Corrupted Souls & Sleeping Angels

indigoI’ve been thinking a lot about corruption lately. What causes a person to be corrupted? When you become a public school teacher you are required to complete training on how to deal with bullying in schools. It’s most common in junior high school because young people tend to follow the crowd at this age. Souls that are naive to the world will follow others to avoid confrontation. It’s easy to understand why they are compelled to do this. Sadly, the world is filled with angry people and I don’t blame them for wanting to avoid an altercation.

What makes someone follow the crowd as an adult? Again, people simply prefer to avoid confrontation. Some might argue that standing up for what is right is not in everyone’s DNA. These people simply are not willing to make that sacrifice for the greater good.  Interesting fact, in Germany, the most effective way of dealing with bullying is by reprimanding the group of kids that go along with the bully.

“Realize an awakened soul can still be corrupted, while a sleeping soul can be one hell of an angel.”

This quote got me thinking about the fact that a corrupted soul is indeed someone who is “awakened” in the new age sense, to the lies and deceit happening all around us unlike half of Americans who, for instance, believe the official story about 9/11. They’ve agreed to continue the corruption (or they’ve been coerced, programmed etc.) They’ve fallen into a trap, wether it be for money, power or out of desperation.

Let’s take the documentary Vaxxed as an example. The controversial movie is now on Amazon Prime VOD and although I should have bought it directly from the filmmakers, like with our film, (we are in the process of getting it on Amazon VOD) I’m hoping new people will discover it, or at least more people will watch it.

The film focuses on how a group of people within the CDC destroyed documents showing data on the connection between the MMR Vaccine and Autism rates. The incredible number of lies perpetuated around this subject is astounding. In fact when I googled ‘Autism facts’ the first thing that came up was, “Treatment can help, but this condition can’t be cured”. The author, Amy Lansky, who appeared in the film, Time is Art, cured her kids of autism using homeopathy after receiving vaccines.

According to the destroyed papers, Austism is directly related to the MMR vaccine. There are five other “scientists” who deny that a two year study even happened and that there were documents showing the data. These are technically five awakened people that know pharmaceutical companies are damaging millions of children and making billions from the MMR vaccine. A parent recently told me her insurance didn’t cover some reccomended vaccines and they were a whopping $1000 each!  Big Pharma is not required to pay for clinical trials. How is it possible that vaccine products aren’t studied or tested like all other pharmaceuticals? It’s absolutely outrageous and clearly a part of a much larger nefarious plan. But my question is, why are these people are not willing stand up with the CDD Whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson? Some people just do it for the money, maybe they aren’t in a stable financial situation and have kids. But if you have kids how could you hide data that proves they are being damaged by vaccines? How do these people sleep at night?

corruptionParents who have vaccine damaged kids, (one of my best friend’s son also got mercury poisoning from the MMR vaccine after she took antibiotics and they’ve been detoxifying him for years), understand that because they trusted the CDC and did not do their own research they essentially destroyed the chances of their child having a normal life. We do not vaccinate our young child, though we have considered vaccinating after she turns three. This “controversial” film actually recommends separating the MMR into single doses and waiting until your child is three.

There’s absolutely no way I would take away my child’s ability to walk and talk. What I didn’t realize until I saw the documentary is how ridiculous the notion is that children are born with Autism. Every damaged child was normal, laughing, walking and talking like most 1 year olds, that is until the day they got their shots (which might have totaled 8 in one day). The children regressed, loss all of their vocabulary and had gastrointestinal issues.

Vaxxed was supposed to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival but was censored.

“De Niro, the father of an autistic child and co-founder of the Tribeca film festival, is standing by the decision to premiere Vaxxed: from Cover-Up to Catastrophe, which has been directed by the controversial Andrew Wakefield. To the dismay of a number of doctors, health campaigners and filmmakers, De Niro conceded it was not usual for him to be so directly involved with programming the festival. But he said the issue was “very personal to me and my family”. – The Guardian

I love the words the mainstream media uses, “A disgraced former British surgeon’s new documentary about the discredited link” – all completely untrue if you see the data from the CDC and listen to the doctor who put is career and life on the line for his patients.

I’m sure many people who read this article will think I’m the corrupted one. It is hard to believe Big Pharma cares more about making money from their 3 shots in one MMR program rather then the lives of families and children. The film simply recommends they separate the shots out because that’s too much mercury (and everything else that is in vaccines) for most babies. Or how about just removing the mercury? Until it happens to you or your loved ones (I have three close friends with vaccine damaged children) you probably will go on trusting the CDC. Clearly this applies to De Niro, too whose son has severe Austism.

When you live in New York City, you meet a lot of people. Recently I met the Tribeca Film Festival’s top fundraiser who had recently quit and was working for the non-profit I received professional development in teaching. She was privy to their financial documents which she said “breaks every law in the book”. Its a part 501c3 non profit and a for profit business. On top of that, she said one of the few female documentary directors, pushed out two women of color for a coveted position with the film festival/institute in a nasty power move. She was totally disgusted with the organization and finally quit.

