About Jennifer Palmer & Chris Kaplan
After several years of working together using Cisco’s cutting edge WebEx technology, our intention with SynchCast is to continue to bring transformational content in this interactive format, connecting people together with thought leaders, artists and pioneers for social change. During our company’s first year, we’ve had the honor of working with visionary thought leaders, artists, activists, and poets including Android Jones, Andrew Harvey, Richard Doyle, Joanna Harcourt-Smith, Anne Baring, Stan Grof, Eric Meyers, Carolyn Baker, Roger Housden, Gary Weber, Dennis McKenna, Howard Falco, Morgan Maher and many more. In addition to curating our own sessions–a portion of which we will present for free to the community–we are offering our expertise and service to others, so that we can help them take their content to the next level. We assist with setting up and branding their own online courses and shows and provide customized support depending on just how much or little assistance they need. Some of the organizations we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with include, Creative Time, Penn State University, The Light Cellar, Grof Transpersonal Training, Venus Rising University and The College of the Melissae.

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