Sync Don’t Swim

By Jennifer Palmer

A few ways to increase the likelihood of experiencing mind-bending and heart-opening synchronicities

timewarp2 I’m often asked, how can I experience synchronicities? Are there any tricks or guidelines for noticing these uncanny coincidences in my own life? While there are no surefire methods or prescriptions for sync, you can create the right conditions for which to experience it. First and foremost you have to be open to the possibility that there’s an underlying connection between yourself and the universe. It’s not enough to just think about it: you have to feel it—the flowing oneness between yourself and everything. You might be like I was, and not even necessarily believe in something like that, so that when you experience a mind-blowing sync and start feeling aspects of yourself dissolving into the greater pulse of Being, it’s tempting to freak out. Profound boundary loss is a part of sync. It’s the rough edge we pass through on the way to the sweet stillness at the center of joy.

In order to feel the flowing oneness, it might help to alter your perception. Besides getting high, this can also mean taking a bus out of the city and into nature–something that gets you away from the everyday. For people, their everyday might already be in quiet place, so they should head to a city with eyes open and ear buds off. The key is to get out of your environment and your head—to activate ancient instinctual pathways and light up the way to greater awareness.

The next, perhaps even more difficult pre-sync task is to hack out the heavy hedge of cause and effect. We are reliant upon the idea that things happen as the result of something else happening, but by their very nature, synchronicities are not things that “happen” in an A to B to C kind of way. For starters, they don’t exist in and of themselves. Synchronicities are an observation by a person who assigns meaning to what they’ve perceived. This has led people to exclaim, “Well then synchronicities aren’t real if you’re just making them mean something”, which is absolutely true and gets at the core of sync’s special magic: Sync teaches that we have the power to ascribe meaning in the world. Being open to the possibility of sync is therefore also being open to the possibility of one’s personal power and the fact that we co-create everything we experience—and so does everyone else.

From the perspective of observing one’s life from afar, every moment would be revealed through the rainbow prism of synchronicity. Think about all of the zillions of unrelated things that had to come together so that you could be sitting there, wearing the clothes you’re wearing and reading this on a screen built by very poor people, far away in a life that exists in the debris field of the life to which we feel entitled. And while we are aware of this we’re also aware that it’s all unfolding perfectly. The music you stream, the random person you spoke to that time you forgot your ear buds, the latte or beer or 40 that you toss back, the things you see lying on the street, the faded wrappers with cryptic messages that seem just for you, the blank expression on your face when you stand up to throw out your trash, the thoughts that happen to be wheeling through your mind, mannequins that you dress up like they are a part of you, all of it orchestrated perfectly in sync with zillions of other events to bring you to this exact moment in this specific reality that is the story you tell yourself.

Synchronicity Symposium

Sync is revealing objects and information to you that’s exactly what you’re meant to be interacting with at exactly that moment, which is to say, everything that happens is exactly what’s meant to happen. It’s about connecting you with people and finding what I like to think of as your soul family/tribe/day one peoples/la familia/crew or whatever you want to call them. I like friends and tribe. As your sync awareness grows there will be an increased number of people you meet as the result of unplanned, unforeseen circumstances who go on to play a crucial role in your life. The same will be true of books, movies and art. Things will literally jump off the shelves and magically appear on your Facebook wall or Twitter timeline. Nothing is accidental and yet very little is done, thought or said “on purpose”. There’s the unconscious world of our dreams and desires that we’re still exploring, and while we may not have full awareness of how it works we can see that our unconscious lives play out in our conscious ones. You were drawn to read this article because some part of you was already aware of this dense web of connections– this infinite mystery underlying the everyday—and wanted to explore it further.

I’ve gone for weeks seeing many images of death: everything from elaborate dios de la muerte masks to skulls and demands scrawled in chalk on the sidewalk where I work to fuck off and die. None of it was directed to me, but in a way it was, because it kept coming across my path. Was it a cosmic warning that I was going to die? No more than anything. The truth is our death is always right beside us, waiting for the activation of its eternal reality.

A part of you is already dead, and always has been. The sync is merely making me notice it. It’s the same thing if I have a powerful dream that I’m dying. I wake gasping for air and clutching at the sheets, but did it mean that I was going to die that day or anytime soon? No…but if I had died that day there’d be a more powerful case for saying it was prophesizing my doom. This becomes what the dream means to us despite no scientific or logical connection between dreaming of one’s death and then actually dying that next day.

