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Joel chilling on the lake trying to learn guitar
Joel chilling on the lake trying to learn guitar

Thanks to our good friends John Hazard (check out one of his talks he gave at one of our events) and his lovely wife, we have been relaxing as much as possible near Ellenville, NY in the Catskills region while we finish the final cut of the film. Nature as always has been our greatest inspiration.  The little cottage we are staying in is on a picturesque, clear lake filled with lotus flyers.  In between marathon sessions Joel has been learning guitar to relax. Mother Nature has always provided everything we needed. Fruit from the nearby organic farms and well water (no fluoride) was just what the inner doctor ordered.

Besides cutting the film down to 90 minutes, we’ve been adding additional music cues, beautiful aerial shots by Dan Baker who has mastered flying the go-pro drone camera as well as his video art. The editing alone has been 9 months in the making, its literally as if we have birthed our first child!

We also swam in magical Lake Minnewaska near New Paltz, which had an immediate effect on our well being. Finishing a project of this magnitude has definitely taken its toll. We’ve pulled numerous 16 hour Final Cut Pro editing sessions not without major technical difficulties and setbacks . But we are thrilled to finally hand off the picture locked files to Eric Alvarado our colorist (who just finished the Daily Show replacement on Comedy Central) who is excited to work on such an “important film” (his words). Timewheel AV is also thrilled to be adding the finishing touches to the film, providing additional music, mixing and mastering. During our Indiegogo campaign they were a HUGE help in terms of sharing the film, and were also generous enough to master our 2015 Teaser/Extended trailer. It’s going to sound incredible once they add their magic touch.

The next step is planning the 11/11/15 worldwide premieres, finding the right PR company at a rate we can afford and hiring someone to make an amazing trailer. If you want to bring the film to your city, complete this form, and if you know of any amazing trailer editors, send them our way! Don’t forget you can pre-order the film or DVD Package. We still need to raise a good amount of money for marketing.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. – John Muir #mothernature #pachamama

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THANK YOU again to all our Indiegogo supporters, especially our associate producer, Robert J, Barnhart, from my old stomping grounds in Austin, TX. We are looking forward to his new film “A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin“. We would not be making this film if was not for your generous support! We feel it deep in our hearts this film is going to be EPIC and open so many more hearts to this new (yet ancient) way of being, a renewed relationship with ourselves and the earth.

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