The Cosmic Hologram: Beyond the Brain

Excerpt from The Cosmic Hologram by Jude Currivan PhD

Realizing that everything we call physical reality is the expression of the in-formational intelligence of cosmic mind completely reframes the question of human and indeed all consciousness and cognizance. The view of most neuroscientists has been that our consciousness somehow arises from the brain as a localized phenomenon. Just as a turbine generates energy, so the view goes, our brain generates consciousness—somehow.

That final “somehow” is crucial. While neuroscience has managed to map neural networks in the brain, identifying which areas light up during certain mental processes and progressively noting their holographic nature, there remains no mechanism for the integration of neuronal activities with the immaterial perception of self-awareness.

Based on numerous experimental data on the nonlocality of our consciousness, an alternative has been to view the brain instead as a computer: a receiver and transmitter of nonlocal information. However, with increasing discoveries and the emerging understanding of the cosmic hologram, the computer-brain-mind metaphor is also coming to be seen as too limited in its perspective. Not only does it fail to account for the inter-dimensional communications reported extensively by transpersonal experiencers, but—and even more fundamentally—it still implicitly suggests a duality between the physical world and consciousness.

Instead, the paradigm-shifting view of the cosmic hologram, which recognizes the actual immateriality of the physical realm and the ultimate unity of consciousness, is offering a new view of the brain and its purpose. By identifying the brain as playing an important role in the in-formational organization of the embodied awareness of human beings, it redefines each of us as a unique and microcosmic individuation of the intelligence of the cosmic hologram of our Universe, literally making us co-creators of reality.

Existence, Experience, and Evolution

Following Russian theatre director Constantin Stanislavski’s lead, acting coach Lee Strasberg introduced the idea of method acting to the United States in the 1920s. Such “method” immerses an actor in the personal identification of the role he or she is playing, often remaining “in character” not only when onstage or on a film set, but beyond.

As individuated consciousness, when we incarnate on Earth, most human beings also undertake a process of such acting, where, as spiritual method actors, we immerse ourselves in the drama of our lives. By identifying with the roles we play, and, as we’ve seen, the erroneous perception of materiality, we may marginalize or even forget our innate spiritual consciousness. The egos of our self-awareness instead immerse us in the perception that we’re separate, both from each other and the world around us.

The personas we inhabit during our lives are thus the lenses through which we perceive the Universe—how we relate to it and how it relates to us. So such method acting offers an intensity of presence, which our associated experiences could otherwise appear less “genuine” to us, and in the sense of the cosmic hologram, less creative in its universal manifestation of the nature of physicalized reality.

By being embodied within the holographic harmony of our Universe we are literally expressions of its creative learning. Through its inherent relativity, reflections, resonances, and ultimate resolutions, we microcosmically express its existence, experience, evolution, and emergence. Such a recognition not only reconciles but integrates the space-time experience of cause and effect with the spontaneous awareness of nonlocal consciousness that transcends physical reality.

Within space-time, the informationally entropic flow of time enables the choices and causes and effects of the life-learning expression of universal consciousness to progressively ensue. While, as an innately integral and non-locally connected entity whose consciousness ultimately transcends space-time, the experiential co-creativity of our Universe in-forms itself and the infinite plenum of cosmic mind. This majestic view of ourselves and our Universe reflecting that of ancient spiritual wisdom, offers us an expanded and newly articulated vision of reality, and our own roles in its unfolding, as being fundamentally purposeful and meaningful.

The Wrong Question

We’ve arrived at a point where, given the ubiquity of consciousness, it seems clear that asking who or what makes our Universe is the wrong question. For progressively, our scientifically based understanding is showing that there’s no “real” separation between maker and what’s made; the appearance of such division is solely the perspective from which individuated aspects of consciousness may view their own holographic imagery.
The eternal intelligence of cosmic mind finds a finite expression through the dynamic co-creativity of our Universe. Its existence, experiences, evolution, and eventual demise is as a unified and non-locally cognizant entity, one of the infinite such expressions of the Oneness of all that is, has ever been, and ever will be.

Thus, each of us is a microcosmic and unique expression playing our own co-creative role in the unfolding self-awareness of the consciousness of our finite Universe and ultimately of the infinite Cosmos. While this has historically been seen solely as a religious, or more correctly, a spiritual perception, this limitation is no longer the case. Instead, the emergent viewpoint of the cosmic hologram that scientific discoveries are increasingly revealing arrives at this same conclusion.

God isn’t “out there,” a creator of the Universe and its creations. Instead, the greatest breakthrough we may make as human beings in the twenty-first century is to recognize that we and everything that we call reality in all dimensions and realms of existence are God, or whatever term we choose for the infinity of cosmic mind, and that we are microcosmic co-creators of its ineffable reality.

The Cosmic Hologram: In-formation at the Center of Creation by Jude Currivan PhD describes how our understanding of the entire Universe is about to be transformed and crucially at the level of our everyday lives. It shows how the latest scientific discoveries across many fields of study and scales of existence are discovering that the information that upholds our technologies is exactly the same as universal in-formation that is physical reality.

She explains how our entire Universe is in-formed and holographically manifested; how quantum and relativity theories can at last be reconciled by considering energy-matter and space-time as complementary expressions of information and how the cosmic hologram underlies the true origin of species and our own evolution.

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