Synchronicity & Time Zone Art

Check out this video from the ‘Timeshift 2020: Activating Galactic Culture‘ Event where Omboy Rॐ explains synchronicity and the two ways of seeing the world. Synchronicity as coincidence (materialism/escapism) or Synchronicity as being in alignment with your true path.

Self-proclaimed Chrononaut, Omboy Rॐ, or Rome for short, is a Brooklyn born artist harnessing his creativity for a higher purpose. Dedicated to inspire, Rome believes music and other forms of art are the holonomic key to engendering the New Earth. Fully embodying his Galactic Signature as a Blue Cosmic Monkey, Omboy’s mission is simple: to transcend society’s constructs and further facilitate our transition from living in the confines of artificial time to living in sync with the most harmonic standard of natural time. Initially activated by his passion for holistic medicine, Rome has rare exuberance and patience when it comes to offering guidance on living a balanced, high vibrational lifestyle. Through his offerings of sacred sound, as a creator of Cosmic Hip Hop music, and with his study of Permaculture, Rome is a true steward of the Earth. Learn more about the documentary film featuring his story and music.

Also check out this new lyric video for his latest song with Dream Circle.

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