José Argüelles & Time is Art

José Argüelles, time is art, documentary
By Michael Peter Langevin

I had the honor to know the late philosopher and artist, José Argüelles. He was an author, a visionary and a genius. He taught at Princeton and other Universities, and founded Whole Earth Festival in 1970. He invented (with the assistance of his wife Lloydine) the perpetual Dreamspell calendar in 1992, which is a modern day usable version of the ancient Mayan Calendar. At one point in his career José spoke to the United Nations. In his speech he stressed that it is essential for the world to stop using the Gregorian calendar for the good of all humanity. This plea sadly fell on deaf ears.

Recently, I saw the inspiring documentary film called Time is Art: Synchronicity & the Collective Dream. The film’s theme and title are inspired by José Argüelles and is dedicated to his radical views of time. The film follows writer, Jennifer Palmer’s spiritual awakening as she moves from being a material world based person who lacks purpose in her life, to a spiritual and creative oriented person who lives a life directed by synchronicities. Along the way she comes to believe that there is a new society being born, where people will unhook from their enslaving patters of monitoring and being monitored by time. A world where they will stop being controlled by clocks, watches and the Gregorian Calendar.

Most of us never realize that the Western Calendar introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory, took the western world off the 13 moon Julian calendar. José Argüelles felt that when humanity stopped using a calendar which was in harmony with the moon cycles and seasons we became vulnerable to entrapment as consumers and workers. We stopped flowing and appreciating nature, spirituality and our creativity. This is a tendency Jose saw as beginning the introduction of mechanized time.

Before the 1300’s there were no mechanical clocks. Time was not very uniform to say the least. In the early 1500’s watches were invented. At the dawn of the 20th century, by the end of World War I in 1918, it had become expected that most adults wore wrist watches. This change represents the transformation of society and the roles humans were demanded to play in it.

In the movie, Time is Art, the premise is stated that time and how we interpret and cope with it, is a choice most people never realize they have. Jennifer realizes that as she begins paying attention to the coincidences and synchronicities that occur in her life, she begins to relate to time in a different way. Simple things as being struck by the fact that she recurrently sees the number 11.11, as well as numbers that are of great significance for her, becomes an opening to view time differently. She feels more open, at peace and creatively inspired.

Throughout Time is Art, we get to follow the heroin on her quest to open up to a more spiritual outlook on life. She converses with many wonderfully eloquent people: from Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake to street artists and intuitives, all of who speak to a different way of helping Jennifer on her journey through life and the understanding of time.

The Dreamspell Mayan Glyphs
The Dreamspell Mayan Glyphs

Breaking away from the Julian Calendar which was in harmony with the moon cycles moved people farther away from nature. The same is true when people moved from telling time by the position of the sun to telling it by mechanical devices. When humans are aware of nature and its cycle they are more likely to realize that just being and enjoying are fine pastimes. One does not have to work from 9 to 5 and purchase or consume. In the film there are scenes in Joshua Tree, California at the Synchronicity Symposium at the Institute of Mentalphysics as well as the California Red Woods where this point is struck home very strongly.

José Argüelles created the Dreamspell calendar because he believed that the Maya people understood time better than any other civilization. Therefore, they had the most accurate calendar system available to any culture. Their calendar provided them with both a physical and spiritual perspective on time. One that he felt no calendar today could offer.

The Mayans utilized the 28-day human female biological cycle for the physical aspect of time. Because it so closely followed the cycle of the moon, it was readily observable and of course, all women naturally follow that cycle anyway. They also used a sacred calendar known as the Tzolkin. This calendar is a cycle of 260 days comprised of smaller cycles of 13 and 20 days each, turning concurrently. The Maya claimed that the spiritual cycle came to them from the stars, or from the galaxy. They were aware of all the planets in the solar system, even though they did not have the use of telescopes. The spiritual cycle was overlaid with the physical cycle to provide them with an accurate perspective on time, including all aspects of life. Today countless people across the globe start their mornings with the DreamSpell calendar to see what their day will consist of, and how to harmonize themselves with nature.

Time is Art also has wonderful insights into synchronicities and coincidences. One of my personal favorites is when Gram Hancock points out the amazing coincidence that just at the time when the Amazon Jungle is shrinking, Ayahuasca has emerged and become the consciousness raising substance choice of today’s youth. As if the rainforest itself is calling out and start to communicate directly to people by one of its most potent plants.

