Seeing Patterns: 9/11 vs 11/9

Great fire of RomeNumbers are once again being activated through patterns. If you dare to go even deeper, perhaps our new reality tv star president, “elected” on 11/9 is fulfilling a prophecy.

It was in 1550 that Nostradamus began to put his healing work through medicine aside and embrace the occult arts of foretelling the future. Nostradamus didn’t practice magic; however, as he focused on astrology and prophecy. He wrote yearly almanacs that contained prophecies, then finally published Les Propheties (The Prophecies). It is in The Prophecies where the quatrains believed to be about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are found. You can view Nostradamus’ written works online at Sacred Texts. Dolores Cannon also has a fascinating book about her contact with Nostradamus.

The great shameless, audacious bawler,
He will be elected governor of the army:
The boldness of his contention,
The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.

What’s sad is a perfectly decent human being, Bernie Sanders, could have been president but the question is, would things really have changed even with an honest person running the country? Does the president really have that much power to right all the wrongs? Probably not.

Speaking of prophecy, Tupac Shakur mentioned Trump in an interview in 1992.

In one 1992 interview that was recently released by MTV, Tupac shared his revolutionary views on society, politics, racism and poverty. He also took the opportunity to call out Trump, by name, and spoke against the gluttonous behavior of the ruling class. He went on to describe how the peasants in this country are taught to emulate and respect this type of behavior. (Waking Times)

Presidents are great at setting the country back. The Bush family was clearly connected to the orchestration of 9/11 by “The 7th Floor“. I’m shocked that people are so ill informed and in denial of the truth.  The Shadow Government has sold trillions of dollars in arms to various “enemy” countries and Hillary would have upheld the status quo anyway, so let’s embrace this moment and see it as a catalyst for change. To all those apathetic Americans whose tax dollars go to fund the endless wars, drone bombings, locking up political prisoners, GMOs, torture, the disaster that is the school to prison pipeline system to oil pipelines and the destruction of the planet, it’s time to wake up and shift the consciousness from materialism to sustainability and co-creation.

Things may seem increasingly apocalyptic, but I see the end of the would as being more like the end of the world as we know it. Awakened people can no longer turn away from the suffering.  It’s time to save ourselves from this madness. We are powerful and creative beings, especially the artists, and its our job to pave the way for equality and stop being apathetic. Our brothers and sisters need us, they always have. It’s time to get up and take a stand because Rome is burning once again.

wakeupI often go down the rabbit hole and like the title of this article, it typically starts with numerology. 11/9/11 was also the day of the U.K.’s most notorious pedophile, BBC celeb, Jimmy Savile‘s funeral. He was worshiped in Britain and it was still years after he died that 400+ people finally came forward with the truth that he had raped and abused them when they were children. After watching a documentary about him and noticing the 11/9 pattern, YouTube autoplayed another video that mentioned the #spiritcooking trend on Twitter (it was #1 for 12 hours before Twitter censored it apparently). For several days there had been a google billboard in my neighborhood that had been defaced with the word “spiritcooking” which I had also read about briefly on this site. After checking out the hundreds of thousands of tweets/retweets on twitter, there are two videos that you must watch. Get ready for your mind to be blown because powerful people really do practice black magick.

Carve out a few hours out of your day because the rabbit hole is deep. Pizza is a code word for pedophiles and  the truth about the occult elite expose, ‘Eyes Wide Shut‘, is finally coming out. Apparently Wikileaks really did effect the outcome of this election and thanks to the Wikieleaks Podesta emails some very dark forces might finally get exposed (at least via social media because the mainstream media won’t touch it.) I realize this is too twisted for most people to believe, I can’t seem to find anyone I know personally that can handle even talking about it. People just change the subject. For those that can’t handle this topic, at least watch Abby Martin’s Empire Files Expose on Podesta.

Back to the racist bigot reality tv star that’s never held public office. Now black and brown people are official targets (they were always unofficial targets). The Oppressed are identifying with their Oppressor (kind of like Stockholm syndrome). Children are traumatized (I teach young people and they seem more effected by it than their parents).  Some people especially in the midwest now feel its their right to be hateful because the president acts like a college fratboy.

Besides corrupt politicians being exposed, perhaps the two party system might be on its way out. Marijuana is now legal in 7 states (more importantly hemp can be grown legally there as well) so less people will be thrown in jail for a plant that has 700 medical benefits. As the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens?

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