What is Etheric or Spiritual Energy?

‘Monsoon’ by Jake Amason collaborating with Gabriel Welch (Acrylic on canvas)

Energy is the engine of action, substance of connection, and blueprint for existence for all of Creation.  (“Smart glue that moves things”??)  Even “Science” is now accepting that all of the Universe is made of energy (as in Einstein’s theory, E=mc2) and even “empty” space is really filled with energy.  While no one really knows exactly what energy is, we can seek to understand it by observing it.  If we are trying to do that only with electro-mechanical instruments or even just our five senses, we are missing too much of its nature.

One the one hand, energy is all power, cannot be created or destroyed, has always existed, and moves into form, through form, and out of form and can be in more than one place at a time.  Nothing in the Universe happens without energy being involved.  (Sounds like a description of, umm — God, doesn’t it?)  It is also multi-dimensional, holographic, has consciousness and even “personality” of a sort, and seems to “remember”.  All energy is vibrating, moving to and fro in a continuous repetitive cycle.  The more cycles completed in one second, the higher the frequency.  When its vibration slows down enough, energy becomes physical matter but vibration remains in the subatomic particles.

If you take the energy anatomy of water as an analogy:

Take energy away from water by cooling it and its vibration slows down until it becomes solid matter– ICE!  If you add heat to ice, you speed up its vibration and it changes form back into liquid water.  If you continue to add heat energy and increase the vibration of the water it will boil, turn into steam and disappear.  But wait!  If you put a glass of ice water nearby, the steam will give up energy and the water will condense and reappear on the outside of the glass.  Rapidly vibrating steam is invisible to the naked eye and seems weightless.  You can see both water and ice and feel their heaviness.  You can push the dense matter of your hand right through steam or water but not a block of ice.  As the vibration of matter becomes slower it becomes more physically solid.  If its vibrational frequency increases, it becomes less and less dense until it becomes etheric.

‘Mundo Icayari’(2018) by Luis Tamani (Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 65 cm)

The belief system called “Science” is also finally catching on to what Shamans and indigenous cultures around the world have always known– that all energy has Consciousness (awareness of being aware) or Spirit and comes from a single Source.  Experiments with subatomic physics have shown that light and other energies react to Human consciousness and change their appearance or behavior as a result of its influence.  Physical light behaves as a particle when we’re directly observing it and a wave when we’re not.  It “knows” we’re looking at it and reacts to our attention!

We can also influence some of the energies of physical matter with our minds through focused intention and attention, like programming crystals for instance.  This change may be harder to measure but Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown through his photographs of water crystals how our thoughts and emotions can affect water’s energy and influence it’s physical form.  Some predict that we will one day be able to use the energy of our thoughts to co-create with the energy that determines the physical structure of matter and create real physical objects just by thinking about them.  Yogi Sai Baba has been reported to have materialized dusty “sacred ash”, jewelry and other small objects by focused thought alone.

The more subtle Spiritual, Healing, Inter-dimensional, and Life Force energies have a higher (faster) vibration and require a shift of our learned and habitual perception for us to sense, register, and interpret.  Sometimes referred to collectively as “Light” (with a capital ‘L’— the higher dimensional Spiritual consciousness energy within visible light), they are much finer and higher in frequency than the more material light, heat, sound, etc.  It is harder for us to perceive high-vibrational energies because of our own relatively low-vibrational perception.  We’ve evolved to be more adept at perceiving matter and slower energies than pure high vibration.

There is a hierarchy of vibration in the Universe.  The highest, fastest vibration is Love or God/Source– that which divided itself into all of Creation.  If we were to experience the full high vibration of The Creator it would literally overload our molecular and Spiritual circuits and blow us apart.  The Creator insures that Source energy is slowed down one step at a time to a frequency that our physical plane metabolism can withstand.  It’s part of the job of Spirit and Nature Beings to make higher energies usable for Humanity and our chakras (subtle energy centers in our body) do this for us on the individual level.  We can attune and prepare our minds and bodies to function as high-volume conduits or conductors for these extremely healing and restorative energies by training as Energy Healers.  You can also use objects like crystals, pendulums to bring through these frequencies.

Here’s what the energy frequency hierarchy looks like.  At the Top are Spiritual Energies:

  • Love/God/Source is the highest vibration in the Universe.
  • Love slowed down yields thought:
  • Thought slowed down yields feelings:
  • Feelings slowed down yields magnetism:

Now come the Physical Energies:

  • Magnetism is the fastest vibration of physical energy.
  • Magnetism slowed down yields electricity:
  • Electricity slowed down yields light:
  • Light slowed down yields heat:
  • Heat slowed down yields sound:
  • Sound slowed down yields matter.

by Brad Silberberg
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