I cannot end this article without praising the writers, directors and producers of Time is Art. Katy and Joel Mejia of Things Are Changing Productions, along with Maia Monasterios and Jennifer Palmer have done a phenomenal job. The visual effects are beautiful and the film leaves the viewer inspired and more open to seeing the world in a different light.

Jose Arguelles
The film is dedicated to Jose Arguelles

Writer, Jennifer Palmer and producers, Katy and Joel Mejia, in collaboration with Stephanie South and the Law of Time Foundation are currently working on the Time is Art book. Also in the works also in collaboration with the Law of Time is the second documentary in the series, Time is Art: When the Grandmothers Speak, (working title), inspired by the Hopi Indian prophecy, “When the grandmothers speak the earth will be healed”. The film follows Rome, an artist and rapper who studies the Dreamspell calendar and seeks to understand how the rise of the sacred feminine can help the shift in planetary consciousness in these troubled times. As with the first film, the filmmakers use synchronicity to guide during the storytelling process.

Time is Art premiered to a sold out audience in New York City and has screened in 8 countries around the world. The film most recently screened in theaters in Baltimore, Maryland. The film, bonus scenes and the soundtrack is also available through the True Seekers Video On Demand package, on Blu-ray, DVD and En Español. For more up to date info, follow the film on Instagram, TwitterFacebook and YouTube.

Michael Peter Langevin was the publisher/ editor for twenty-seven years of Magical Blend Magazine. He has authored three books: Secrets of the Ancient Incas, (Career Press) and Secrets of the Amazon Shamans, (Crossroads Press) Spiritual Business, (Hampton Roads). His present day company LangevinAxelsson Marketing specializes in Social Media Marketing and Public Relations Consulting.

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Omboy Rome, time is art
Omboy Rome

Riding the wave of excitement, screenings around the world and an overwhelmingly positive response to the first film, we have starting working on the sequel. Inspired by synchronicity and the works of the great philosophers, the film follows self-proclaimed Chrononaut, Omboy Rॐ aka Rommel Din-Chong.  Rommel (Blue Cosmic Monkey) is curious about the origins of the human race and understanding what it means to be a galactic citizen. He wants to share the Law of Time with the world and inspire his alchemical music. He believes food is medicine and sound healing can be very powerful. Like most radical thinkers, his family and society at large have trouble understanding him (ie, they think he’s crazy).  Like many others who believe in living in harmony with nature and natural time, every day he has trouble making sense of an increasingly upside down world. Will he make an impact and find his own way?

In partnership with the Law of Time Foundation, Stephanie South will make appearances as well as a host of other enlightening artists and scholars. Like the first film, the filmmakers use synchronicity to connect the dots and guide the co-creative process.

Time is Art
behind the scenes of Time is Art

Check out the 11th webisode of Sync Stories to learn more about Rॐ and the sequel. Contact us for a film treatment, if you’d like to know more.

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The Time of the Lone Wolf is Over

lone wolf, hopi, kate melendez
Illustration by Kate Melendez

Recently, I saw the film, The Revenant, with Leonardo Decaprio (who shared an award with the First Nation’s people who acted in the film) and it reminded me a bit of one of my favorite films, The New World. Before I watched The New World I had no idea it was the story of Pocahontas (I will watch any movie by Terrence Malick). And just like in the film, The Revenant, I had no idea there would be profound messages by First Nation’s people in the narrative (it’s certainly not mentioned in the marketing campaign). There’s a beautiful documentary about the making of the film (which is based on a book that is a true story) and the destruction of Native American land, their environment and way of life in Canada where the film takes place.

Hollywood does have the capacity once in a blue moon to surprise you, even in the midst of the #OscarsSoWhite movement (not a single person of color was nominated for a 2016 Oscar).  In 1951 Sacheen Littlefeather refused to accept the Best Actor Oscar Award on behalf of Marlon Brando because of the treatment of Native American people in Hollywood and the media. It must have been an incredible moment in time. In the spirit of Brando, Dicaprio recently donated money to the First Nation’s many causes. Brando was doing his part – which even today would have ruffled feathers.

