The Simple Things

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Three years ago we were all sitting in our stuffy Brooklyn apartment located in a highly industrial area. I had been living in for over 10 years. When I first moved in, I didn’t give much thought to the black soot lining the windows and idling cruise ships. The quality of the air, the stench of trash, the questionable activities of the industrial business across the street and the truck that arrived at odd hours in the morning to dispose of their “trash” didn’t necessarily raise red flags at the time. I thought having a cheap apartment in Brooklyn with a parking spot and roof access was a miracle (and it was in a way) and nothing else mattered. As the anxiety builds in our lives, the disconnection from nature becomes more and more obvious. One day I finally realized these were all indeed red flags.

That day, a few months before we finally moved out of Brooklyn, in a moment of clarity, suddenly the words, “Gotta get out, gotta get… outside”, popped in my head to which Omboy responded “if we wish to receive what we’re meant to find”. At the time I was reading a book by a Native American Elder, Dhyani Ywahoo and the some more lyrics came to me:

Freedom is in the forest
In the foxes, in the flowers
In the mushrooms, in the soil
In the sun, in the soft sand
Between my toes
In the metaphysical
the magical, the Unknown

Ah the simple things….

As musicians and artists we are channels from the Divine. Every song I’ve ever written has been inspired by nature or by other divinely inspired music. Back in 2015 at the premiere of our first film, we connected with the cosmic rapper, Omboy, who has been an incredible blessing and has touched our lives in so many ways by sharing his story and mind blowing lyrics. With the completion of a Dream Circle album and the forthcoming documentary The Frequency of Love, thousands of people will also share in this transmission.

During this time of quarantine people are lining up at food banks by the thousands. We are unsure more than ever before what civil rights will be taken away from us due to unprecedented panic and fear. We recall the 9/11 tragedy as a time of Great Awakening, followed by the “Patriot Act”. Those that are blessed with a daily spiritual practice are holding the light for unprepared friends and families who missed out on the opportunity to awaken. When this seems too much to bear, remember the simple things.

Getting outside and soaking up the sunshine (grounding or earthing), going on a hikes, walking barefoot in our community garden, and bike rides through the park is the easiest and fastest way to elevate my mood and control my anxiety. Gardening is mediation and fresh air helps release all those EMFs and move stagnant energy.

So please enjoy the song and music video, we hope it inspires you to get outside and be blessed by Mother Nature’s loving electricity in whatever small way you can.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for the work in progress screening on Youtube. We cannot wait until the day this community can get together again and see this film in an actual movie theater. Thanks to all the comments and positive feedback!

“YO, this film is positively enchanting and medicinal. A fragrant healing bath of pure resonance that weaves hip-hop culture, timeless universal truths, and our connection to All. An elevating transmission of reiki-filled, divine frequency infused, rainbow crystal cosmic earth vibes . . . crafted with care, peacefulness and purpose. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and appreciate this magnificent offering.”


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