulled into my driveway, I looked down at my mileage and it read 11,111.1! Weird! Than (sic) I woke up this morning at 2:22am! This is just getting too weird! Those Angels are working their magic!”

“In the summer of 1978 I began seeing 1111. I also see 111, 222, 333, etc. Sometimes I’ll wake in the middle of the night at exactly 1:11. These numbers have appeared on boxes, license plates, house numbers, friends addresses, phone numbers, totals at the grocery store.”

“I woke up at 11:11 last night! I had only been asleep a short time! This morning I was outside with my granddaughter and she said she wanted to go in! Weird, she never wants to go in! LOL… so we went in and sat in the rocking chair and turned a video on… I noticed that the time on the VCR and cable box was 11:11! I love the little reminders… makes my day go so much better!”

It seems that the more people we had an opportunity to speak with while writing our book, the more we came to realise that these stories all seem to share common, recurring traits. Is there a scientifically objective reason why the time prompt phenomenon seems so incredibly common? From a statistical standpoint, it would seem patently obvious that there was some type of connective correlation. But what? And equally as important, why?

Perhaps, the truth combines elements of all these explanations.

But it’s not just the number 11 that is showing up in people’s lives – often accompanied by unusual events or profound insights. Sometimes it’s 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or any combination of digits that sparks a pattern and shakes us out of our complacent view of the world as random and chaotic.

Throughout the history of human experience, mysterious numbers and strange sequences appear. Even in nature we find numbers, often grouped into sequences and patterns that seem to form an underlying structure to all of reality – both the seen and unseen.

Two of the most stunning examples are the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Spiral, both of which imply a higher order of measurement behind what many of us take for granted, like the proportion of our own bodies, or the layout of petals on a flower.

The Golden Ratio, also known as the Divine Ratio, the Golden Ration and Golden Mean, is an irrational number of approximately 1.618033988749. This ratio is found throughout the natural, scientific and man-made worlds as the highest expression of balance, symmetry and aesthetics. This fundamental formula can be described as “the ratio whereby the ratio of the whole to the larger section equals the ratio of the larger section to the smaller section.”

Referred to as “phi,” this ratio is present in many sacred icons such as the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the structure of a five-pointed star, a Pentagram (a sacred object to followers of Plato and Pythagoras) and even in the outline of the Acropolis near Athens, Greece (which takes the shape of a Golden Rectangle.) Most notably, as represented by Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Vitruvian Man, the golden ratio is present in the structure of the human body, with outstretched arms and legs showing the Golden Ratio at work.

Sacred geometry is the realm of the divine nature of numbers, suggesting that the great churches, temples and megalithic structures and monuments that mark the earth follow a pattern based upon heavenly properties and resonances.

Harmonics and music actually form the foundation of many of the accepted mathematical laws. Even within the field of sacred geometry, the basics of musical theory provide a structure from which the divine and the human find common ground. One such example is the famous Rosslyn Chapel with its remarkable display of sacred geometry and the use of symbol, harmonics and numbers to convey a sense of otherworldliness, and a divine connection.

Rosslyn Chapel is a 15th century chapel designed by William Sinclair of the St. Clair family of Scottish nobles descended from the Norman knights, and some claim, linked to the Knights Templar. Originally known as the Collegiate Chapel of St. Matthew, Rosslyn has gained notoriety from the recent best-selling book and movie The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, which served to further inextricably link it to the legend of the Holy Grail. Many historians and esotericists even insist the Grail legend itself ends at Rosslyn, where ensconced deep within its walls may lie a secret that only music itself can unlock.

Father Richard Augustine Hay was the principle authority of the Chapel and St. Clair Family. He wrote that Rosslyn was unlike any other house of God’s service, and that it was a “most curious work, that which it might be done with greater glory and splendour.” Sir William is said to have engaged the services of the best masons and workmen available in Europe at the time to build this magnificent structure. Hay and other Rosslyn researchers suggest that the west wall of the Chapel was intended by design to be a model of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall. In addition, in 2005, mystical symbols carved into the stone ceiling were reportedly discovered which appear to be a musical score hidden in 213 cubes in the ceiling. The cubes, when combined, formed a series of patterns that resulted in a one-hour musical accompaniment for 13 medieval prayers!

Many scholars insist that these musical tones and corresponding patterns on the ceiling cubes are far more than mere coincidence, and that one day we may be able to unlock a medieval secret by repeatedly playing the proper frequencies. While some have attempted, so far the musical mystery remains just that.

