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Are you looking for a way to help inspire people in your community?

I am Katy Walker-Mejia, one of the Producers & Directors of  ‘Time is Art’, and I am excited to help you to spread the love by screening ‘Time is Art’ in your local theater, art gallery, yoga center or community center.

tuggIn the U.S., we’ve partnered with and Demand Film, a web-platform that enables individuals, groups, and organizations to set up personalized screenings of ‘Time is Art’ in theaters and community venues across the country. It’s basically like Theater “On Demand”. This is a fantastic opportunity to share the powerful messages in the film! To spark change in your area, events can include audience discussions. There is no risk or theater rental with Tugg, to learn more about how it works, visit the Tugg School here.

We STRONGLY suggest contacting us directly if you would like to try Tugg. They tend to not give you much help or just confusing information, and being that we have done many successful Tugg screenings in the US & Australia, we have a pretty good idea how to meet the minimum of 70+ ticket sales so that your screening is confirmed. The key is also selecting a theater that is not in a strip mall and that is in a desirable area. Most of the available theaters are AMC chains, however. We also prefer to set up the Facebook invite as we have around 20k followers and can help you spread the word about your screening. We consider investing in flyers and will provide social media graphics so be sure to reach out to us before contacting Tugg or Demand.Film!


Host a screening in Australia

Host a screening in New Zealand

Through ‘Theater On Demand’ folks have screened the film in AMC theaters in 6 US cities as well as Perth, Australia.  The film is also available for in Spanish for community screenings only. Just send us an email.

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