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Saturday, JUNE 20TH
Time is Art Soundtrack Artists Show Fundraiser

with a very special talk by John Hazard

“The magically oriented artist seeks to fecundate open minds by projecting into them a vision and power of transformation, even if this means at first inducing a crisis in consciousness plowing under old roots and the decaying remains of a once majestic culture.” Dane Rudhyar, “Culture, Crisis and Creativity” (1977)
John Hazard ‘s presentation begins where his essay called “The Fractal Geometry of Consciousness” leaves off. The stories he will share are drawn directly from the headlines of the most recent scientific journals.

“Nature is calling. Our main task these days is to imagine our way into new maps of time and space, maps of greater and greater accuracy at finer and finer levels of detail. The emerging ethos from scientific insight gleaned from precise measurement represents a re-mapping of our understanding of the nature of mind and its relation to the larger meme of intelligence in Nature.”

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@ Elting Memorial Library
93 main street
New Paltz, NY

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It’s Not Night: It’s Space

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