Even the Universe itself can be described in both harmonic and mathematical terms. In fact, some scientists and mathematicians believe that our Universe is comprised of six discrete numbers, and that these numbers are so precisely tuned as to suggest the presence of a higher intelligence at work. Call it the “Universal Symphony” if you will.

In his book Just Six Numbers, Sir Martin Rees, the Royal Society Research Professor at Cambridge University and Astronomer Royal, makes a bold case for explaining how these six fundamental numbers can explain the entirety of the physical cosmos. These numbers, “constant values that describe and define everything from the way atoms are held together to the amount of matter in our universe,” were somehow imprinted during the Big Bang itself and began a process of cosmic evolution that allowed for the creation of stars and galaxies, as well as all of the necessary energy states that govern matter and force as we know it.

The six fundamental numbers that shape the Universe, and helped make it in the first place, are:

Nu – “N” a critically huge number with the value of

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. This is a ratio of the strength of electrical forces holding atoms together, divided by the force of gravity (which is 10 to the 37th power) between them. If this number were smaller, even by a few zeros, it has been posited that the Universe’s lifespan would be too short for biological evolution to occur. As Rees states, a short-lived universe would mean that no creatures could ever grow larger than insects, with no time for biological evolution to unfold. Thus, a buggy world indeed.

Epsilon – 0.007 – Another ratio, this time the proportion of energy released when hydrogen fuses into helium. This number defines how firmly atomic nuclei bind together and how all of the atoms on Earth were made. The value of epsilon controls the power from the Sun and how stars transmute hydrogen into all the atoms of the periodic table. Carbon and oxygen are common, and gold and uranium are rare, because of what happens in the stars. Were this number 0.006, or 0.008, Rees states that we could not possibly exist, again suggesting that the minutest tweaks would have resulted in a universe far different than this one.

Omega – The cosmic number 1 or omega measures the amount of material in our Universe – galaxies, diffuse gas, and ‘dark matter’. Omega refers to the relative importance of gravity and expansion energy in the Universe. According to Rees, a universe with too high of an Omega level would have collapsed long ago; too low, no galaxies would have formed. The inflationary theory of the Big Bang says omega should be one, but astronomers have yet to measure its exact value. Some scientists point to the finely-tuned initial speed of expansion as a hint of Creative Intelligence.

Lambda – the force of cosmic antigravity that was discovered in 1998. This is an extremely small number and appears to control the expansion of the Universe; however, it has no effect on scales of less than a billion light years. If Lambda were any larger, its effect would have stopped galaxies and stars from forming and cosmic evolution would have been “stifled before it could even begin.”

Q = 1/100,000 – The basic seeds for all cosmic structures such as stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies, all of which were imprinted in the Big Bang itself. The fabric – or texture – of our Universe depends on a number that represents the ratio of two fundamental energies. If Q were smaller, the Universe would be inert and without structure; if Q were much larger, the Universe would be a violent place where no stars or suns could exist, dominated by giant black holes.

Delta – 3 – the number of spatial dimensions in our world. Rees argues that life can only exist in three dimensions, not two or four. At least in our Universe, but not necessarily in others. This number it seems has been known for hundreds of years, but is now being viewed in a whole new way, especially in light of superstring theory, which posits that the most fundamental underlying structure are vibrating superstrings that operate in a potentially 10-dimensional “arena.”

“Mathematical laws underpin the fabric of our universe – not just atoms, but galaxies, stars and people,” Rees writes. The goal of theorists, Rees continues, is to one day “encapsulate the essence of the physical laws in a unified set of equations.”

These six numbers allow for the absolute “rightness” of the universe that we live in, a rightness that in turn allowed for all the perfect chemical and physical combinations, events and interactions to lead to the creation of stars, galaxies and planets.

The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret

English astronomer James Jeans said, “The universe appears to have been designed by a pure mathematician.” The laws that govern motion, gravitation, force and matter are all, at their foundation, mathematical laws that give order to nature and form the bedrock of all physical reality. The word “astronomy” itself means “law of the stars,” and those laws have their basis in mathematics.

While many consider the mix of science and spirituality to be tantamount to oil and water combining, there are some spiritually leaning scientists who look to this fine-tuning of our Universe as an indication of an intelligent force behind all of creation. Is it beyond the realm of possibility that God may be a number? Though no scholar has yet come up with the perfect divine equation, it is still quite evident that the mark of a master Mathematician with deep respect for numbers is behind what we perceive as our reality.

