Other Worldly & Interdimensional Realities

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by Dr. Jon Klimo, Ph.D.
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From the leading edge of physics to a variety of non-ordinary experiences that many are having, our species is awakening to the possibility, even the likelihood, that or kind of physically-based life on Earth may comprise only one small part of a larger, more inclusive multidimensional reality inhabited on many levels by many kinds of beings.

Over a hundred years ago, philosopher and psychologist William James wrote, “Our waking consciousness is but one special state of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different,” adding that “no amount of the universe is in totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded.” We may now extend this thinking to include the possibility of “forms of worlds and realities entirely different” from ours, accessible by means of, and inhabited by, such other forms of consciousness.

I would like to speculate on the nature of this otherworldly realm that may lie beyond the physical and me be higher dimensional in nature. In doing so, I will entertain a variety of perspectives, ranging from what has been called perennial philosophy and the metaphysical, to the most advanced theories of present-day physics, extended into para-physics to push such thinking, and extending our psychology into parapsychology in the process.
One particularly exciting aspect of this cross-world or inter-dimensional field of study occurring today is called “electronic voice phenomena” (or EVP), more recently also being called “instrumental trans-communication” (ITC). This EVP/ITC-type research uses a variety of technologically assisted approaches in an attempt to make contact with and record communication thought to be from surviving human spirits. I am engaged in a five-year grant-supported research project devoted to this work, and I have expanded it to include trying to record extraterrestrial as well as human spirit presence. I will conclude this article with a brief description of this work.

Parapsychology and Ufology

The study of whether we survive the deaths of our bodies in some kind of non-physically based afterlife or astral plan comprises one of the three main branches of what was earlier called psychical research, and now is addressed by the more formal scientific discipline of parapsychology. The other two branches are extrasensory perception, including telepathy, and psychokinesis, or anomalous mind-matter interactions. Since its roots late in the late 19th century, it has been the job of this field of parapsychology to investigate claims of survival of death, including attempts to understand if and how living consciousness and personality can operate separate from the physical body and brain and within an experiential domain quite different from the one we know here on Earth.
In a parallel manner, beginning halfway through the 20th century, the field of ufology has been studying flying saucers or unidentified flying objects, “UFOs.” As part of this, the more-recent sub-field studying the beings, usually called aliens, extraterrestrials, or “ETs,” associated with such UFOs could be called extraterrestriology. Particularly, a growing percentage of reports of UFO/ET researchers, witnesses and experiencers, including contactees, abductees and channelers, describe anomalous vehicles and he hypothesized extraterrestrials associated with them in ways that point to an otherworldliness that implies they are not just physically-based beings from another physical world interacting with ours, and that their consciousness interacting with ours may be quite different, as well.
The ability of UFOs to appear to enter and leave our physical dimensionality, and of ETs to interact with our environments, bodies and minds in anomalous ways, makes us question the objective reality of our own world. Their feats point to the possibility that the native habitation of at least some extraterrestrials may be very different, perhaps operating at a higher dimensionality, density or frequency domain than our own, and reflect their ability to appear to u se capabilities parapsychologists would deem telepathy and psychokinesis to interact with our consciousness and our world.

Speaking as both a parapsychologist and a ufologist, I think it is curious and problematic that these two complex fields, that seem to have so much in common, have had virtually no interaction with each other. Reports from UFO/ET experiencers are rich in descriptions of the kinds of abilities, phenomena and processes long studied by parapsychology, including telepathy and other ESP, mind control, mind anomalously affecting matter (psychokinesis), transubstan-tiation, levitation, teleportation, out-of-body experiences, and materialization and de-materialization, to name just a few.

Both fields of study appear to be dealing with phenomena, processes and experiences that bring into question the long-held tenets of physical reductionism regarding the nature of objective reality and of the Cartesian dualistic distinction still being maintained between the two supposedly completely separate and distinctly different realms of mind and matter. I think these two fields should now join forces, especially with regard to trying to better understand our relation to a larger universe and its inhabitants. I believe there is some kind of Rosetta Stone at work here whereby ufology and parapsychology can better shed light on each other’s endeavors to help usher in the emerging, new, more inclusive scientific paradigm as well as help midwife the shift that seems to be occurring in our consensus reality.

Ufology as Cross-World Studies

It appears we are in a midst of a second Copernican revolution that has two aspects.

1) What ufology is studying, and what experiencers’ reports are reflecting, is leading us to the realization that we’re not the center of the universe, nor alone in it either. Rather, we are but a very small part of a vast, seemingly populated universe with myriad other physical and probably non-physical worlds and planes of existence.

2) At the same time, parapsychology and related consciousness studies are leading us toward a related understanding. The realm of the subjective-mind, consciousness, intention, and the inner realm in general, has long been seen as subservient to and less than, or downright unreal compared to, the domain of the physical, of external reality, with consciousness being seen as only an emergent epiphenomenon of brain. But we may be gradually discovering that the reverse is true: that it is local experienced physicality that revolves around and is dependent upon the inner causal realm of consciousness and spirit, with the cross-world components of subtle energies and higher frequencies and dimensions mediating between.

The old notion of inner and outer, subjective and objective, realities seem to be growing ever more confounded and intermixed. The outer is experienced as becoming more inner-like and the inner as more outer-like. Just read the descriptions in the growing reports from UFO/ET experiencers. Carl Jung coined the term “psychoid” o refer to whatever possesses the qualities of possessing both inner and outer reality, of being both subjectively and objectively real. I believe we are entering the experience of a true post-dualistic, or post Cartesian, reality. We will know it by its fruits in our ongoing personal and shared experience. With it, a new worldview and a scientific paradigm with new technology will emerge.

My conjecture is that those who we are calling extraterrestrials– at least those who are not inhabiting and embodies at the same physical-level density, frequency or dimensionality as we are– have evolved to a level of being able to engineer at will within and in terms of a true post-dualist unified field universe, within which crossworld and interdimensional operations can occur. They appear adept at telepathy and related manipulative expertise on what could be called the mental plane, and experiencers within their sphere of influence tend to experience a breakdown of the old inner-outer dualistic dichotomy as a result.

Extraterrestrials also seem able to use advanced forms of psychokinesis, what parapsychologists see as anomalous control of matter by mind. In some cases it appears that they control their vehicles with their minds alone; and there have been reports that their vehicles appear to be alive and at one with them.

Many can alter the way they manifest to us, showing experiencers on occasion that the basic nature of their kind of personal embodimenet, as that of their ships, is more like light or related immaterial energy that they are capable of manipulating like the subtlest of artist’s clay in the hands of their technology.

Like parapsychology, ufology continues to provide a challenge to what we have long thought was real and possible; we are being ushered into a truly post-dualistic unified field psychoid realm of experience, one in which our extraterrestrial visitors seem extremely versed and proficient. The real action may lie in their ability to engineer the relationship between what we might think of dualistically as inner or mental forces and higher dimensional, higher frequency, subtler energy domains which, in turn, influence and are responsible for what occurs on our physical level reality when they visit us.

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