The Alchemy Of The Feminine Energy

Art by WERC
Art by WERC

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The alchemical process of ‘being the change you wish to see in the world’ has a yin and yang (passive and active) component to it. In order to collectively elevate earth we must understand how vital the role of the feminine is in this play.

The presence of the feminine energy has been largely absent from the equation here on earth for some time now. Her power is that of the circle — all encompassing. She is chaos and order, form and formless, both at once. She is non-linear and for this, she can be feared or seen as magic. She is the stillness that births motion and the static from which the ecstatic springs into life.

The feminine energy is here to activate our heart and rise up in balance with the masculine energy to form heart-centered unity consciousness.

The masculine energy is: logic, action, will power, focus, boundaries, intellect, linear.

The feminine energy is: intuition, nurture, compassion, emotions, receptivity, sentience, non-linear.

There must be harmony created between these two forces on an individual level first, in order for it to be available as a living reality on Earth and we are headed in this direction.

We have seen the extent of what a world that is out of balance with its habitat looks like and we have felt the extent of what action without heart can do. When the masculine and feminine forces inside us synthesize together they create heart-centered consciousness, this is where we become the living heart in action.

A mind rooted in the 3rd dimension may perceive turning inward as betrayal to the outside world because our society is heavily production and productivity oriented across the board in all areas of life. We have been trained to intrinsically value what is on the outside while paying little attention to the power that gives birth to the world of form. We go forward on our journey as far as the outside can take us until we realize that the external is an emanation of the condition of our collective psyche and that to place our sole emphasis on changing the outside will only rearrange different versions of the same circumstances we face on all scales of reality.

If our intent is to transmute Earth we will have to become the change we wish to see in all respects of being and not only the outward action based respects. Without internal change we cannot complete the transformation of the individual, thus, the collective. The inner change is where the magic happens.

We are less accustomed to the yin energy. It can be difficult for us to trust in its power as well as uncomfortable to become receptive, open and soft when we have learned to be shutdown and reactionary. When we come from a mind frame of reactivity, we are energetically braced in a stalemate with the state of the world. Our ability to transform the outside is weakened when we become a slave to reacting to it. What is needed is an energy alteration. This alteration comes first through the inner transmutation of the individual.

The feminine force allows us to go inward and open up to receive ourselves at a deeper level. When we travel inward and learn how to nourish ourselves with our own unconditional presence we begin the metamorphosis.

Unconditional presence is the starting point to building unconditional love. If we reach too far too soon, we will overlook true love and mistake it for an endorphin rush. True love is being able to be present with ourselves at our darkest hour. It is about learning how to sit within ourselves no matter what we are going through and fully embrace ourselves in that state consistently and unwaveringly without conditions. When we surrender to ourselves fully, we are sending signals to our heart that we are its keeper, we are safe to be with and that it can stay open.

This daily practice expands our hearts electromagnetic field, which sets off an energetic chain-reaction in our surrounding environment. We begin to generate and share a new coding with the world, one of self-love, connection and care. This love has to be created from within first and not bargained from the outside. This energy emanates stronger in us the more we cultivate unconditional presence and spend more of our time uplifting ourselves and our environment than we are spending in the fear vibration of survival, competition and scarcity where we are energetically overburdened by the weight of the worlds pain and crippled from its frequency rather than altering it.

An illustration of this is similar to a person swimming out in the ocean with the intention of saving someone who is drowning, only to become caught in the same tide and begin drowning next to the very person they were attempting to save. The world needs people who can uplift it without being crushed by its suffering. We elevate humanity by becoming the conscious witness of it and then altering the energy — not spiraling in.

This doesn’t mean that people who are protesting or informing others against the injustices in the world have to stop, what this means is we pay attention to attuning ourselves as an instrument of healing by bringing heart-centered consciousness into our words, actions, and intentions so that we become living portals into a new way of life. Perfection does not need to be reached in order to start making an impact on our environment, in heart-centered consciousness perfection isn’t even a part of the equation, only a willingness to give your heart the respect and attention you have always been worthy of.

Being the change you wish to see in the world has many forms of expression, sometimes it can be as simple as giving someone else the very act of kindness you have yet to receive yourself. Instead of waiting for the world to always meet us where we are at, this reverses the order and allows us to meet the world where it’s at by consciously choosing to bring in a quality that has yet to be experienced, but can still be offered.

The feminine energy is not one of frivolous escapism. She is the essential element—the fundamental puzzle piece inside each of us to birthing a conscious world.

By: Sarah Elkhaldy

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