The “God numeral,” according to physicist Scott Funkhouser, could be an unimaginably big number, say 10^122, or 10 times itself 122 times. This number seems to show up in some very critical cosmic instances, appearing first in the late 1990s when scientists began researching the presence of dark energy. This energy is believed to be behind the accelerating rate of expansion we see in our universe. This same number, albeit with a give or take of a factor of ten, appears in other important ratios, such as the ratio of mass of the observable Universe to that of the smallest “quantum” of mass, which is 6×10^121. In the current Universe, one of the measurements of entropy that determines the many ways in which particles can be spatially arranged is 2.5×10^122.

On a more microcosmic level, our personal lives mirror this same fundamental truth. We live according to numbers. Whether we ascribe to the beliefs of astrology, which tells us about our character traits through the positioning of stars at the times of our births, or we are the result of DNA and its own numeric structural forms, numbers own us. Regardless, we seek to find meaning and understanding in them when they appear over and over again in our lives. There are those who even believe that numbers have the power to shape our lives, our relationships, and our destinies.

Numerology consists of a number of systems, traditions or beliefs that posit a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects. Numerology and numerological divination were popular among early mathematicians such as Pythagoras, but are now regarded as pseudo mathematics by most modern scientists.

According to accepted scientific tenets, it would not be entirely accurate to call numerology a science. Rather, it can best be described as a belief system founded on the concept that the “number behind a name” can literally dictate a person’s destiny, future, and fortune. Like astrology, numerology is based upon the idea that everything, even the names we were given by our parents at birth, has a profound meaning and purpose in the realisation and unfoldment of our individual paths. From the jobs we choose to the places we live, to the mates we give our hearts to, people throughout the centuries have studied their astrological and numerological charts and signs in hopes of gleaning prescient information and patterns which might enable them to make better informed life choices.

The human brain is hard-wired to seek and find patterns wherever it can, in order to understand a complex situation or arrangement. This phenomenon, known as “matrixing,” or more commonly “pareidolia,” is a universal human response. The term pareidolia, according to Wikipedia, describes a “psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. Common examples include images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon, and hidden messages on records played in reverse.”

Many studies support the brain’s ability to not only construct patterns based upon evident information, but additionally, to assign a time upon them. To wake up once at “11:11” would mean little… but if the brain makes a neural connection after waking up twice at that specific time, that connection would then become an embedded time code that will continue to manifest, becoming a learned response.

If indeed the brain can tell time, and if the brain engages in the matrixing of meaning in an attempt to discern a pattern, how can we then know whether a time prompt is just a time prompt, a sheer coincidental event dictated by the Law of Truly Large Numbers or something more miraculous? Remember, according to that law, when there is a large enough sample of people or subjects, pretty much anything can happen.

Perhaps we will find out on a numerologically significant date, when our collective “junk DNA” may be triggered, sending us to a new level of conscious awareness. Maybe we will find out individually, as the meaning behind the math sinks in through our experience as we find ourselves guided by a higher source along our path.

Either way, one thing is certain – we will know what the sages and scholars knew before us.

It all comes down to numbers.

The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.
– Euclid

MARIE JONES & LARRY FLAXMAN are the authors of 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon: The Meaning Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences and Synchronicities and The Resonance Key: Exploring the Links Between Vibration, Consciousness and the Zero Point Grid . They can be reached via their website at

The Number 47, Synchronicity & the Law of Time

by Omboy Rome

My late brethren, Jamal Dewar, aka Capital Steez, came with perfect timing. Wielding a higher message, he revealed to all those around him through his music and his being the corruption of society and all of its constructs. He was fascinated, some would say, obsessed, with the number 47. For him this number held a higher meaning on many levels. First and foremost, he felt it was about synchronicity. He made all of his homies, including myself, aware of how this is the quintessential random number. We literally began to see it everywhere.

You can research the numerological significance of 47. Here are just a few:

47 appears to be the quintessential random number of the universe. When a number appears randomly, more often than not, that number is 47. In other other words, if you asked people to pick a number at random, more often than not, that number would be 47. Of course, if 47 shows up more than any other number then it isn’t truly random, but using the word random makes the whole phenomenon easier to describe.

