Time is Art Now Available on Amazon

amazon, time is artThrough international screenings, word of mouth, social media, Vimeo’s VOD platform, DVD & Blu-ray sales, this inspiring documentary film, Time is Art, continues to be seen by true seekers.  Now the film is available on Amazon instant video (currently US & UK only)!

Indie filmmakers have the power like never before to reach niche audiences and with your help, even more people will be exposed to the film’s powerful messages explored through art and the lens of synchronicity.

Please help spread the word by rating the film on IMDB and reviewing the film in Amazon.

Thank you for your incredible support and for sharing this film with the world! Again, only with your help, will we be able to fund the making of the sequel (working title; Time is Art: The Currency of Love.  The time is now to watch this film and share with friends!

Please read more about the follow up film at TheSyncMovie.com/support

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