As I mentioned, there are no prescriptions for sync, only creating the right conditions and cultivating awareness. This is something you do over time. Ultimately it’s a daily practice, one you can do while taking or walk or riding on the subway or watching a movie. Eventually you realize that “everything” syncs, which means of course that “nothing” syncs”.


I’m getting ahead of myself—or maybe behind. Synchronicity teaches us that time is more of a spiraling Mobius strip than a linear highway. But the dream of the linear story hurtles us forward, stretching our mentality out in ways that will never fit the reality of the situation.

Here are 7 things you can do that in my experience have led to more synchronicities:

1. Clear your mind of prejudices about popular culture and what constitutes “good” and “bad” as these don’t matter in sync. Cultivate an indifference to the information and how it’s conveyed. To someone who is alert and sync aware, a television commercial can be an opportunity to experience The Divine. Even a popular blockbuster film with little or no plot and lots of violence is broadcasting from the same center we all inhabit of our collective consciousness.

2. Record your syncs: when it does happen (and it will happen, I promise) blog or make a video about your syncs. If possible, share these notes either online or with friends who are also tracking them—this will have the effect of triggering more synchronicities. Sync is the story that is told about it—starting with that first story that we come up immediately upon perceiving it. Even if everyone around you has already grown tired of your strange preoccupations and isn’t interested in another, you can find other people who want to share synchronicities. I found people writing about synchronicity online. It was comforting and educational to read their theories as it made me realize I wasn’t the only one going through such weird stuff. At first I just read what they wrote but soon I was commenting and telling about my own synchronicities, which had an immediate effect of amplifying them.

3. Experiment with being playful with your identity online. I’m not telling you to con people or take on an alter ego for the purpose of striking out with impunity. This is the opposite of becoming a rigid minded troll. I’m saying to get a little loose with the story of who you are. The internet is a great tool and repository for synchronicity since it’s also the place that people go to find out what’s going on with them when it first starts to happen all the time. Start up a Twitter or Tumblr account as a version of yourself and plug in with other seeker peeps. Play out a part of you, perhaps one that only you know. Unlike the identity sticklers at Facebook, all you need at Twitter and Tumblr is a Gmail address and you can start trying on different parts of yourself, which is of course, what we do anyway in everyday life–we just don’t think of it like that. Don’t connect it to your real life accounts or friends, or at the very least, only with a select few. Maybe you’ll meet individuals with whom you want to divulge your fuller identity—that’s fine. But if you’re able to treat the public timeline interactions like a playful social sculpture you will be clearing the path for magical interactions with the unexpected.

4. Watch an old favorite movie and take note of how it changes each time you watch it. This is because you are different. The world is different. Sync teaches that the movie is constantly being co-created by those who watch it. Diving into this can cause you to get SyncJacked and never be the same again (go ahead and click–you’ve been warned). One cool thing that frequently happens with the stars of cinema is that a relatively unknown character actor with a small part in the favorite film you choose to watch, without remember that he or she was in it, will suddenly start showing up everywhere on TV and in other movies you “happen” to watch.

5. Look out for the number 42. It’s the answer to life, the universe and everything and along with 23 is perhaps the most important sync number. They both tend to show up in the most dramatic and frivolous moments. They are the nothingness of meaning itself—the placeholder in our consciousness, like the black monoliths in 2001, A Space Odyssey.

6. Practice Bibliomancy: is deceiving because it appears frivolous and easy when it actually cuts deep through the layer cake of psychic repression. It’s simple enough to take a book and pick it up to a random page and read whatever your eyes fall upon first. It’s more difficult to meditate upon what you read without immediately latching on to the most obvious meaning based on personal connection. Not that you shouldn’t take that in, but the trick is to remain to what else comes up in the course of the day. A book that is actually bound, and with pages, is to be preferred over digital copies since the physical one can be a better container and transmitter of interpersonal magic made apparent by penciled notes and underlines, as well as dog ears and broken backs.

7. Another thing to mediate upon is your Galactic Signature. I’ve just started exploring mine and already it’s yielded great syncs. According to the Foundation for the Law of Time, who carry on the work of visionary Jose Arquelles and the transition to a 13 month calendar aligned with natural time, your Galactic Signature is your “password into fourth dimensional time” based on your birthdate and the codex of the Ancient Mayan calendar. As wild as it sounds I find my signature of “Red Planetary Dragon” to be immensely synchy. You can find out more here.

Good luck and make sure to keep me posted @TRUE

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