From a spiritual perspective, number 47 is a combination of the energies and attributes of number 4 and number 7. The vibrations of number 4 include those of productivity and application, inner-wisdom and practical-thinking, honesty and integrity, endurance and determination, conscientiousness and discipline. Number 4 also relates to our passion and drive in life. Number 7 brings the qualities of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, intuition and inner-knowing, psychic abilities and mysticism, independence and individualism, persistence of purpose and manifesting good fortune.

On TV’s Lost, 47 people survive the plane crash. In The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Steve Carell keeps a collection of 47 G.I. Joes. Watch Monsters Inc. closely and you’ll spot an “Accident Free for 47 Days” sign on the Scare Factory floor. The 2009 blockbuster reboot of Star Trek alludes to 47 Klingon vessels being destroyed. There is even a much-viewed YouTube spoof of Jim Carrey’s The Number 23, substituting—you guessed it–the No. 47.

  • The Bible credits Jesus with 47 miracles.
  • The Declaration of Independence has 47 sentences.
  • There are 47 strings on a concert harp.
  • The tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are located 47 degrees apart.
  • 1947 is when the UFO crashed at Roswell
  • 4+7= 11 – a master number and part of the “awakening code”. Also Jose Arguelles’s kin is 11 – he brought forth the Law of Time aka the World Thirteen Moon Calendar

It wasn’t long after my friend’s unfathomable passing, (and highly questionable suicide on 12/23/12 – 12+23+12 = 47), which was only days after December 21, 2012, the precise date calculated by the great Mayans to be the end of a Great Cycle, that I received knowledge & became aware of the Law of Time. This seemingly new cosmology felt ancient and I quickly realized it had EVERYTHING to do with Synchronicity! I even found the number 47 to be ever ubiquitous throughout this 13 Moon calendar system.

The Law of Time, I found to hold the most profound yet simple teaching; our Time is not Money, Time is Art. I was able to grasp a greater vision of how we as humans have created an artificial timing system where our time here equates to how much money we can accumulate, where we are constantly stressed by this false belief of our making, and where there is never enough time…

This system of our making and continuous propagation has only served to separate us from our Selves, from each other, and ultimately, from nature. Hence, resulting in the chaos and disharmony prevalent in the world today.

It was with this vision that the idea came to me to create a documentary sort of film which would depict the way of life that my friends and I had naturally come to live each day. The idea was to film for 47 days, our adventurous and free spirited lives. By portraying a much more simple way of life we would have included the Law of Time, 13 Moon calendar as an underlying theme as we synchronized with the energies of each day.

The only problem was, we didn’t have the means to create this film at the time the vision for it first came to us. I was forced to release the vision and desire into the whole, knowing that somehow it would manifest with perfect timing.

Only several moons later, I heard about a screening for a film called Time is Art. I knew more than anything that I needed to be there. Hoping to receive more knowledge about the Law of Time from people who had probably discovered it long before my tribe and I, we went to see the film. The film was amazing but it seemed to be mostly an introduction to the concepts behind the Law of Time.  We soon realized that we had come to meet the filmmakers and share with them our knowledge of this natural timing system.

Less than a year after meeting these filmmakers, Katy and Joel, I find myself to be a part of their family. Currently, we are working multiple music projects with Dream Circle, but our main focus is on creating the Time is Art sequel. It’s a slow process, but with your help, we can create another powerful work of art.

In the 11th webisode of SyncStories, I share my story about how the number 47, synchronicity, and the Law of Time brought us together.

Find your galactic signature here (your password into Fourth-dimensional Time.)

Listen to “1111 feat Omboy Rome” and do the math, 4+7; = 11

Are numbers talking to you too?

1111By Cathleen O’Connor via 

Do you ever glance at the clock and see the same numbers over and over again?

At night when I get up from whatever I’m doing, and it varies nightly, I go into my bedroom and the clock reads 11:11 PM. And today after a long phone call with a friend I sat down to write and noted my start time. You guessed it! 11:11am. On top of that I have been waking up at 3:33am and 4:44am consistently for the last two weeks.  It seems I have fallen into the land of multiples.


Writing blog posts every couple of weeks for has definitely made me more aware of numbers but they have always been prevalent in my life. For example, while some people remember faces and names, I remember phone numbers, even ones I haven’t called in thirty years.

I am just attuned to the mathematical energy of the universe and the universe is a beautifully balanced mathematical creation. And I believe that is why I often get messages through numbers. Spirit knows I will notice them.

For the numbers I have been seeing the last two weeks I have my own associations with what they might mean.


