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It seems our crazy plan to sublet our expensive Brooklyn apartment and studio space and live in Nicaragua  for a few months has worked out surprisingly well. We highly recommend Nicaragua in general, its the safest country in central america and a couple can live comfortably for around $1,000 a month. Not only did we come to Nica to focus on the film and be artists in residence at an inspiring cultural center, (there are just too many distractions in NYC), we have been able to work and connect with local folks through a youth media arts project and improve our drumming chops while we were at it. Today, for example we shared a video called “The Change” which is an amazing animated film that attempts to explain in a simple and funny manner problems and solutions related to industrialization. I’m eternally thankful that the universe provides for us, especially traveling artists, and that synchronicity continues to be a guide that awakens the greater purpose in our hearts. – Katy

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you. #pachamama #motherearth #nature

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We are grateful to be on sacred land, surrounded by wise trees and spacious skies. For the last three weeks or so, we have been hard at work putting a new and stronger cut of the feature film, Time is Art, together. After close to three years in the making, twice almost letting the entire project go, numerous synchronicities and strange encounters – we feel we really have something special here. The confidence and trust we have felt from Jennifer Palmer has been truly heart warming. It goes without saying that there wouldn’t be a film without her. We have captured the story of a human being that we can all connect with and who finally realizes that there is more than the materialist world and that something lurks beyond the mind. We are also grateful for the ability to co-create this film with the talented Maia Monasterios, who no doubt added a level of insight and assistance we can’t possibly articulate intelligently. And to everyone else who has contributed a little something to this film, directly and indirectly, there are so many to name (credits are going to be interesting), we will honor you and we will put this film out so the world can “see with their heart what was once invisible.” – Joél


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