Sync Stories: Caren Charles

Caren Charles is a painter whose goal is to create, inspire, and brighten up the world one painting at a time. In the 9th webisode, she shares a story how about she came to work and live at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors by just “going with the flow”.

“As in life, when I’m creating artwork I like to go with the flow. There is something I love about simply letting my subconscious take over and allowing my artistic intuition lead the way. The creative process is a journey as I embrace each moment as it comes- focusing on & appreciating all of the small details that contribute to the greater whole. Whether it be abstract or semi-premeditated, I strive to design something fresh & interesting that engages and invites viewers to open their minds. Bright colors, flowy lines, and intricate details are all key elements that allow me to emit life and energy through these creations.” – Caren Charles


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