To me, 11:11 is a very mystical number with lots of portals to spirit and new beginnings. And it feels like confirmation from spirit that each of us is a unique bright light.


Then 4:44 has always meant the presence of angels to me. This week I have been working on preparation for an angel prayer circle I am holding at a local spiritual center. So I have been getting a lot of 4:44s on the clock right now. The angels are helping me to create exactly the experience needed for the event.


And 3:33 speaks to me of creativity. My birth and life path number is a 3 and so 333 is keeping me on track and letting me know that I have the spiritual support I need as I make changes. Everything in our universe is energy – absolutely everything.

So I know that numbers may be talking to you as well.


Here’s something you can try each day to better understand the vibration of numbers and what they are communicating to you:

  1. Recognize that you most likely already have an affinity for certain numbers. When I was a child I absolutely LOVED the numbers 7 and 17 and when I went to the local church fair I would play those numbers and always win. One year I even won a bicycle and I told my mother before the drawing that I just knew I was going to win that bike. So pay attention to the numbers that naturally feel good to you. They belong to you in some way so call on them any time you want.
  2. Meditate for a few minutes and ask your guides and angels to send you a number message of love. Then just pay attention and jot down any repetitive numbers you keep seeing for the next few days. Regardless of what the books might say those numbers mean, for you they will be reminders that you are loved.
  3. Notice if you often see your birth date (on the clock, in phone numbers, lottery winning numbers and even on license plates). This can be a wink from the universe asking you to pay attention – to remember who you are and why you are here. So if you are distracted answering tons of emails and suddenly you see your birth date, slow down and pay attention. Often spirit uses numbers to snap us out of habitual behaviors that have us not present to our surroundings.

If you are like me, you might not pay attention to the message right away. When I do that my numbers nag me until I take action on the message I am being given. It’s hard to ignore something when every time you open your eyes; you see the same message again and again.

So I invite you to play with the vibration of numbers.

Pay attention to the numbers you see. Notice if you catch a repetitive pattern. If you do then your numbers are talking to you.

Find out what they are trying to say – you may be surprised how much they have to tell you!

If you really want to go deep, check out Marty Leeds.

Seeing Patterns: 9/11 vs 11/9

Great fire of RomeNumbers are once again being activated through patterns. If you dare to go even deeper, perhaps our new reality tv star president, “elected” on 11/9 is fulfilling a prophecy.

It was in 1550 that Nostradamus began to put his healing work through medicine aside and embrace the occult arts of foretelling the future. Nostradamus didn’t practice magic; however, as he focused on astrology and prophecy. He wrote yearly almanacs that contained prophecies, then finally published Les Propheties (The Prophecies). It is in The Prophecies where the quatrains believed to be about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are found. You can view Nostradamus’ written works online at Sacred Texts. Dolores Cannon also has a fascinating book about her contact with Nostradamus.

The great shameless, audacious bawler,
He will be elected governor of the army:
The boldness of his contention,
The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.

What’s sad is a perfectly decent human being, Bernie Sanders, could have been president but the question is, would things really have changed even with an honest person running the country? Does the president really have that much power to right all the wrongs? Probably not.

Speaking of prophecy, Tupac Shakur mentioned Trump in an interview in 1992.

In one 1992 interview that was recently released by MTV, Tupac shared his revolutionary views on society, politics, racism and poverty. He also took the opportunity to call out Trump, by name, and spoke against the gluttonous behavior of the ruling class. He went on to describe how the peasants in this country are taught to emulate and respect this type of behavior. (Waking Times)

Presidents are great at setting the country back. The Bush family was clearly connected to the orchestration of 9/11 by “The 7th Floor“. I’m shocked that people are so ill informed and in denial of the truth.  The Shadow Government has sold trillions of dollars in arms to various “enemy” countries and Hillary would have upheld the status quo anyway, so let’s embrace this moment and see it as a catalyst for change. To all those apathetic Americans whose tax dollars go to fund the endless wars, drone bombings, locking up political prisoners, GMOs, torture, the disaster that is the school to prison pipeline system to oil pipelines and the destruction of the planet, it’s time to wake up and shift the consciousness from materialism to sustainability and co-creation.

