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Choosing a date like 11/11 for a film premiere seems like a no brainer for a documentary about synchronicity and the collective dream. We have to admit, we knew going into this that it’s not recommended to set a release date for a film, (you should never do it for an album) before its complete. However, 11/11 is such an auspicious date for the project, we just couldn’t resist.  Here we are a little less than a month before the premiere and the film is literally as I write this, being overnighted to get a DCP screener made for the theaters so Tugg can list the dates of the screenings. Tugg is a start-up who is “blowing up” and are backed up on the DCP creation so we have to wait another week before we get into theaters. Tugg requires RSVPS or pre-sales/reservations of 60-70 people in order to confirm the theatrical screenings.  [Update] Tickets are now available but we don’t have much time to confirm the screenings!

But what’s great about being a filmmaker today is you have crowdfunding platforms that allow you to reach a much larger audience without having to go through the unbelievably clickish film industry. Being a part of the ‘in crowd” of film production takes the saying “it’s all who you know” to an entirely new level. I was not born into a family that had connections. I’ve always felt I was a bit of an outsider and never felt a part of any scene or network. The film facebook page just recently reached 5,000 likes, which still seems unreal to me. We are so thankful to have built a community that is inspired by the film.

Being that we are first time filmmakers, this film has been a truly DIY experience from the very beginning.  For over three years we have been recording and filming and editing and filming and editing and re-writing and recording, experimenting with ideas with no clear reference point. We suffered set backs and yes we got burned by people we thought we could trust. People’s dark sides and insecurities came out and we argued over legal issues, but eventually like all film producers who know what it takes to complete a film, we persevered. It was our collective dream to make this film happen and today we officially did it!!

Instead of feeling pressure to finish the film (fortunately we had no agents or executive producers breathing down our necks like most filmmakers) I felt so much positive energy and encouragement from people who see the need for a film like this to get out into the world. Even without seeing the whole film, its like they could sense its power to effect people and the collective consciousness.

“The investigators at The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) associate these anomalies to the effect of the human mind on matter beyond the frontiers of its normal sphere of influence. It might be that our brain are communicating on invisible pathways all the time. But that this electrical activity becomes more profound when the collective consciousness of millions of people is focused on a single event. This results in a field of consciousness that is strong enough to effect artificial intelligence within its vicinity.” – LJ Vanier

We had nowhere near a million people of course, but we felt the people we connected with via the indiegogo campaign and facebook (from all over the world), in many ways through their fascination with synchronicity, played a part in making the project happen.  The universe does after-all conspire to help us, if we’ll just let it.

In the film, author, Amy Lansky, talks about how the collective consciousness predicted the tragedy on September 11th which the GCP studied and recorded.

“…what is even more baffling is that these anomalies are mostly predictive. Often happening hours before the original event takes place. Researchers found one such significant irregularity 4 hours prior to the September 11 attacks. Where the mathematically analysis of the data showed that the New York computer broke the 1 to 0 ratio of 50:50 to 1:35!” – LJ Vanier

This film is also definitely serving as a wake-up call.  On Wednesday 11/11, it’s your opportunity to tune into a film that is unlike you have every seen before!

“11:11 is the universe’s way of urging us to pay attention to our heart, our soul and our inner intuition. It’s serving as a wake-up call to us so that opportunities are not missed in this lifetime. Seeing this particular sequence means that the universe is trying to have us open our eyes and begin paying more attention to the synchronicities around us.” – Kate Rose

Doing a one day worldwide screening is like getting together on Earth Day to do something special for our beautiful planet. Our vision is to get as many people as possible watching the film on the same day, at around the same time. Like a mass mediation or a prayer.

“Recent studies into the effects of prayer offer new credibility to ancient propositions suggesting that we may “do something” about the horrors of our world, both present and future. These studies add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that focused prayers, especially those offered on a large scale, have a predictable and measurable effect on the quality of life during the time of the prayer. Documenting statistical changes in daily life, such as specific crimes and traffic accidents, while prayers are offered, a series of studies show a direct relationship between the prayers and the statistics. During the time of the prayers, the statistics drop. When the prayers end, the statistics return to previous levels.

Scientists suspect that the relationship between mass prayer and the activity of individuals in communities is due to a phenomenon known as the field effect of consciousness. Much like Joseph’s description of the sage, where the experience of one plant affects the entire field, studies of specific population samples appear to bear out this relationship. Two scientists considered to have played a key role in the development of modern psychology clearly referenced such effects in studies offered nearly one hundred years ago.” – Gregg Braden

We hope you can make it to an 11/11 premiere, so stay tuned for updates! Don’t forget to watch the official Time is Art Film trailer.

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  1. So glad you’re making this film. The impact is indeterminate & in our current culture of analtytics it is likely under-appreciated. That doesn’t affect it merit. Big up to you

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