9/11 Precognition and Synchronicity

911, precognition

“Intuition is the tingle of recognition through your scalp. Precognition is realizing this is a defining moment. Synchronicity is knowing that both moments matter.” -Carmel Bell, author and medical intuitive

timeisart-carl-jungPrecognition and synchronicity often go hand in hand. For me personally, I see 9:11 just as often as 11:11 (both are angel numbers). On 11/11/14 we filmed a fascinating scene with Alex Grey talking about his painting Gaia (the scene unfortunately didn’t make the final cut).  The massive work of art Alex painted in 1989 (also the Beastie Boy’s cover art for “Sabotage” ironically) featured two “good ol boys” that look like Dick Cheney and George Bush with the twin towers in the back and two airplanes. He told the story on the Joe Rogan show and although he had no idea what it meant at the time, eventually it became obvious to him  (not to mention that it was a total “inside job”).

Alex  is equally fascinated with the many other artists and musicians that had precognition of the 9/11 tragedy. It’s clear that the collective unconscious has been obsessed with the twin towers for decades. 911/Twin Towers related cover art, ads and video games from the 70s, 80s, and 90’s were common and even an entire WWF wrestling skit was broadcasted in 1989 about the destruction of the Twin Towers. But the question is, is this conditioning by the “powers that be” to subconsciously prepare us for the 9/11 tragedy and artists simply picked up on it? Perhaps it’s a little bit of both.

The Atlantic recently did a piece on conspiracy theories and linked to Syncromystic’s “Back to the Future Predicted 9/11” video that has now gone viral with millions of plays. Nevermind that there is overwhelming evidence to prove it’s so much more than a conspiracy. The writer’s piece would have never made it to press if he dared mentioned any facts. If this is news to you, a great place to start is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Many people had nightmares visions and even day dreams about the coming catastrophe.

“Most of my premonitions/precognitions come in the form of dreams. My 9/11 one was an exception. It came while I was watching TV with roommates one night, about 3 days before 9/11 happened. Also most of my premonitions occur about 3 days before the actual event; don’t know why. By the way, I think we had finished watching a documentary about Pearl Harbor a little while before I had the premonition. I don’t recall what we were watching at the time of the premonition. I was suddenly “seized” by numerous disturbing emotions (hate, anger, rage, fear, etc) and then had a mental vision of a large commercial passenger jet crashing into a very tall building — the building/location were not clear, though. I kind of got the ‘willies’ from this, and tried to ‘shake off’ the feelings, wondering “where the heck did that come from”…as I had to assume at the time that it came from within my own psyche. Now I don’t think so.”

“On the morning of Friday, Sept. 7, (at approx. 5 am Ukraine time) I had a dream (while asleep) that I was on a passenger on a large plane that started to veer suddenly off course, then began a steep and frightening descent. In my dream I screamed to God for help. The plane crashed, but strangely, no one was hurt. I looked back, and saw that the plane had been ripped apart in the mid section, and that the passengers, including me, were calmly disembarking from the torn hull. Strangely, we were in midtown Manhattan, on the sidewalks of New York (where I grew up). I looked up at the tall skyscrapers all around us and wondered how in the world we had landed unharmed, and had not crashed into any buildings.”

Read more of their precognitive visions and dreams.

Another great resource of videos with good production value and solid journalism is the Corbett Report’s series of 9/11 Videos.  I often wonder how we can continue to live in this country knowing the majority of terrorist attacks (if not all) are orchestrated by the United States (and Mossad) using our tax dollars. I’m thankful that whistleblowers continue to risk their lives in order to gain some assemblance of justice and peace of mind.

“When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.”
― Stephen Richards

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