Things may seem increasingly apocalyptic, but I see the end of the would as being more like the end of the world as we know it. Awakened people can no longer turn away from the suffering.  It’s time to save ourselves from this madness. We are powerful and creative beings, especially the artists, and its our job to pave the way for equality and stop being apathetic. Our brothers and sisters need us, they always have. It’s time to get up and take a stand because Rome is burning once again.

wakeupI often go down the rabbit hole and like the title of this article, it typically starts with numerology. 11/9/11 was also the day of the U.K.’s most notorious pedophile, BBC celeb, Jimmy Savile‘s funeral. He was worshiped in Britain and it was still years after he died that 400+ people finally came forward with the truth that he had raped and abused them when they were children. After watching a documentary about him and noticing the 11/9 pattern, YouTube autoplayed another video that mentioned the #spiritcooking trend on Twitter (it was #1 for 12 hours before Twitter censored it apparently). For several days there had been a google billboard in my neighborhood that had been defaced with the word “spiritcooking” which I had also read about briefly on this site. After checking out the hundreds of thousands of tweets/retweets on twitter, there are two videos that you must watch. Get ready for your mind to be blown because powerful people really do practice black magick.

Carve out a few hours out of your day because the rabbit hole is deep. Pizza is a code word for pedophiles and  the truth about the occult elite expose, ‘Eyes Wide Shut‘, is finally coming out. Apparently Wikileaks really did effect the outcome of this election and thanks to the Wikieleaks Podesta emails some very dark forces might finally get exposed (at least via social media because the mainstream media won’t touch it.) I realize this is too twisted for most people to believe, I can’t seem to find anyone I know personally that can handle even talking about it. People just change the subject. For those that can’t handle this topic, at least watch Abby Martin’s Empire Files Expose on Podesta.

Back to the racist bigot reality tv star that’s never held public office. Now black and brown people are official targets (they were always unofficial targets). The Oppressed are identifying with their Oppressor (kind of like Stockholm syndrome). Children are traumatized (I teach young people and they seem more effected by it than their parents).  Some people especially in the midwest now feel its their right to be hateful because the president acts like a college fratboy.

Besides corrupt politicians being exposed, perhaps the two party system might be on its way out. Marijuana is now legal in 7 states (more importantly hemp can be grown legally there as well) so less people will be thrown in jail for a plant that has 700 medical benefits. As the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens?

Arrival and All Eyez On Me About Tupac Shakur Release on 11/11

mayan, 11:11
It’s no coincidence that some very interesting films are releasing this year on 11/11. Last year we purposely premiered Part 1 of the documentary film Time is Art in seven cities on 11/11 (learn more about how to support the making of Part 2).


The film is adapted by a book by Sci-fi writer Ted Chiang who also wrote a book called ‘Hell is the Absence of God’. The movie is about a linguist who attempts to communicate with aliens through their symbolic language. According to thousands of testimonies from people who have had contact, communication with other beings is mostly done through telepathy. There are also many people who channel alien writing or glyphs from angels and other non-physical beings through automatic writing. However, most of them have no idea what these writings mean.

Contact is one seriously hot topic. According to mainstream media outlets we continue to search for alien life yet thousands of cases of contact with individuals have been documented since the dawn of civilization.  For years people via the internet have been prophesying “contact” as the mainstream understands it, will happen in the form of a false flag.  Many believe official group contact will not happen until at least half the planet has raised their consciousness (and we are nowhere near the tipping point). Check out James Gilliand’s excellent presentation on the subject.

Apparently there are even leaked documents that suggest Hillary will use a fake alien invasion to save her campaign. Plenty of Americans have no idea how corrupt the Clintons are, therefore, I think its a little too early for that kind of desperation.

The film received 100% on Rotten Tomatoes from early reviewers.   Still, I’m always a little skeptical of the purpose of films about group ‘contact’, especially since most hollywood films are often used as some form of propaganda.


This film is about Tupac Shakur who was most likely assassinated by the CIA (like many activist/artists throughout history).  His mother’s character, Afeni Shakur who was certainly “tapped in” appears in the film. She acted as her own criminal defense attorney after being accused of participating in bombings as a member of the Panther 21. His step-aunt and godmother, Assata Shakur is the legendary figure within the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army who now lives in Cuba, where she has political asylum. Assata was convicted May 2, 1973, of killing of a New Jersey state trooper during a shootout that left one of her fellow activists dead. She was shot twice by police during the incident and has long proclaimed her innocence.  Tupac’s family probably told him at very early age what was really going on behind the scenes which he wrote about in his songs.

Both of these films were made by people most likely also tapped into the 11:11 phenomenon. Numbers and numerology prove that the unseen has the power to connect millions of people all over the world, not only to the metaphysical realms but to themselves and communities that are awakened.

