Why are you seeing 11:11?

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People on social media are constantly asking us, “Why am I seeing 11:11?”. We also get messages like, “I just googled synchronicity and then your film popped up in my facebook feed.” You may have seen the 11:11 reference in the Time is Art movie trailer, as it is part of Jennifer Palmer’s journey in the documentary film.

Like Jennifer, I too see 11:11 and 9:11 often. I see it as a sign that I’m on the right path. Also for me, 9:11 is a reminder that my purpose is to shed light on the darkness, to expose corruption and to always live my truth and stay true to my convictions. Each person will come to an understanding what these metaphysical messages and (anything but random) coincidences mean to them.

I came across the Urantia book on Youtube and one particular presentation mentioned the “Correcting Time”, a concept explored in the Urantia Book. It’a a magical book and I highly recommend you read it. This is by far the best explanation I’ve discovered thus far in my own journey for what seeing 11:11 is all about.

From CorrectingTime.org

You are in good company my friend–you and about 100 million other people around the world are seeing the 11:11 Time Prompt. Let me first say that this is nothing to fear and you should consider yourself blessed to be receiving the 11:11 wake-up call. It is not a “what is it,” but a “who is it.” The universe is highly ordered and teaming with diverse life both physical and spiritual in nature. Our planet is under divine supervision and things are changing rapidly on our world. You are being awakened by a group of resident planetary helpers of the lower angelic orders called “Midwayers.” These semi-spiritual beings live just outside of our time-frame and are incredibly fast and intelligent. They were granted the right by our universe administrators to use the 11:11 time prompt to awaken certain individuals on our world to let them know that there is a much bigger universe out there than what we have been led to believe by our societies, and our governments–men of science.

Our world is in a mess and going in the wrong direction as compared with most “normal” evolving worlds in the universe, and so we are being helped to change that by legions of celestial forces who are active on our world now in what is called, “The Correcting Time.” They want us to live a more spiritual life and take responsibility for ourselves and our world. They want us to start thinking about serving the many instead of the wants and needs of the “me” and “I.” The sudden increase in the phenomenon means they want you to look it up and find out who they are and so you looked it up and found me who can direct you to the truth of the source.


For many, it takes a giant leap of faith to process all of this information and believe in things that are unseen, but as you and I both know, the 11:11 time prompt goes way beyond coincidence and is in fact “intelligent.” Unless you have directly experienced this phenomena, you do not understand its deep seeded meaning at the root of your soul.

I have been awakened and I am now receiving messages from celestial teachers which has changed my life and blessed me beyond measure. You have a part to play in all this–you have a destiny and you are being given an “opportunity” to change your life and change the lives of others around you.

You may have said you were searching for truth in the universe, well, you asked, and they answered. There could be several reasons why you are being prompted:

You are genetically capable of receiving the time prompts. Not all people are able to respond to the Midwayer’s thought direction because of their mindal and genetic make up.

You may have a special talent where you have influence with many people, like a writer, an artist, a film maker, a healer, social policy maker and such others that may be of use to the Midwayers and the planetary administration in this Correcting Time.

You have what is called, an Advanced Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster, also known by other names like “Indwelling Spirit”, “God Fragment,” “The Higher Self,” “The Oversoul,” wants you to get involved and work with the Midwayers.

It is possible that you are unknowingly a part of what is known as the Mortal Corps of Destiny. These are individuals who have been pre-programmed or rehearsed and given special knowledge throughout their life through the super-conscious mind to “wake-up” and serve during a planetary emergency.

You may have lost a close loved one who has gone onto the mansion worlds (The 7-training worlds of mortal ascension) and has requested that you be prompted.

Any or all of these reasons could be a factor in their selection process.

The Midwayers have an affinity for electrical devices and can and do cause lights to flicker, ring doorbells, ring cell phones, and countless other interactions.

11:11 The Correcting Time organization is here to help those that are being prompted by the Midwayers to understand what is happening to them and to educate them on how they can work with these and other celestial personalities to make a positive contribution and change our world by changing their lives and others. People from all walks of life, nations, cultures, and religions, are receiving the prompts. Spirituality transcends all these religious and social institutions. All are children of the One Truth and Creative force of the universe.

Another interesting thing about the book is Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and Jerry Garcia carried the Urantia book with them everywhere they went. To learn more about the Urantia Book, check out this mind blowing presentation which mentions the correcting time.


  1. I have the Urantia book in my possession for decades now. It always seemed to be over my head. I have been getting the prompts for a few years now. Maybe it is time to find the book. 🙂

    thanks for posting this. I blog about numerical sequences and other spiritual topics here,


    peace, litebeing

  2. This speaks to me on so many levels, thank you so much for this post. I have been using numerology. I was born on 11/11 I see 11:11 everytime I look at the clock, my phone has been ringing randomly, lights flicker when I enter rooms and I’ll never forget the couple days when some of the most supernatural things that I still can’t explain happened to me. I had a huge download of information and a huge leap in intellect. I’ve been at peace with it but haven’t figured out how to act on these gifts. This helped dramatically. Thank you again!

      1. Hello, Good morning.
        My name is Frederick, I’ve been seeing 11:11 continuously for some months now but I only started looking into it not too long ago. Today whiles researching, I came across your page in a post so I decided to send a message. I’m ready to learn, I wish you could help me figure out what is happening. Thank you.

        1. Hi Frederick, for everyone it could mean something different. To me is my guardian angels giving me a sign that they are watching over. With my two children, I saw repeating numbers every day 3 or 4 times a day, letting me know the higher forces were there to help. Check out our documentary film for more info: http://www.thesyncmovie.com/watch All the Best in your journey of discovery!

  3. I have been seeing 11:11 for some months it’s now April, 2022. First I thought I should play the lottery of course like most people think all numbers = lotto Numbers that you should play but I don’t think that’s the case. I think now it’s something deeper. I have sustained a pretty good amount of head trauma in my life I have a bit of aphasia but I’m an artist musician filmmaker inventor creative as heck. Everything is art in the world is my palate. I can still speak pretty well although I do get stumped for words
    I forgot a lot of things particularly about my childhood & very few poignant life events I remember. I’ve also got dyslexia and I’m a slow learner. I don’t drink I don’t smoke or do drugs. I am 62 years young. My X wife divorce me took my house and I’ve been A full-time caregiver for almost a decade for father who is 92 Who is a retard clergyman. have an Incredible connection with nature and animals it’s something 11:11 means something.

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