The Time Feels Right

timeisart-gary-bobroffFor those paying attention, we are living in extraordinary times. People have always made extraordinary art and overcome extraordinary challenges so why is now any different from the past?  Self-awareness empowers the shift towards a more sustainable way of life where we are more connected to nature and to ourselves. Where traditional media has failed to inform us, independent voices have risen to educate the people about what is really going on. Technology puts content and the ability to make content within reach for anyone that has curiosity, creativity and discipline. The documentary film, Time is Art, was born from that combination of necessity and opportunity, seized by passionate creatives looking for a hungry audience with the hope that such important ideas are considered more and more legitimate in the mainstream. While it’s true that many of the claims we make are esoteric and mysterious in nature, if you check into any one of the artists, scholars, activists and scientists featured in the the film ‘Time is Art’, you’ll see they have an undeniable legitimacy. Their books, such as Rupert Sheldrake’s “The Science Delusion”, have a backing in science’s rigorous methods. We are making this film because it is imperative that these ideas get out into the mainstream if we are to continue to create a more balanced world that cares for the well being of the planet and it’s people.

graham hancock, time is art
Time is Art Crew after Graham Hancock Shoot

It’s rare when a project of this magnitude lines up for first time indie filmmakers. It is also rare for an artist to be able to pinpoint the exact source of their ideas or even how they ultimately end up executing ideas that were once completely abstract. There is obviously vision and talent involved, but sometimes there is something more to it – what many artists call a “divine spark” of inspiration – that which is mysterious and oftentimes, unexplainable. Graham Hancock talks about this special moment in time in the film.

It is important to note that ‘Time is Art’ (the documentary, web series and book) has been a co-creation between a group of talented artists, each contributing an important skill throughout the production process and trusting the very phenomenon we were documenting; synchronicity. This mysterious phenomenon is a template, a guide, to our creative process that allows things to just happen, to breathe and flow as opposed to forcing the outcome. The exploration of the nature of time has truly become the driving force behind many of our artistic choices.

Visionary art, that which is ahead of its time, is often misunderstood and overlooked. Yet over time it eventually reveals its secrets to the world. Although we are at a very peculiar moment in human history, the time feels right for telling a story of this kind. Millions of people buy books, read articles, and watch documentaries about spirituality and supernatural experiences because they’ve had something unexplainable happen to them and want to explore it further. We have come to realize over time that we all share this connection and we call it the “collective dream”. The spiritual path we follow can be better understood through art, community, and conversation. Thus, the transmedia project becomes a tool we can use at conferences and retreats for individuals who want to explore these topics more in depth. We plan to develop and facilitate workshops around the world, screening the film and assisting groups of people in co-creating transformative projects together. This type of direct action is happening all over the world. People are starting schools, retreat centers, community centers, wildlife sanctuaries, permaculture farms, building earthships and ecovillages. The time feels right and we are confident our film can reach an international audience itching for this kind of experience.

The time doesn’t feel right every second of the day but in general, it’s feeling more like we are co-creating a new timeline. Life is a rollercoaster ride and the moment you receive the truth and think you’ve reached the end of the ride, someone tells another big lie, creating more karma and suddenly the ride is going in reverse.  Maybe that’s why its helpful, even on just a psychological level, to be more open to the cyclical patterns of nature, the hidden meanings of symbols, and the dreamlike overlapping of people, places, and moments. This is a major theme in the film.

There are many prophecies about the coming age. This fascinating article, Earth Changes and Hopi World-Ages By Gary A. David via Graham Hancock’s website helps one gain a larger understanding of the cycles of time.

“We are currently living at the end of the Hopi Fourth World, where chaos and a life out of balance with the ways of the Creator are the norm. Hopi elders believe, however, we are soon to enter the next world-age (Fifth World), where peace, prosperity, and spirituality shall reign. Some Hopi prophets forecast that fire will again be the purifying agent that ultimately brings us into this new era. In biblical terms it will be “a new heaven and a new earth.” Grandfather David Monongye, Fire Clan member from the village of Hotevilla, Arizona, stated the following during the 1970s when he was over 90 years old.”

Another Hopi teaching and for me, one of the most powerful prophecies from the Hopi which also resonates with the creators of the film, who are mostly women, refers to the rise of the divine feminine.

“The wave that we ride is the emergence of the “grandmother archetype” that is remembered in the ancient stories… a powerful metaphor, a truly sacred symbol that arises now from the depths of the psyche of the individual and of society. It is being activated and embodied by circles of elder women on many fronts, in many locales, and it holds the seeds of an entirely new consciousness that stands in stark contrast to the prevailing paradigms of our current situation as a human family. I like to call this the Age of the Grandmothers.” –

(Not) coincidentally, this relates to one of the next TAC Productions documentary film projects that are in the works.  The idea came while making Time is Art, and even though we’ve received many requests for a sequel to Time is Art, I think its time to shed some direct light on the rise of the divine feminine. The psychotic people who have  control of the planet could use some new ideas!