There are millions of corrupted awakened souls in the world. Over half of the world must have at least at one point in their life seen or been a part of corruption. How many look the other way? If you work in the government, that might be more like 75%, if you work on Wall Street, more like 100%.

Sleeping angels are everywhere too. These kind and empathetic people volunteer to help the elderly, teach in public schools, organize tree workshops on their street, help the less fortunate and do many other selfless acts but don’t know a single thing about 9/11, reincarnation, disclosure or spirituality. I’d bet at some point in their life they’ll connect the dots (maybe after watching, Time is Art!)


The Difference Between Enlightenment & Having Spiritual Experiences

Art by Teal Eye

via Awakened Vibrations 

Enlightenment is not an experience. It is a state of being. It is a radical state of clarity. It is a continuous state of clear awareness. It’s not something you attain, for in the moment of “achieving” this state of clarity, your fundamental belief in the personality self, your hypnotic fixation on personhood is obliterated. You, as you have known yourself, do not cease to exist…you simply see that you never existed in the first place. There is no “you” to attain enlightenment.  In that moment any reality of a “you” who could succeed or fail, attain or not attain, is understood to the very core to be unreal.

It’s not an intellectual understanding. It does not involve the mind or thinking or evaluating or believing. You just see it. It’s like seeing a shadow at night and it looks like it’s moving. You think it’s a dog or a monster or a ghost. The mind fills in the blanks, fills it in and makes it very real for you. Then you turn on the light and you see it is a shadow cast by something that is being blown around by a breeze. You don’t need to think about it, or believe it or anything. You just see it. When you turn off the light, you see the shadow again, but you know what it is and that’s that.

Only, it’s kind of a big deal, especially at first, because every activity, motivation and aspiration is organized around this basic, unexamined bedrock belief in the self.  It’s so fundamental that you don’t even know it’s just a belief, an assumption. Not only is your personal world built around this organizing principle, but so is our entire society. When you wake permanently from the dream of self, the world of men may not make much sense to you, and you may not make much sense to others.

Waking permanently is different than waking for a moment and then going back to sleep. When you wake fully, that moment of waking may seem like an experience, but what follows is a state of being…being awake. That is what the threshold of enlightenment is. When you cross it, you are in a totally different terrain. It’s not a static state, like you “reach” enlightenment and that’s it.  But this is the fundamental threshold of living in a state of basic clarity that is not mental, theoretical or academic.

People who are still sleeping, but waking up from time to time, can be very concerned that no one ever should claim to be enlightened. It doesn’t bother people who are fast asleep as much, but it does seem to really get the hackles up for some people who are popping in and out of direct clarity.  Direct clarity is clarity you are living in this very moment, not clarity you refer back to…referring back to your experiences of momentary wakefulness.  People who pop in and out of clarity can often sit in their dream state referring to the experience of clarity that they had, but are not having in the moment. There are all kinds of strange beliefs floating around. “One who claims to be enlightened is surely not, because an enlightened person would never say so.” Or some such nonsense. There are lots of reasons not to walk around telling people you are enlightened, but false humility is not one of them.

Enlightenment is something people don’t speak much about.  Those who live in this awareness know exactly what it is. You could also be talking to someone so learned in topics such as non-duality and while they could go on at length talking eloquently around it, debating the finer points of it using impeccable spiritual lingo, the living of it, the true direct understanding of it eludes them.  It’s hollow.  It’s intellectual.

Then there are spiritual experiences. They can range from the mild to the spectacular: feelings of oneness to the emergence of rare abilities. How to deal with these changes, how they might affect your life, and how to integrate them. Spiritual experiences and enlightenment are not the same thing. Some enlightened people have these crazy spiritual experiences. It’s also possible that some don’t. Many people have all manner of intense spiritual experiences and have not crossed the threshold of enlightenment.

It’s probably wise not to get too swept away by the spiritual experiences. They can be crazy and intense and reorganize your life, but they come and go. They may leave you with a whole new set of “powers” to deal with and integrate, but a person can get so focused on chasing the experiences, raising their frequency, activating their DNA or whatever, that they lose themselves. It may seem counter intuitive, but spiritual “evolution” as we know and practice it today is not the same as enlightenment. We can be living without food, running more energy, working with angels, or whatever, but that is not the same as enlightenment.

The point of this article is not to value one experience over another, but to bring into focus the difference between the state of enlightenment and the various kinds of spiritual experiences, including the path of spiritual evolution as we are re-defining it in modern culture.

Spiritual experiences are very flashy, we can talk about them for days and never tire.  We can revel in our abilities or the “places” we go. Enlightenment, or awakening, is not like this at all.  To say it is humbling is a comical understatement, as it wipes out the inner personhood to whom pride or shame could accrue. Everything in the whole universe changes, and yet it is at the same time, completely anti-climactic and very ordinary.