The Key to Transcendence

James Reads
Illustration by James Reads
“We are at a time when knowledge is being renewed. We are being called to turn inward, away from the virtual cyber-world into the vast realm of our own mind – the ultimate supercomputer.”

By José Argüelles/Valum Votan & Stephanie South/Red Queen (GRI)

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Excerpt from

Book of the Transcendence
Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume VI

1. Every living dynamic has ever aspired to surpass itself. In this aspiration lies the key to transcendence. The need to transcend is often the function of a crisis in which we find ourselves, individually or collectively.

2. The planet has a cosmic life program apart from the external chaos and disturbances that affect the world today. At this stage in the evolutionary cycle, the biopsychic field is in a state of maximum turbulence, to such a degree that even the DNA is in a state of agitation.

3. The theater of psychic activity on this planet is interplanetary—beyond the scale of what most of us can presently imagine. The consciousness horizon that we have been operating on has been set at a low frequency and is continually lowering.

4. The average person today is so involved in technological gadgets, sporting events, movies and social networking that it is hard for most to conceive what it is to consciously function as a cosmic impulse receiver and transmitter. We have traded in the keys of higher consciousness and transcendence for online personas that have little to do with our essence.

5. To gain a wider view of cosmos it is important to develop the capacity to withdraw our mind from the chaos of the world and look down on the whole Earth from above. We must leave our conditioned world-view behind and find the thread of light within that connects us to the Divine Source.

6. The divine calls upon the human in order to realize itself. Only a few at this time can penetrate that barrier of consciousness and realize themselves as interplanetary vortex transmitter-receivers within the solar system, and ultimately in other parts of the universe.

7. The urge to transcend is a natural dynamic built into the cosmic principle of the involution and evolution of consciousness. It is the duty of those who hear the call to surrender and merge with the cosmic energies that are currently working for the liberation of the Earth.

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