Dreamwalking with Toko-Pa

An authority on Dreams, Toko-pa blends the ancient, mystical traditions of Sufism with Western psychology in her approach to dreamwork. Following a three-year internship at the Jung Foundation of Ontario, she returned to her roots to study mysticism, mythology and shamanism. She founded the Dream School from which hundreds of students have now graduated and wrote Awake and Dreaming, a documentary series forVision TV. Toko-pa has been interviewed by CNN News and BBC Radio and has over 40,000 online followers. She is currently working on a series of Dreamwalking books exploring the dynamic reciprocity between waking and dreaming. Sometimes called a “midwife of the psyche,” Toko-pa’s work focuses on healing personal & ancestral trauma, reconciling paradox, and facilitating sacred grief & ritual practice.

The film crew was also blessed to be able to feature Toko-pa in the documentary film, Time is Art. The scene is a powerful dream interpretation. Jennifer and Toko-pa talk about a reoccurring nightmare and since their session, Jennifer has not had the nightmare.

Enjoy this preview of her presentation from the Synchronicity Symposium in Joshua Tree this past September. Support the event by purchasing the full length video – the most popular video from the symposium!

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