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Toko-pa is a dreamworker that provides a crucial ark in the story of the hero’s journey, the moment midway through the film, ‘Time is Art’, where Jennifer confronts the dark night of the soul. Toko-pa guides Jennifer through her recurring nightmare and helps her to understand the meaning behind such disturbing images of death and destruction. One of the most powerful scenes in the film, we get a real sense of the importance of understanding our dreams. In this clip from one of her talks at the Synchroniciy Symposium, also featured in the film, Toko-pa provides us with much needed insight and wisdom into what it means to truly belong.

An authority on Dreams, Toko-pa blends the ancient, mystical traditions of Sufism with Western psychology in her approach to dreamwork. Following a three-year internship at the Jung Foundation of Ontario, she returned to her roots to study mysticism, mythology and shamanism. She founded the Dream School from which hundreds of students have now graduated and wrote Awake and Dreaming, a documentary series for Vision TV.

“Dreaming is a kind of archaeological process where we enter the landscape of the soul to unearth the forgotten or undiscovered parts of our selves. As we begin to do away with unconscious, habitual behaviour, we awaken to a new way of being in the world. We begin to walk the dream – turning inspiration into action. In this class we will learn techniques for engaging our co-creative abilities in both dreaming and waking realities.” – Toko-pa

Toko-pa is also facilitating The Dream Lodge, an 8-week online mentorship program (May 19th – July 7th, 2015) for graduates of her Dreamwalking course.

In this intimate group of 13 women, each dreamer receives personal guidance with her own dreaming practice, learning to better understand and nurture the dreaming impulse which is working to align her with well-being & belonging.

She will also be refining the skills she learned in Dreamwalking in this practice-based program which focuses on the wisdom of the circle, partaking and contributing to its conversation, synchronicity and creativity, just as an ecosystem would:

The Dream Lodge is a council of women dedicated to the practice of dreaming together, honouring the wounds that shape us uniquely and moving through the impediments to embolden our creativity in the world. REGISTER HERE>


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