Self Worth

sophia loveThis is a process that in the end will yield a product. This product is you, but not a version of you holding any notion of worth as truth. The version we are looking to release understands that all are worthy equally.

It does not matter on which part of the planet your physical body was born. Lines drawn on the ground are separators which serve only one thing – the false notion of accumulation and division.

Any idea that categorizes or limits the value of a person – creating a barrier that must be crossed in order to access the heart, are pretend. There are no kings or homeless in heaven. The whole notion of equal, if it were to be truly experienced, would have you comfortable to the same extent at both a soup kitchen and a banquet; dining with those you’ve labeled royalty and those you’d call common. These names, the ones that make up social commentary and that you teach your children, are not, in truth, indicative of anything at all.

Until you can look with equal eyes at both the beggar and the banker, you will not be seeing clearly. In order for twenty/twenty vision, it becomes necessary that you let go of notions of worth.

Worth is an idea perpetrated by those who have something to “gain”. It is a false notion. The idea that one part of creation is worth more than another part, is absurd.

Until the status of all of humanity is recognized equally, this society is being manipulated. If any aspect of your life is “run” by a group of people with a “name”, “category” or “title” that grants them special status, you are not free.

Life is what you were each given when conceived and that fact alone tells you that access to any aspect available here is also meant to be equally attainable.

“Earn” is another falsehood. Its purpose is to instill in the populace an idea of servitude. Both terms, “earn” and “worth” are locked together, creating an “opinion” that separates one piece of creation from another.

Labels like “worthless”, “lazy bum”, “poor”, “beggar”, “jobless” and “homeless” not only categorize you but also reinforce the false idea that some actions or circumstances indicate superior intelligence and therefore greater value.

These false names and labels have been fed to us for generations and it becomes necessary now to disregard them. As you walk upright into a unified world, all heads will be held equally high.

Examine the inner dialogue you hold when you encounter each other – does it reinforce hierarchy or equality? Understand that language is largely habit – we will need new words consciously chosen in order to embrace sovereignty. This conscious dialogue will support an overriding arch that retracts the necessity to “earn”; replacing it with the idea that we each arrive equally worthy and remain so throughout all of our lives.

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