Weapons of Mass Illusion

love revolutionvia Sophia Love
In order for the system to change without the display of power and weaponry typically used, a complete alteration of power is necessary. Today the majority understands power as force, as might, as guns and the ability to use them. What is on our “side”, the “side” of peaceful revolution, is that what is also held deeply as a universal principle is magic.

Magic is merely the manipulation of matter in atypical ways. This can be accomplished with a being who understands the art of the dream. It is intention and expectation. It demands clarity and purity – the very things that have attempted to be muddled with this experiment. Foods, media, religions and education have taken hold and forced it out of you – instilling instead ideas around power that include superiority, competition and brute force.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Think Gandalf. There are legends in our culture that continue because within them is held the seed of truth – a mystical, internal force overpowers brute force every time. That internal force is one you hold.

To answer the question (How do we accomplish the shift without violent revolution?) will sound circular. Yet it is known to you because it also holds truth. Maintain an internal focus. Let everything you do allow the further development of clarity. The food you eat and practices you engage in either support or suppress internal strength. Choose consciously.

The movement from guns will happen when fear abates. In order to stop the fear we’ll have to replace it with a sense of power – IM-powerment.

There is no mystery that cannot be solved within the language and legends of our culture. Look carefully at what has been more typically laughed at or judged irrelevant for clues. There we will discover treasure and useful information.

Again, it is collaboration and unity that will render any show of military force null. If everyone is on board, the takeover will be ONE seamless, choreographed movement.

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