When You Have the Right Vibe, It’s Not a Coincidence: Synchronicities, Energy Healing, and Other Strangeness in the Field

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The following is excerpted from Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within[1], released from R.L.Ranch Press.

One piece of evidence for the holographic nature of nonstandard fields that have been proposed in recent years — the zero-point field (a candidate for the unified field [2]), the psi field of psychic phenomena, Ervin Laszlo’s Akashic field [3], and the morphic field proposed by Rupert Sheldrake [4] — is that they all share a common feature: sensitivity to similarity in vibration.

If a holographic image has many different holograms embedded within it, shining a laser of a specific frequency upon it will cause only those holograms made with lasers of the same frequency to stand out.  That’s because things with the same vibration naturally resonate and reinforce one another — just as two violin strings at the same pitch resonate with one another. This property of resonance has [also] been used to explain how each of us might interact with mysterious fields like the psi or Akashic fields… People pick up only that with which they personally “resonate.” Each individual’s resonant frequency, determined by their life experience, physical body, and energy body, limits what they can perceive.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance also depends upon similarity in vibration. Members of the same species, being “on the same wavelength,” are able to tap into information that pertains uniquely to them. And while members of an entire species might be able to tune into a fairly broad spectrum of frequencies (think of Carl Jung’s notion of the collective unconscious that humans supposedly tap into [5]), smaller, more tightly connected groups — such as members of the same family or loving couples — resonate in more focused zones of vibration; they have access to their own “private frequency.” In fact, Sheldrake goes even further and suggests that morphic fields can explain how human memory operates. Instead of being stored in our brains, he suggests that memories are stored in the morphic field. Our brains then pick them up via resonance, like radios tuning to their own private stations.

The existence and importance of similarity in vibration has also popped up in psi experiments. For example, individuals gifted at psychokinesis — the ability to affect physical objects with the mind — have described the experience as a feeling of resonance with those objects. A fascinating body of evidence has also been uncovered by Dean Radin and his colleague Roger Nelson at Princeton’s PEAR lab… [R]esearchers at PEAR found that connected couples can influence random event generators (REGs) more effectively than individuals working alone. Because of this phenomenon, Radin and Nelson decided to test for even larger field effects by using these random devices as “antennae.” First they placed REGs at events where people were all focused on the same thing and therefore “vibrating” similarly-for example, at music festivals, religious events, and even at the Academy Awards. The results were as predicted; these venues did indeed cause the machines’ outputs to deviate from the norm [6, 7].

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The Original Self


by Amy Lansky

Do you have any mysterious aches or pains? Perhaps a recurring back or neck spasm? An unexplainable stomach ache that comes on unexpectedly?

As some of you know, I am also the author of a book about homeopathy, Impossible Cure. In the world of alternative medicine, symptoms like these aren’t viewed as menaces to be squashed or temporarily covered up. Instead, it is more helpful to realize that symptoms are your friends. They have information for you.

As discussed previously, symptoms like aches and pains are often messages from the Basic Self — a real and spiritual part of you that carries your true inner feelings, whether you are aware of them or not. Your symptom may actually be a message from deep within you. Pay attention!

As I discussed in my newsletters, I have been working hard lately on my posture. One reason is that I have a tendency to subtly tense my neck muscles in a way that torques my head slightly to one side, causing some annoying symptoms for me. When I’m truly relaxed, this doesn’t happen. Indeed, over the summer, when I was vacationing with my husband, I didn’t notice this problem at all. But now that I’m back, it has begun to rear its head occasionally. It can start in very subtle ways, and unfortunately, the symptom is self feeding; once it begins, I become tense about it, and then tense up some more! Sound familiar? Many of us experience symptoms like these.

Recently, in meditation, I realized that my neck problem is a kind of subconscious “cringe.” It can be a fleeting thought that sets it off — one I’m barely aware of. I have begun to realize that, rather than feeding this problem with fear, I need to regard this symptom as a message from my Basic Self. It is usually telling me something like: I’m afraid, I don’t like this, that is annoying to me. Other symptoms might be telling me: I’m sad about this, I’m grieving over that.

So what to do?

Sometimes merely identifying the meaning behind a cringe is enough for a symptom to disappear. But sometimes your Basic Self needs a bit more cajoling. Try speaking out loud and acknowledging your feelings to yourself. Another handy tool is trying EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique — “tapping”) on the problem, which I also discuss in the September 2013 Impossible Cure newsletter.

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Homeopathy & Synchronicity

Episode Synopsis

In this wepisode we chat with author, Amy Lanksy, about how the Law of Similars explains the connection between synchronicity and homeopathy.

“The phenomenon of synchronicity demonstrates a key point — the universe may not be operating like a cold, meaningless machine after all. Instead, the reality we experience each day may be flooded with fields of meaning. ” – Amy Lansky

Guest Bio

Even as a child growing up outside Buffalo, New York, Amy Lansky sensed that the world was a bit more mysterious than it appeared on the surface. After many years working as a computer scientist, she now pursues her life passion—to uncover deeper truths hidden behind the veil of our consensual reality.

Lansky’s first book, Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, explored an unconventional form of healing—homeopathy. It quickly became one of the best-selling introductory books on homeopathic medicine and is now used as a patient education book and textbook all over the world. In her second book, Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within, Lansky explores the mysterious realm of human consciousness. This wide-ranging book draws on her interest in paranormal phenomena, her expertise in alternative medicine, her meditation studies, and even her research experience in artificial intelligence.

Lansky has been called an “intuitive scholar.” She graduated from the University of Rochester in 1977 with degrees in mathematics and computer science, and she received her doctorate in computer science from Stanford University in 1983. She did research work on artificial intelligence at several Silicon Valley institutions, including SRI International and NASA Ames Research Center, until she left the field in 1998 to pursue her interest in homeopathic medicine. This unusual move was prompted by the miraculous cure of her son’s autism with homeopathy.

Since 2005, Lansky has been a student of Gary Sherman and Ellen Miller, the creators of a system of self-development and inquiry called perceptual integration. Amy Lansky is regarded internationally as an expert writer and speaker on homeopathy for general audiences. She has been featured at several conferences, her articles have appeared in leading magazines and online forums, and she hosted a radio show on homeopathic treatment of autism on Autism One Radio from 2006–2009. Lansky also served on the board of the National Center for Homeopathy from 2004–2011. For more information, see Amy Lansky’s vita.

Amy Lansky currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Steve Rubin, and is an avid pianist, vocalist, and painter. She also enjoys needlework, swimming, and canoeing the lakes of Canada.