Time is Art NYC Premiere Sells Out & Premieres Around the World on 11/11/15 + Photos

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the 11/11 theater premieres in NYC, San Francisco & Austin brought to you by Tugg, Evolve & Ascend and Things Are Changing Productions. We also premiered in Ashland, Oregon, Holland, England and Guatemala. The film crew is so ecstatic to have met so many new people and to have had the opportunity to connect with communities around the world on such a profound level. We were up until 5am talking to everyone about synchronicity, art, music, how we made the film, how to get it to more people and feeling such gratitude for all the people who resonated with the film. It was incredible to see/hear it on such a massive screen with a packed house!

Enjoy these photos from our synchronized premieres in Texas, Oregon, Holland, England, NYC, San Francisco & Guatemala.   Photos by Karyn Amore in San Francisco.

We are also an official selection at the 2016 Blow up Chicago International Arthouse film festival.

The film is also now available on Blu-ray/DVD & Video on Demand. The special “True Seekers” Deluxe package includes the 1 hr and 30 min film PLUS:

– Interview with Simon G. Powell “Synchronicity and Self-Organization” (21 min)
– Bonus scene with Jill Purce “Voice as a Spiritual Medium” (13 min)
– Bonus scene with Rupert Sheldrake “Synchronicity & Telepathy” (23 min)
– Bonus scene with Nina Elshof “Power Places” (12 min)
– Extended scene with Graham Hancock (19 min)
– ‘Time is Art’ original film soundtrack

Time is Art Creators on Liberation Frequency Podcast

Evolve and Ascend is a creative collaboration expanding into the collective consciousness. Providing initiation through the art of conversation, and progression through unlearning. Their Youtube chaneel features interviews from their Liberation Frequency podcast, as well as promotional videos for our upcoming events/webinars, guided meditations, animations, and in-house produced content on all matters relating to our conscious evolution.

Our interview with host, Jennifer Sodini, explores synchronicity, consciousness, and what a new paradigm of society could look like if we followed the “Time is Art” ethos. Please support the film now on Indiegogo!

For those looking to learn more about the film you can check out other Sync Movie crew members on these shows:

Katy Walker & Joel Mejia on Midwest Real podcast with Michael Phillip
Nocturnal Frequency Radio ‘Down the rabbit hole with Katy Walker’
Maia Monasterios discusses synchronicity & Time is Art on Being Community Radio

Time is Art Film Crowdfunding Launches June 3rd

This month we begin the process of prepping our final crowdfunding campaign launching June 3rd via Indiegogo. With the help of an amazing campaign manager, we are confident we can raise $25,000 which will go to sound fixes, audio mix, sound design and color correction as well as a basic marketing plan and legal fees, (along with Indiegogo & Paypal and the campaign manager who take a substantial cut).

Fundraising can be a traumatic part of the filmmaking process. All artists have to raise funds, wether through the tedious process of writing grants and getting rejected over and over again or through a more grass roots process like crowdfunding. Apparently, if you are making your first film, it’s nearly impossible to get a grant. Once you complete a film, your chances are much higher. It’s the chicken before the egg scenario. Thank God for crowdfunding!

Most people have heard of Kickstarter and thanks to a 30 year old Orsen Well’s film, a lot more people are hearing about Indiegogo.

“It’s easy to imagine that crowdfunding is a medium Welles would have approved of. He frequently ran into funding issues and troubles with Hollywood, leading him to take on acting roles to support his movies. It’s taken a long, long time, but it seems like Welles’ fans will finally be able to get The Other Side of the Wind the funding it needs to be finished. ” – The Verge

It’s clear that the mainstream media paradigm that Hollywood has been programming the masses with (ie American Sniper) is not going to support projects that disclose information that actually helps to deprogram people. Some of the topics in our film are certainly controversial. New science is finally on the verge of proving what many indigenous people and shamans all over the world have felt intuitively or through plant medicines for thousands of years.  Our small team is incredibly blessed to be a part of this project and are ready share this powerful message (without the usual cliches and boxed in formats).


It’s undeniable that the process of making this film has truly been a miracle in the making. Clearly the universe is conspiring to make this film happen. We are in gratitude to our ever growing community of supporters.  Through the VOD platform VHX, we have had many  pre-sale orders and although we don’t see those funds until the film is released, it’s encouraging to know that people are excited about this important conscious raising film. As first time feature documentary filmmakers, building an audience from the ground up has been both a challenging and humbling journey, at times, we have traversed through the dark night of the soul.

