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After three years of hard work on the ‘Time is Art’ film project, we are so close to the finish line. Our goal is to release this project to the world in three languages on 11/11/15. There are a few outstanding production costs that we need to cover including color correction, sound + audio fixes, subtitling, and some funds for distribution so we can reach the widest audience possible. We absolutely can’t do this without YOU, our audience. We want this film to help lead the shift in human consciousness that is happening right now. The time is NOW!  We need your help, and more than that, we want you to join us on this incredible adventure. Contributions in any amount help us toward reaching our goal and finishing this timely film. Thank You & Many Blessings!

In response to folks who missed our Indiegogo campaign, for those who feel compelled to give at a higher level, we are offering this package which can be ordered through paypal.

You can also pre-order the film here for $9.99 or more via VHX as well!




LIMITED EDITION handmade Blu-ray hard copy of the film featuring exclusive extra scenes with Richard Tarnas, Graham Hancock, and Rupert Sheldrake, Simon G. Powell, Jill Purce & more!


Digital download of the sister project to the TIME IS ART film-the TIME IS ART book! Includes in depth conversations with people featured in the film + additional scholars as well as writings and poetry by Jennifer Palmer. Includes artwork from artists featured in the film!


Listen to the original film soundtrack here>

Soundtrack Listing:
East Forest – Chopping The Woods
Dream Circle – Dark Star (Pherixx Remix)
Bachan Kaur – Luz del Bosque
Diana Zinni – Kill the Hope
It’s Not Night It’s Space – The Gathering
PJOE – Day Dreaming
Dream Circle – The Medicine Man
East Forest – Pendulum
Dream Circle – So Many Things
Diana Zinni – The Moon
Stephanie Morillo – The Sea
It’s Not Night It’s Space – Palace of the Bees
PJOE – Shamanista

THANK YOU for supporting this conscious raising film!

Much love to our supporters who helped us get our film off the ground last year by contributing funds to send our film crew to Joshua Tree to shoot 11 interviews + scenes for the documentary film and Synchronicity Symposium presentations which are also featured in the film.

We are now LIVE once again on Indiegogo raising finishing funds for the film (sound mix by TIMEWHEEL + color correction by our fantastic colorist, etc.) which is now 130 minutes! The film is 90% complete and we need your help sharing our final campaign to bring this film to the world on 11/11/15 in 3 languages! Please share the campaign: http://igg.me/at/timeisart

Also check out our CO-CREATORS CONTEST for a chance to win a fancy new website or video produced by Things Are Changing. If you are passionate about the themes in the film and need a website or video visit: http://www.thesyncmovie.com/contest

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The filmmaker’s aims for this film go beyond documenting the awakening of an artist. Embedded within the narrative is an implicit call to action. “We want to show people an alternative to the current system,” says producer Katy Walker.  “We want people to come away from seeing ‘Time is Art’ and think, ‘Wow, I see an alternative to the materialistic and exploitative money-driven society we are all expected to live in. There are other ways of understanding the universe.’”

Adds director Joel Mejia, “We want to contribute to the awakening in global consciousness that we are witnessing right now. We want to contribute to the increasing number of conversations about our understanding of time, space and interconnectedness that are resonating with so many people right now.”

The title, ‘Time is Art’, coined by the visionary author, José Argüelles, whose work is a major inspiration for the film, is a twist on the catch phrase “time is money”. In the world of the film, “time” is unyoked from the relentless pursuit of material and capital gain and the audience is given an alternative framework: ‘What if we lived in a world where time is linked with creative potential and art?’—hence the film’s title, “Time is Art”.


Katy Walker says, “More and more people are looking outside of the narratives that society gives us about how to live their lives. There is a dearth of media that explores these counter-narratives, and that is the focus of all our work, including ‘Time is Art’.”

The film’s Indiegogo campaign will run from June 3rd to July 14th. The trailer, pitch video, and additional information about the production are available on the Indiegogo site, as well as perks like a special dinner with the filmmakers and passes to the premiere in NYC as thanks for contributing to the Indiegogo campaign.

We are also excited to have the film translated into additional languages so we can reach more people. If you have spanish or french speaking friends please share the videos below! We are also looking for Russian and Chinese.

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