Are numbers talking to you too?

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Do you ever glance at the clock and see the same numbers over and over again?

At night when I get up from whatever I’m doing, and it varies nightly, I go into my bedroom and the clock reads 11:11 PM. And today after a long phone call with a friend I sat down to write and noted my start time. You guessed it! 11:11am. On top of that I have been waking up at 3:33am and 4:44am consistently for the last two weeks.  It seems I have fallen into the land of multiples.


Writing blog posts every couple of weeks for has definitely made me more aware of numbers but they have always been prevalent in my life. For example, while some people remember faces and names, I remember phone numbers, even ones I haven’t called in thirty years.

I am just attuned to the mathematical energy of the universe and the universe is a beautifully balanced mathematical creation. And I believe that is why I often get messages through numbers. Spirit knows I will notice them.

For the numbers I have been seeing the last two weeks I have my own associations with what they might mean.


To me, 11:11 is a very mystical number with lots of portals to spirit and new beginnings. And it feels like confirmation from spirit that each of us is a unique bright light.


Then 4:44 has always meant the presence of angels to me. This week I have been working on preparation for an angel prayer circle I am holding at a local spiritual center. So I have been getting a lot of 4:44s on the clock right now. The angels are helping me to create exactly the experience needed for the event.


And 3:33 speaks to me of creativity. My birth and life path number is a 3 and so 333 is keeping me on track and letting me know that I have the spiritual support I need as I make changes. Everything in our universe is energy – absolutely everything.

So I know that numbers may be talking to you as well.


Here’s something you can try each day to better understand the vibration of numbers and what they are communicating to you:

  1. Recognize that you most likely already have an affinity for certain numbers. When I was a child I absolutely LOVED the numbers 7 and 17 and when I went to the local church fair I would play those numbers and always win. One year I even won a bicycle and I told my mother before the drawing that I just knew I was going to win that bike. So pay attention to the numbers that naturally feel good to you. They belong to you in some way so call on them any time you want.
  2. Meditate for a few minutes and ask your guides and angels to send you a number message of love. Then just pay attention and jot down any repetitive numbers you keep seeing for the next few days. Regardless of what the books might say those numbers mean, for you they will be reminders that you are loved.
  3. Notice if you often see your birth date (on the clock, in phone numbers, lottery winning numbers and even on license plates). This can be a wink from the universe asking you to pay attention – to remember who you are and why you are here. So if you are distracted answering tons of emails and suddenly you see your birth date, slow down and pay attention. Often spirit uses numbers to snap us out of habitual behaviors that have us not present to our surroundings.

If you are like me, you might not pay attention to the message right away. When I do that my numbers nag me until I take action on the message I am being given. It’s hard to ignore something when every time you open your eyes; you see the same message again and again.

So I invite you to play with the vibration of numbers.

Pay attention to the numbers you see. Notice if you catch a repetitive pattern. If you do then your numbers are talking to you.

Find out what they are trying to say – you may be surprised how much they have to tell you!

If you really want to go deep, check out Marty Leeds.

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