Time is Art film crew & the Synchronicity Symposium

Synchronicity Symposium

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the crew flew out to California and has  now returned from the amazing Synchronicity Symposium organized by author and speaker, Gary S. Bobroff, held at the Joshua Retreat Center! The land was magical and the mysterious Joshua Trees seemed to literally be talking to us (albeit through plant telepathy).

The Synchronicity Symposium was fascinating. It was a true meeting of the minds and hearts of authors and supporters of consciousness studies. We were also able to screen our 2014 trailer which helped spread the word about the film.  It was a joy to share the film and meet new people in support of this important project. People not only purchased t-shirts but offered to host a screening when the film is completed!

Our two crews also documented the talks & presentations, including several by the great Graham Hancock.



With less than 4-5 hours of sleep each night, the crew filmed conversations with Graham Hancock, Richard Tarnas, Garbriel Roberts, Jill Purse & husband Rupert Sheldrake. We also filmed Nina Elshof, Gary Bobroff, Toko-pa Turner, Laura Bee Fergerson, and Meredith Sands Keator. We also captured a beautiful Sync Story. That’s 11 film shoots in 3 days!!!!

Synchronicity Symposium

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Again, thanks for your support. This would not have been possible without generous contributions from the crowdfunding campaign. Your books, posters, t-shirts and jewelry will be on its way this month. You can also continue to donate to the making of the film, we are also producing and editing 13 high quality videos of the Symposium. We appreciate your continued support and patience.  More info on how to order the Synchronicity Symposium video presentations here>

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