Let me know what you think of these films in the comments below.

9/11 15th Anniversary – a Catalyst for Change?

tumblr_ma9dju242q1qcgioaAccording to ABC News, “Fifteen years after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, friends and families still grieve. Children still search for understanding. Survivors still suffer. The nation, and the world, still remembers.”

All the while millions of people around the world are waking up to what has become more and more obvious with even the most basic level of research – it all points to a rather sloppy conspiracy.

Every year around the time of 9/11 I seem to be covered in a cloud of funk. My insides feel like they are going to explode, I have trouble controlling the negativity and outrage I harbor for the mainstream media, the US government and every person and corporation that benefited from the building blocks of the police state. The media and popular “left” celebs like Bill Maher continue to insult my intelligence by laughing off the conspiracy. I watch videos of 911 whistleblowers who died mysteriously and wonder if in my lifetime, karma will catch up with those that orchestrated this madness.

911 conspiracy

In the first Time is Art documentary film we attempted (it was also synchronicity at work)  to artfully tackle the metaphysical and numerological significance of 911.  The artist, Alex Grey, appeared in the scene, in which he pointed out that a lot of artwork including his 1987 painting “Gaia”, depicted scenes of the destruction of the Towers well before it happened,  (which in his opinion clearly involved the US government). Although that scene did not make the final cut, we still plan to address these kind of government orchestrated injustices in the next film. US imperialism has gone mostly unchecked for decades. Did you know that from 1964 to 1973, as part of the Secret War operation conducted during the Vietnam War, the US military dropped 260 million cluster bombs – about 2.5 million tons of munitions – on Laos over the course of 580,000 bombing missions? Sadly, probably not. Indigenous people are constantly under attack from corporations and oil pipelines that threaten to destroy their lands and water supply.

911 conspiracyJustice in our life time?

According to, “Several years back, when pressed by an activist about the need for true justice and accountability for the events of September 11, 2001 9/11 commissioner Bob Kerry stated that 9/11 is a “30-year-old conspiracy…If Kerry was correct in this “30-year” time span then that means we are only halfway in this time-table…blaming the US government for 9/11 is considered almost blasphemous today. The masses have been conditioned to not question who actually did 9/11. And now, after fifteen years I believe it’s time to confront who did 9/11 by pointing out some of the very tricks they (those who did 9/11) have used to mislead us all these years. I call this the art of blaming others. An art that the perpetrators have become very good at. ”

So I guess we are half way there. Like me, you probably feel powerless and at times even hopeless when it comes to how other people (those I like to say that are “living under a rock”) honestly believe the government’s “official story”.

The Numerological Significance of 911

Via the Awakened State:
911, tarot, the tower“911 is associated with endings. You have the number 9 which is the  symbol of completion, the triple triad 333, the card of endings before the final number 10, the end of a cycle. Then you have 11 which is the vision, illumination, intuition, and it could also be the double helix. In some numerology 911 is seen as  9=Endings. 11=DNA. 911=ending code of our DNA program in this reality. 911 is also a very iconic number now that the symbolism goes back to September 911 where we saw the towers fall. This is the same card in tarot as the Tower. The energy behind the numbers of 911 are pretty symbolic even on the grand scale. 911 marks a very significant day of change within the collective. It is about destruction and breaking up the old ways to build the new.”

9/11 also marked a signifiant change in Jennifer’s journey in the film. It broke open the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Sure, the matrix media makes it really easy to forget that the 9/11 tragedy functioned essentially as a spiritual catalyst. This is also why we are continuing to produce the Time is Art series of films. Although its a process that often seems unbearably slow, it’s crucial that we continue to shift the energy.

We’d also like to celebrate the fact that we finally enabled ecommerce on our website and can set up discounts and coupons on DVD and Blu-ray orders of the film (thank you woo commerce)! We need your help so we can continue to work on the second film. We’ve been so blessed to have folks purchase the film and continue to screen the film almost a year after the 11/11/15 premiere.

The film is an excellent gift for those friends or family members who might be near their awakening point. Many of us are also reverting back to our negative ways. I have personally had so many “awakenings” yet its been very difficult to maintain a high vibration and to walk the spiritual path when I am surrounded by mind numbing media and people that can’t stomach the truth. (It’s hard to live with the fact that the government takes money out of my paycheck and funds drone warfare.)

time is art, special offer

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