As an artist who is well aware of how little love Native Americans get, I feel no shame in sharing my love of the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.  My personal spiritual path is all over the place, from chanting Hindu prayers like the Gayatri Mantra, meditation, yoga, to Ayahuasca ceremonies (Peruvian and Brazilian, both very different). However, Lakota sweat lodge ceremonies with my local Taino community is by far my favorite way to connect to nature and Great Spirit. The time has come for more of these teachings to reach the masses. The Hopi Elder prophecies are incredibly profound and this statement inspired me to write a song I perform with my band Dream Circle. Also one of our next documentary projects, “The Grandmothers Speak” (which is turning out to be almost like a ‘Time is Art’ sequel in a sense) is inspired by these teachings.

If you ever have the chance try a sweat lodge ceremony, take my word for it, you will be transformed!

A Message from the Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation:

“You have been telling people that this is the eleventh hour.
Now you must go back and tell people that this is the hour!
And there are things to be considered:
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your Garden.
It is time to speak your truth.
Create your community.
Be good to yourself.
And not look outside of yourself for a leader.
This could be a good time!
There is a river flowing very fast.
It is so great and fast that there are those who will be afraid.
They will hold on to the shore.
They will feel that they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.
Know that the river has its destination.
The elders say that we must let go of the shore,
push off into the middle of the river,
keep our eyes open,
and our heads above the water.
See who is in there with you and celebrate.
At this time we are to take nothing personally,
least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do,
our spiritual growth comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones that we have been waiting for.”


The Time Feels Right

timeisart-gary-bobroffFor those paying attention, we are living in extraordinary times. People have always made extraordinary art and overcome extraordinary challenges so why is now any different from the past?  Self-awareness empowers the shift towards a more sustainable way of life where we are more connected to nature and to ourselves. Where traditional media has failed to inform us, independent voices have risen to educate the people about what is really going on. Technology puts content and the ability to make content within reach for anyone that has curiosity, creativity and discipline. The documentary film, Time is Art, was born from that combination of necessity and opportunity, seized by passionate creatives looking for a hungry audience with the hope that such important ideas are considered more and more legitimate in the mainstream. While it’s true that many of the claims we make are esoteric and mysterious in nature, if you check into any one of the artists, scholars, activists and scientists featured in the the film ‘Time is Art’, you’ll see they have an undeniable legitimacy. Their books, such as Rupert Sheldrake’s “The Science Delusion”, have a backing in science’s rigorous methods. We are making this film because it is imperative that these ideas get out into the mainstream if we are to continue to create a more balanced world that cares for the well being of the planet and it’s people.

graham hancock, time is art
Time is Art Crew after Graham Hancock Shoot

It’s rare when a project of this magnitude lines up for first time indie filmmakers. It is also rare for an artist to be able to pinpoint the exact source of their ideas or even how they ultimately end up executing ideas that were once completely abstract. There is obviously vision and talent involved, but sometimes there is something more to it – what many artists call a “divine spark” of inspiration – that which is mysterious and oftentimes, unexplainable. Graham Hancock talks about this special moment in time in the film.

It is important to note that ‘Time is Art’ (the documentary, web series and book) has been a co-creation between a group of talented artists, each contributing an important skill throughout the production process and trusting the very phenomenon we were documenting; synchronicity. This mysterious phenomenon is a template, a guide, to our creative process that allows things to just happen, to breathe and flow as opposed to forcing the outcome. The exploration of the nature of time has truly become the driving force behind many of our artistic choices.

Visionary art, that which is ahead of its time, is often misunderstood and overlooked. Yet over time it eventually reveals its secrets to the world. Although we are at a very peculiar moment in human history, the time feels right for telling a story of this kind. Millions of people buy books, read articles, and watch documentaries about spirituality and supernatural experiences because they’ve had something unexplainable happen to them and want to explore it further. We have come to realize over time that we all share this connection and we call it the “collective dream”. The spiritual path we follow can be better understood through art, community, and conversation. Thus, the transmedia project becomes a tool we can use at conferences and retreats for individuals who want to explore these topics more in depth. We plan to develop and facilitate workshops around the world, screening the film and assisting groups of people in co-creating transformative projects together. This type of direct action is happening all over the world. People are starting schools, retreat centers, community centers, wildlife sanctuaries, permaculture farms, building earthships and ecovillages. The time feels right and we are confident our film can reach an international audience itching for this kind of experience.

