SyncStories: Rick Ulfik

In webisode 4, Rick Ulfik tells a fascinating story about the significance the number 11 in his work and also how Ghandi’s original peace walk was in 1906 on Sept 11th.

Rick is of Founder of We, The World and the WE Campaign & 11 Days of Global Unity (2014 is the 10th Anniversary!) – GET INVOLVED here>
11 Ways to Change the World –

A note from Rick

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Each day from September 11- 21, plus a Preview/Overview on Sept. 9th, you and your network can participate in a compelling discussion about each of the 11 Themes with visionary leaders such as Daniel Ellsberg and Amy Goodman speaking on Freedom, Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Human Rights, Bill McKibben on the Environment, Eckhart Tolle on Unity, Hazel Henderson and Riane Eisler on Economic Justice, Benjamin Barber and Tiokasin Ghosthorse on Interdependence, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Audrey Kitagawa doing an Overview of the 11 Days, and many more!

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