Our first crowdfunding campaign was an intense learning experience, to put it mildly. Last July we raised over $5k to fund a film shoot to Joshua Tree, a magical desert outside of L.A. We had two successful events and although we didn’t plan it exactly right, (always plan at least two months in advance of your campaign launch date), we were successful in building our community and funding our most important film shoot which included Toko-pa, Gary Bobroff, Graham Hancock, Rupert Sheldrake & Dr. Jim Tucker. Although TAC Productions and the film is still “under the radar”, we feel that at some point very soon, especially with the help of the crowdfunding campaign, the “tipping point” will be reached.

time is art, indiegogo, crowdfunding

On June 5th Authentic Relating NYC +Reflections After Dark presents the Time is Art Indiegogo Film Crowdfunding launch party. Join the creators in NYC for a special night of games, connection & play through synchronicity and a short screening of an excerpt from the film. The film crew will also be shooting stories about synchronicity for our ongoing web series “SyncStories“.

Help us raise finishing funds for this important conscious raising documentary film starting June 4th thru July.  Tickets are $25 pre-sale via Paypal & $30 at the door. The location is Reflections Yoga Center for Conscious Living, 227 E 24th St, New York, NY.

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The Quest for Gnosis

Gabriel D. Roberts is a theological scholar, researcher and public speaker that specializes in discussions about the nature of perception and belief. After 27 years of passionate searching and study, Gabriel stepped away from his long held Christian faith into a more expansive and fluid worldview. His latest book, The Quest For Gnosis explores the roots of belief, the power of the ecstatic state in one’s spiritual life and the means by which a deeply satisfying spiritual life may be achieved outside of the bonds of dogma. Within The Quest For Gnosis, Gabriel interviews 20 of the brightest minds in this field of study, including Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, Daniele Bolelli, Peter J. Carroll, Hamilton Morris, Dr. Aaron Cheak, David Metcalfe, Dr. Rick Strassman and many more. Gabriel writes for VICE Magazine, and and is the author of three books. He is continuing his research at the University of Washington in his hometown of Tacoma, WA.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Gabriel at the 2014 Synchronicity Symposium in Joshua Tree and getting to know more about him. His new book (which he was kind enough to hook us up with) is incredibly inspiring and a great read. Like Jennifer Palmer, the subject of our film, Gabriel did a complete 360, his spirituality took on a new dimension (literally), while his world view broadened considerably in a rather short time. This kind of transformation which usually takes entire lifetimes also takes a tremendous amount of courage. It’s rare to meet folks that have made such a complete change in their belief system. Telling an alternative story in such a way that makes it difficult for non-believers to turn away is no small feat. This is an ongoing challenge for the filmmakers. We hope our film, ‘Time is Art’ also does exactly what his books and talks do; legitimize a truly spiritual way of life.

Conscious Filmmaking

time is art, joel mejia, katy walker
In order to make sense of things, we tend to create associations with words. The word conscious is almost nostalgic for me, because it takes me back to high school, a time when I was first exposed to the word. When I was a teenager I listened to what everyone was calling “conscious hip-hop”, which was ironically in the mainstream at the time (those days are long gone). In 1993 artists like Queen Latifah had songs like “U.N.I.T.Y.” with lyrics like “love a black woman/man into infinity”. You’d never hear that in today’s mindless pop music. During the “Golden Era of Hip-hop”, groups like Poor Righteous Teachers rhymed about seeing with your third eye in almost every song. At the time I didn’t know what they actually meant and had never heard of the pineal gland, but I had a vague idea as if it was some long lost memory.

So what does it mean to be conscious as an artist? Even as a young person which was well before my official “spiritual awakening”,  to me it simply meant caring.

Rawkus Records was once a successful indie label that put on artists rapping about social injustice and empowering yourself by standing up against oppression. They were big proponents of activism as opposed to complacency. Celebratory music has its place, and it’s important to be joyful, but we also need to balance it out with music that can motivate us, help us to heal our wounds rather than medicating and numbing them.

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Time is Art film crew & the Synchronicity Symposium

Synchronicity Symposium

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the crew flew out to California and has  now returned from the amazing Synchronicity Symposium organized by author and speaker, Gary S. Bobroff, held at the Joshua Retreat Center! The land was magical and the mysterious Joshua Trees seemed to literally be talking to us (albeit through plant telepathy).

The Synchronicity Symposium was fascinating. It was a true meeting of the minds and hearts of authors and supporters of consciousness studies. We were also able to screen our 2014 trailer which helped spread the word about the film.  It was a joy to share the film and meet new people in support of this important project. People not only purchased t-shirts but offered to host a screening when the film is completed!

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