The time doesn’t feel right every second of the day but in general, it’s feeling more like we are co-creating a new timeline. Life is a rollercoaster ride and the moment you receive the truth and think you’ve reached the end of the ride, someone tells another big lie, creating more karma and suddenly the ride is going in reverse.  Maybe that’s why its helpful, even on just a psychological level, to be more open to the cyclical patterns of nature, the hidden meanings of symbols, and the dreamlike overlapping of people, places, and moments. This is a major theme in the film.

There are many prophecies about the coming age. This fascinating article, Earth Changes and Hopi World-Ages By Gary A. David via Graham Hancock’s website helps one gain a larger understanding of the cycles of time.

“We are currently living at the end of the Hopi Fourth World, where chaos and a life out of balance with the ways of the Creator are the norm. Hopi elders believe, however, we are soon to enter the next world-age (Fifth World), where peace, prosperity, and spirituality shall reign. Some Hopi prophets forecast that fire will again be the purifying agent that ultimately brings us into this new era. In biblical terms it will be “a new heaven and a new earth.” Grandfather David Monongye, Fire Clan member from the village of Hotevilla, Arizona, stated the following during the 1970s when he was over 90 years old.”

Another Hopi teaching and for me, one of the most powerful prophecies from the Hopi which also resonates with the creators of the film, who are mostly women, refers to the rise of the divine feminine.

“The wave that we ride is the emergence of the “grandmother archetype” that is remembered in the ancient stories… a powerful metaphor, a truly sacred symbol that arises now from the depths of the psyche of the individual and of society. It is being activated and embodied by circles of elder women on many fronts, in many locales, and it holds the seeds of an entirely new consciousness that stands in stark contrast to the prevailing paradigms of our current situation as a human family. I like to call this the Age of the Grandmothers.” –

(Not) coincidentally, this relates to one of the next TAC Productions documentary film projects that are in the works.  The idea came while making Time is Art, and even though we’ve received many requests for a sequel to Time is Art, I think its time to shed some direct light on the rise of the divine feminine. The psychotic people who have  control of the planet could use some new ideas!



We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for

By Sophia Love

Although it is several months away  and we are in the thick of a harsh winter, gardening season will return. The blossoming will begin and in a few months time the green grass will be merely a backdrop for a vibrant explosion of color. We’ll be surrounded with flowers.

If you’ve done any yard work then you most likely know the most efficient way to keep weeds at bay. You’ve got to dig deep and pull them out into the sun, exposing the root. They’ll decompose and nourish the soil, in turn feeding the flowers and vegetables you’d like to keep. It takes a bit of effort, yet it’s a permanent fix – at least for that particular weed.

It may look like Edward Snowden is one of the mightiest weed pullers. In fact he is. Yet if you listen to his words you’ll see he understands that the complete root has yet to be exposed; more work is required for that permanent fix. A complete statement is here. What shouted out from it all was this: “The great fear that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change. [People] won’t be willing to take the risks necessary to stand up and fight to change things…” Edward Snowden

He is speaking about the deepest roots and they still grow quite comfortably inside each of us. It is not possible for a weed to grow without the proper environment. Slavery takes root because our very nature feeds it. We cannot reach back far enough in our history to find absolute freedom. Kingdoms, caste systems and royalty were a part of our earliest ancestry. Who then are we? Were we created for slavery? With all the current information available, that answer appears to be yes.

Continue reading “We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for”

We accidentally filmed a UFO

The mural I saw a few blocks from where the UFO was captured on camera.

On the afternoon of  June 21st, 2013 at 4:15pm we captured a UFO while filming in the Mission District of San Francisco. We did not see this craft or purposefully film this at the time it was shot. This clip essentially showed up on our camera. If that is not bizarre, we don’t know what the hell is! There was also a Hopi Indian mural in the same area which featured an owl in a tree, an alien/human hybrid next to a Gray alien surrounded by space ships and orbs. Owls were all over the walls at Lilac Alley as well as other murals with “Day of the Dead” & Maya/Aztec themes. See some of the photos we shot that day here.

The silver disc is moving very slowly as if its hovering and it’s also tilted sideways. Perhaps its something else, (a government military craft?). Apparently we’ve had advanced alien technology for decades.  It’s also actually extremely rare to capture a craft in the day time. Also Its odd that the camera is holding steady, when we didn’t even know we were filming. Now that’s skill! A scientist suggested said it was probably moving too fast for the naked eye or that it was inter-dimensional and only a camera could have picked it up.

Here’s a longer explanation of what happened afterwards and the potential meaning of the UFO.