Astral Entities & Spirits: Can They Make You Go Insane?

Why Would Someone Go Mad, Seemingly for No Reason?

Not simply because of an astral entity/earthbound spirit, that’s for sure.

No earthbound spirit has the power to transform you, as a healthy person (in mind and body), into an insane one.  Remember that astral entities (or ghosts) amplify and echo negative emotions that are already in you.  They do not cause them. An astral entity can’t tip you over the edge if you’re not already teetering over the edge, ready to fall off.

What Are Astral Entities Capable of?

Astral entities are like us, except they’re dead, and stuck.  They’re often vulnerable, unstable, scared and in pain for some reason.

In my opinion, people attribute a lot of things to astral entities and the spirit world, that they really shouldn’t. I used to do this myself.

About four years ago, I was living in Spain, and working at a language school. I was intensely lonely there, and isolated (I was the only teacher who was working there, as many students were away for the summer and only one teacher was needed.)

One weekend, I decided to have a change of scene and went to visit Pau, which is in South-West France. I stayed overnight in a hotel. The moment I walked into my hotel room that day, I felt a dark presence. I didn’t like my room and should have requested another one, but didn’t. That night, I was very, very frightened and I didn’t know why. I also felt dark, almost unstable, like I was scared of what I might do, even though I was definitely not suicidal. I remember speaking to my mother on the phone and not wanting her to go because I was scared. That night, I was woken up every half hour, feeling like I’d been knocked on the head.  In the morning I was exhausted, still scared and glad to be leaving.

At the time, I thought I had been disturbed by an astral entity/earthbound spirit and that it had made me feel bad, because in that room I felt terrible – very scared and almost out of control.

It’s easy to attribute a dark temporary feeling to an entity, but in retrospect I can see that it was much more complicated than that.

There may have been an astral entity in that hotel room, but the truth was – I was already feeling pretty bad.  I had just let it out on my weekend away, by speaking to my mum.  I was feeling lonely, in an unfamiliar place, and felt lost.  I hadn’t seen a single friend or family member for months.  I already was in a dark place and any astral entity that was present would have been amplifying that state somewhat.

If my mental state had taken a downward turn a couple of months later, it wouldn’t have been the astral entity’s fault, it would have been something within me that caused that mental state.

I believe our mental health suffers when there is a physiological and/or psychological/emotional problem, and that it’s not necessarily about astral entities or spiritual issues.

I have been reading a lot about nutrition in the last few months. In particular, I have read Donna Gates’ The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity and I’ve also read The Clear Skin Diet – both excellent books on lifestyle and nutrition.

The author of the first book (Gates) is a nutritional consultant and the second was written by a dermatologist.  I was fascinated to read in both books about the connection between the health of the gut and the health of the brain.  Both books mention that studies have proved this connection. And both books touched on this issue of the food we eat affecting our brains – healthy foods and friendly bacteria (probiotics) improving brain health, and unhealthy foods helping brain function to deteriorate. It’s important not to forget the physical aspect.

I believe that being isolated socially can also affect our mental health, as can being under intense pressure on a consistent basis or experiencing some kind of trauma that has not been healed.

My point is that an astral entity (even a not so nice one) cannot turn a healthy person into an unhealthy one. Nor can any other spiritual issue come out of the blue and debilitate an otherwise healthy person. If you believe this, then you are giving the spirit realm way too much credit.

However, the spiritual always reflects the physical, so if you have poor mental health, and a lot of negative emotions, astral entities/earthbound spirits may amplify that state for you.

If you focus on having emotional support in your life, being at peace, managing your stress levels, and taking care of your body (the usual stuff) then you are more likely to stay strong, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Even if you have an astral entity in your energy field, it won’t tip you over the edge because you won’t be teetering on the edge.

By: Anna Sayce

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